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In the dark pa.s.sage only the footsteps can be heard. In the end of the pa.s.sage a bright fla.s.sing light is seen comming from the little gap of door of the room where the world meeting was about to held. Finally reaching the meeting the atmosphere was in tension.
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The president zing Ho pong takes the seat

the long waited meeting starts.

Every important person from the world government was present there. The first seat president Zing Ho pong, the second seat frankystin frc head of the development of alien science and technology, the third seat Sayalung Raiiy the president of warfare, fourth seat Biru Dan head of weapon technology development and research, the fifth seat Sarthak Hakk the president of economic growth and development, the sixth seat Romi Raiiy the president of civilization development researcher and brother of Sayalung Raiiy and the three elder as the overseer of the world government commitee sin,ran,chan.

The first word,"begin the meeting"!

Elder's speaks in a single voice. Sayalung stands "this was the 915th alien invasion this has gone to far for G.o.d sake we are lucky to have survived all of them we need to take an immediate action"! Romi shouts "I agree this events could have wiped our civilisation completely we need to begin taking action"!

frankystin "I agree with it but it's too soon for an action to begin we don't have the appropriate technology we need to research more for this matter to continue"!

In that kind of pressure I never have been involved though I am the president secretary I was paralysed with the tension and pressure. The meeting ended with the single line of frankystin in that moment I understood the influence of Frankenstein in the world government. Everyone stood and started to leave but I was there even after the meeting ended with the pressure and tension was still there after the meeting which paralysed me

that was the moment of truth I realised the difficulty and importance of secretary of the president. With that tension I went out of the room walking the same dark pa.s.sage beside the president but the every steps I took were

lot more heavier then before.

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