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Chapter 0845: Li Luo's Bait

Li Luo looked at the recently-condensed energy hand with a hint of embarra.s.sment. It was more or less buffeted by the energy storm and most of it disintegrated. Because of that, the second strand of Mystical Yellow Dragonbreath escaped.

Clearly, grabbing hold of a dragonbreath did guarantee that one would successfully bring it back in the wake of the disastrous energy storm.

However, Li Luo did not feel disappointed over this. The others might be restricted by the amount of energy they possessed through Harmony, but he still held an ace up his sleeve. The Three-tailed Heavenly Wolf still had energy he could borrow to capture more dragonbreaths.

Additionally... Li Luo realized something very strange.

When he had failed to pull in the second strand of Mystical Yellow Dragonbreath, the dragonbreath should normally have taken the opportunity to hide within the storm before disappearing completely. But Li Luo actually noticed that it hovered at the spot where his energy hand was before disappearing instead of running away.

This caused him to feel a little confused, as Mystical Yellow Dragonbreaths possessed a trace of spirituality. The moment it was surprised, it should have run away to hide itself. The dragonbreath, however, had actually hesitated for a moment instead. It seemed as though it was looking for him.

Li Luo fell into deep thought. Was there something that he possessed that attracted the interest of that Mystical Yellow Dragonbreath?

He inspected his body and pondered just what it could possibly be.

It didn't take a genius to figure out that it likely had to do with the ancient tablet, the Heavenly Emperor's Writ.

This was the only object that could possibly influence these ent.i.ties of spiritual energy.

The Heavenly Emperor's Writ contained a trace of blood essence belonging to a Heavenly Dragon, and the dragonbreaths should have a connection with the Heavenly Dragon.

Thus, it was likely that the Mystical Yellow Dragonbreath had reacted to the Heavenly Emperor's Writ, leading to this situation.

In order to test his hypothesis, Li Luo then took out the bottle containing the first strand of Mystical Yellow Dragonbreath that he had captured prior.

The bottle was engraved with spiritual runes. When Li Luo moved the Heavenly Emperor's Writ towards it, the captured strand of Mystical Yellow Dragonbreath seemed to come to life and started to move around vigorously within its cage.

"So this is the case..." Li Luo grinned. The Heavenly Emperor's Writ attracted Mystical Yellow Dragonbreaths. When the second strand of dragonbreath failed to be captured, it must have felt the undulations coming from the writ and thus hesitated for a moment, seemingly searching for it.

However, the intensity of the attraction was minor. At the very least, it had not reacted as dramatically as the first strand.

"Could it be due to the golden light isolating its effects?" Li Luo raised his head and studied the gold light covering the Golden Dragon Pillar. That had to be the case. As a result, the attraction of the Heavenly Emperor's Writ had decreased significantly.

Li Luo rubbed his chin and sighed. If he truly wanted to use the Heavenly Emperor's Writ as bait, he would have to send it out of the protective barrier, and if the results were good, it might attract a dragonbreath without further effort. In that case, he would not have to rely on his luck to obtain more strands.

However, using the writ as bait would require a long period of exposure, meaning he would have to use a lot of energy to resist the corrosive effect of the energy storm.

Li Luo focused upon the amount of energy remaining as a result of Harmony and knew that he didn't have much insurance left for such a move.

If his energy was exhausted before the Mystical Yellow Dragonbreath was attracted, it would be a waste of all his effort.

It seemed as though he had to utilize his trump card at this point.

Li Luo stretched out a finger and lightly swept it across the bracelet on his hand, then his mind submerged into it.

The scene before his eyes changed and his vision dimmed. The Three-tailed Heavenly Wolf then appeared before him, its crimson eyes trained on him. Its ferociousness was significantly subdued after the last time they had spoken.

As Li Luo partic.i.p.ated in the celebration, the Three-tailed Heavenly Wolf had sneakily observed the outside world and was completely taken aback by the sheer number of Dukes that surrounded him.

The Dukes all gave it an immense sense of pressure, and it could also feel the presence of even more terrifying existences.

Each and every one of them was no weaker than Pang Qianyuan.

They were all King Stage experts.

It was terrifying beyond explanation.

The Three-tailed Heavenly Wolf then understood that Li Luo had arrived at an extraordinary place, and he even seemed to possess a high status here.

Nothing he had said was a lie.

Thus, the Three-tailed Heavenly Wolf had to tuck its tail beneath its legs and reduce its arrogance and savagery before him.

It even had a feeling that its future would be reliant upon Li Luo.

Li Luo could sense the change in the Three-tailed Heavenly Wolf's gaze, and he felt a hint of delight. The previously impudent and brazen creature had finally felt fear.

"Little Three, I'll need your help in a moment." Li Luo was not polite, directly stating his demands.

"I gave you the Draconic Breath Fiend Art. Were you able to cultivate it?"

After the Three-tailed Heavenly Wolf had awoken, Li Luo had handed him the Draconic Breath Fiend Art to learn. He had gotten the inspiration from attaining Harmony with the banner. The previous method of borrowing its strength was simply too crude and would negatively affect his own mind if he used it too much. Thus, he had to find an alternate solution.

It was to get the Three-tailed Heavenly Wolf to become a part of the Green Nether Banner.

From then on, he could use Harmony to tap into its strength, and he would similarly be less affected by its fiendish influence.

The best part would be that others would not be able to discover the existence of the Three-tailed Heavenly Wolf.

Of course, there was a requirement to it: the Three-tailed Heavenly Wolf had to be able to cultivate the Draconic Breath Fiend Art. Only then could Li Luo utilize Harmony to tap upon its strength.

Normally speaking, getting a spirit beast to learn a Fiend Art was a little whimsical, and the Draconic Breath Fiend Art required one to possess dragon essence.

However, the Three-tailed Heavenly Wolf had managed to cultivate it.

This was likely because it had absorbed a good amount of Li Luo's blood essence, which contained a trace of the Heavenly Dragon's blood essence as well.

As a result, it had succeeded, but the results were not great, considering it was not human.

Still, Li Luo had achieved his objective.

This would enable him to access the wolf's strength with the aid of Harmony.

In the future, the results would become more promising and covert.

The Three-tailed Heavenly Wolf let out a low roar that seemed to contain a request.

"Hmm? You want a strand of the Mystical Yellow Dragonbreath?" Li Luo arched his eyebrow. This fellow had dared to raise a condition. Could it be that the Mystical Yellow Dragonbreath was of use to it?

Li Luo sighed momentarily before smiling. "I need four strands of Mystical Yellow Dragonbreath. If I exceed that, I'll give you one."

The Three-tailed Heavenly Wolf was ultimately one of his trump cards, and if it got stronger, it would also be a good thing for him. An emperor did not lack hungry soldiers, and giving it some benefits would motivate it to strive even harder.

The Three-tailed Heavenly Wolf nodded in agreement.

"Get ready," Li Luo replied before his body vanished from the inner s.p.a.ce.

Atop the Golden Dragon Pillar, Li Luo's eyes opened, and he tested out the strength within him.

As he sucked in a deep breath, he roused all of the energy inside his body, forming another gigantic energy hand. He then placed the Heavenly Emperor's Writ within it.

The plaque slowly sank into the almost physical energy body, eventually settling in its core.

With his preparations complete, Li Luo no longer hesitated. The giant energy hand shot outwards with a thought from him, exiting the protective shield of gold light and stretching into the dark-yellow wind.

The wind was like a roaring tornado, gradually stripping away the layers of energy that made up the hand.

At this point in time, the crimson bracelet glowed and a strand of berserk energy surged out, sinking into the energy hand and maintaining it.

Li Luo heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that the giant energy hand was now unfazed by the vicious winds.

Now he had to see if a Mystical Yellow Dragonbreath would bite.

Li Luo could feel that if this experiment was successful, his results would be greater than he could ever imagine.

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