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Chapter 2 - What a Fake

Sun Zinan unnoticeably squinted his eyes, straightened his back, tightened his waist, and slightly tilted his body backwards. It was a completely subconscious, defensive posture.

Yu Liang stood up in a panic to introduce the two of them. “Boss, this is Tang Kai, or Professor Tang; Professor Tang, this is our Director Sun.”

Tang Kai uttered a slight “en,” his gaze falling upon Sun Zinan.

His entire body exuded an uncommon, keen rigorousness. It was an aggressiveness far beyond what Sun Zinan imagined a scholar would have. Sun Zinan automatically categorized him as an unyielding person. He raised his eyebrows and got up, extending a hand out. “h.e.l.lo Professor Tang, I’m Sun Zinan. I’ve heard a lot about you.”

Tang Kai was very tall; he was at least 1.9m. The 1.8m tall Sun Zinan seemed noticeably shorter when standing in front of him. As Sun Zinan sized him up, he had already made a few basic judgements about the professor’s character. Tang Kai restrainedly shook Sun Zinan’s hand, then said mildly, “I cannot live up to your expectations. Mr. Sun, please sit. Would you like to drink something?”

“My treat,” Sun Zinan responded. “What does Professor Tang want? I’ll have the a.s.sistant order for us.”

“No need.” Tang Kai directly refused him. “We have a faculty discount.”

For some reason, Sun Zinan felt like choking a little. He put on a fake smile and said, “Then I’ll have to thank you, Professor Tang.”

Maybe it was his misconception, but Sun Zinan felt like Professor Tang’s att.i.tude towards him was rather unfriendly; his eyes always hid a cold, criticizing look of judgement. After reflecting for a moment, he could not figure out if he had ever offended him, and could only attribute this hostility to the fact that this was their first meeting. Neither of them had had the time to become comfortable with each other.

However, although this was their first time meeting each other, he had since long ago heard of Tang Kai. A leading scholar in genetics research, bachelors in cell biology at Tianhai University, Ph.D. in biology at American’s Prince’s College, and conducted three years of postdoctoral research with renowned biologist Andy Bridgewater. He had returned to China the previous year, to teach students and continue his research at his alma mater. He had originally been able to secure a professorship due to his resume; however, Tianhai University had feared Tang Kai’s youth would stir up too much controversy. Thus, he was currently Tianhai University’s biology department’s youngest a.s.sociate professor.

The barista at the counter was quick on her feet—she made three cups of coffee and sent them to their table within ten minutes. It was just mediocre coffee sold to students; one could imagine how it would taste. Sun Zinan took a latte and politely thanked the barista, but only put the cup to his lips before placing it down again. Tang Kai did not seem to mind the flavor and took a sip. “I’m really sorry, I have a meeting this afternoon so my time is limited. Mr. Sun, let’s make a long story short.”

Generally speaking, talking to technical personnel about business was something that rarely befell Sun Zinan’s shoulders—he usually left it for lower departments. However, the last meeting had not gone well, and Director Zheng did not have a good opinion of this Professor Tang. Sun Zinan had been monitoring this industry for a while and thought that the future prospects were too excellent to pa.s.s over, so he decided to try again.

Sun Zinan did not beat around the bush and went straight to the point. “I’m here on behalf of Hongsen Biotechnology. We had some people meet with you before, does Professor Tang have any impression?”

Tang Kai’s lenses flashed, and his tone carried a hint of displeasure. “Oh, I have an impression.”

It would not be an exaggeration to call this Professor Tang a genius. Sun Zinan had prepared himself to face a scientist who was always immersed in research and lacked worldly interactions.

“This February, you published a paper on the direction of ribonucleic acid interference pathways that caused a huge amount of discussion in the scientific community. I heard you even patented the technology.” Sun Zinan continued with absolute sincerity, “I am here today in hopes of working together to develop this patent.”

“Thanks.” Tong Kai’s response was just as direct. “But I remember I made it very clear to your staff that I don’t have any plans of selling the patent.”

This response was within his expectations. Sun Zinan raised his eyebrows and asked, “May I ask why?”

Tang Kai replied, “The technology isn’t fully developed yet and isn’t ready for application.”

“Although Professor Tang is fighting at the front lines of scientific research, he doesn’t know the market well.” Sun Zinan grinned tolerantly. “We buy the right to manage technology patents. Of course, we will invest a lot of manpower in researching and developing the most suitable applications, and we will definitely not use it to create illegal genetic drugs or genetic surgery.”

“The entire industry is watching this new development—I’m sure it hasn’t just been us looking for Professor Tang, right?” He leaned back in his chair, relaxed and appearing extremely confident. “Targeted gene silencing is the most likely means of curing major human diseases at the source. Let me remind you of this—it’s only a matter of time before others will come up with similar results. This patent of yours is currently at the forefront, but who knows what will happen in the future?”

Tang Kai was not moved by his words, and merely politely nodded his head. “En.”

But in Sun Zinan’s eyes, silence was a sign of wavering. He went on. “The unique strength of Hongsen is that we have enough patience and capital to support the project long-term. What we value is not this one patent, but the scientific knowledge and capabilities of Professor Tang’s team. Our two sides can totally integrate in a long-term partnership, and if Professor Tang wants, I can even invest in your research projects…”

Tang Kai’s brow twitched, as if he had finally been moved by this copper-smelling proposal. “Director Sun.”

Sun Zinan, “Go ahead.”

“I want to ask you a question,” Tang Kai questioned while frowning. “Does your company…really understand what genetic silencing is?”

Sun Zinan, “…”

He looked back at Tang Kai, gently raising his brows to show a civil expression of slight doubt. Although he did not say it out loud, every muscle on his face seemed to be asking, “Are you kidding me?”

Tang Kai behaved as if he was lecturing his students, tapping his fingers against the surface of the table as he said leisurely, “Four years ago, Hongsen Biotechnology bought a dozen or so patents for genetic diseases from Dongfang University. Your company claimed that they could develop an oral vaccine within a year—this announcement shocked the entire industry, and almost won a n.o.bel Prize that year. It’s a pity no one knows what happened afterwards.”

“I really do not want to sell the patent—my project does not lack financial support.” He pushed at his gla.s.ses, his tone by no means discourteous, yet tart. “So this time, if your company wants to make ‘high-end genetic products’ and needs to acquire cornstalks and kelp, I suggest Director Sun go out, take a right, and go to Agriculture College next door.”

Sun Zinan’s smile turned stiff. Yu Liang was so frightened his jaw was about to drop to the floor.


s.h.i.t, what a difficult man.

This bookworm looked so reticent, but his words were nuclear weapons!

The situation became very awkward, yet Tang Kai merely pinched his paper cup and took another sip of coffee.

Tang Kai had of course heard of Hongsen Technology—not only had he heard of this small company, he had since long ago heard of its backing, the Sun family.

Sun Zinan’s grandfather and founder of the Hongson Group, Sun Wenbin, was a member of B City’s Taihe Group’s Sun family who had left the family a long time ago and developed his own company in S City. Notwithstanding the fact that Hongsen Group had done impressive work in the city, it was still no match for the prowess of the Taihe Group’s Sun family. Sun Zinan was the youngest son of the group’s current president, Sun Ying, and he had three older brothers and an older sister. He had gone abroad at a young age and no one had really heard of him. When he came back, he quietly took over the Hongsen Group’s small company, Hongsen Biotechnology.

This company, presented as a high-end biotechnology research company, was actually just a small company that sold health products. It was half dead, losing money every year, and seemed more like an industry for illegal activities. About four years ago, the newly inaugurated boss Sun Zinan redirected the company’s management and turned his sights toward biopharmaceuticals. However, due to the internal struggle within his family, the project did not land, which led to the ‘oral insulin’ incident.

The incident convinced Sun Zinan to temporarily lay down his ambitions and to instead aim for the more promising genetic testing and health management market. It successfully changed the company from cheating the common people to coaxing the rich, making Hongsen Biotechnology a thriving and successful health club.

However, it seemed like Sun Zinan had not abandoned his original goals and intended to use Tang Kai’s patent as the starting point for gravitating the company back towards the high-end biotechnology industry.

Professor Tang was a scholarly youth who had devoted himself to scientific research. He desired to benefit humanity and would never achieve his mission through acting as an expert for a healthcare company that sold scam medicines.

Sun Zinan was tormented almost to the point of a heart attack. He had to take a while to reconstruct his psychological state before he began again. “Professor Tang might have misunderstood us…”

Tang Kai only needed to speak a few words to tear at Sun Zinan’s scars. He drank his coffee and steadily spoke without a hint of remorse. “Thank you for noticing my work, Director Sun, but please do not waste any more efforts on me in the future.”

Sun Zinan was nearly angered to death. As a result, Yu Liang was too terrified to even breathe loudly, trembling and shrinking like a small quail.

“I understand Professor Tang’s apprehension.” Sun Zinan slowly sucked in a deep breath. “Although this was unsuccessful, I hope Professor Tang won’t cut us off completely. I hope there will be opportunities for collaboration in the future.”

Tang Kai made a noncommittal “en.”

Sun Zinan had received a slap to the face; no matter how excellent his upbringing, he would not want to stay any longer. He offered Tang Kai a business card, and motioned to Yu Liang that they were leaving. After Sun Zinan left, Tang Kai did not go back to his laboratory and instead stood by the first floor window, watching the inconspicuous black sedan drive away.

The warm sun at four o’clock in the afternoon melted through the windows onto the square table, pulling the untouched cup of coffee into a long, slanted shadow.

Tang Kai slowly sipped at the latte in his hand, his gaze falling indifferently on the coffee cup Sun Zinan had left behind.

“What a fake.”

He lifted the corners of his mouth sarcastically, but his final conclusion was said as lightly as the breeze.

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