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Chapter 0777 – Radiance Revealed


A frightening tempest born from energy burst out in the air, and both sides stared at the point of collision.

At the source of the explosion, the black dragon riding atop the Underworld River was viciously tearing at the Dragon Wolf with berserk energy undulations being gradually eroded by the power of the black water. 

Both parties were quickly racking up injuries, and subsequent ones became more and more severe.

The only thing was that the injuries did not leave behind any form of blood. But the energy that made up each art began to dissipate at an increasing pace.

Clearly, the Underworld River's Black Dragon Banner held an advantage as it was a Duke Art. In addition to the support provided by the fifth division's Harmony, it had essentially been executed by a greater Heavenly Resonance Stage cultivator and now possessed incisive power.

Still, the Blood Red Dragon Wolf was not that lacking either. As the two arts continued to clash, tempestuous winds were generated from the aftereffects of their blows, and trees were constantly felled in the forest as though the apocalypse had come. 

The fight between the two dragons continued for several minutes before a victor finally emerged. The Underworld River's Black Dragon's claw brought with it a corrosive strike that pierced the Blood Red Dragon Wolf's skull, shattering it into motes of light.

Although it had won, much of its strength had also been sapped, but it channeled what remained of its power and rushed towards the Dark Blood Banner.

Li Tong's expression was ugly as he had not expected that he would be unable to restrain Li Luo's single strike with the aid of the third division's secret art.

The bright side was that the power of the move had been sapped.

He smacked out with a palm, and his energy took the form of a gigantic palm that swatted at the now significantly more illusory black dragon.

A thunderous boom rang out.

When the energy palm struck, the Underworld River's Black Dragon opened its maw, and a bright blade light burst out of it. 

It was a concealed blade wheel that was now baring its fangs.

The blade wheel was so sharp that it felt like just looking at it could cut someone. It spun forward instantly, shattering the gigantic palm before whirling towards the group from the third division of the Dark Blood Banner.

This sudden development took Li Tong by complete surprise. He had been tricked and ambushed by Li Luo!

That brat had actually hidden a mighty dragon-general resonance art inside his own Duke Art!

This hidden dagger had been played to the point of perfection.

The sharp blade wheel flew past extremely quickly, and Li Tong was unable to react appropriately in time. He could only hunker down, channeling all of the energy provided by Harmony into an energy barrier before the third division.


The blade wheel whistled when it collided heavily with the energy barrier, causing ripples to bloom violently on its surface. 

A brief moment later, the barrier shattered.

Although the blade wheel had weakened slightly, its might was still unparalleled as it barreled into the midst of the Dark Blood Banner's third division under Li Tong's furious gaze.


Numerous banner members were sent flying and spitting blood. Some were even grievously injured and sent packing, leaving the battlefield a mess. 

In a short span of time, the third division had lost more than a hundred members.

Raucous cheers erupted on the Green Nether Banner's side. All of them were inspired by this sight as they had never imagined that they would emerge victorious in any clash against such a powerful enemy.

"Li Luo!" Li Tong bellowed angrily with a belligerent and vicious look arising in his eyes. As a result, his face seemed a little distorted in his fury.

He had not expected such a result.

The Dark Blood Banner's third division originally had the intention of toying with the Green Nether Banner. Unfortunately, they had not even managed to achieve that, only being injured instead.

If others learned of this result, their division would become the laughingstock of the Dragon's Blood Lineage. At that point in time, his Banner Leader would not forgive him.

With this in mind, a ferocious and cruel glint took root in his eyes as he roared, "Dark Blood Banner's third division, if you do not want to be mocked as the joke of the Dragon's Blood Lineage, then you have to dig out all the remaining reserves of strength you have left!" 

The gold ringed blade in his hand chopped at his own thumb, spilling fresh blood as he severed his own finger. The sight caused even his own banner members to grit their teeth. All of them similarly took out daggers and sliced at their arms, causing rivulets of blood to spray out from each and every one of them.

With Li Tong's severed finger as the core, fresh blood quickly coagulated around it. And the energy provided by Harmony coursed forth with even greater vigor.

At the same time, the severed finger seemed to have gained a life of its own—it began to wriggle and expand. In the short span of several breaths, it had turned into a one hundred-meter-tall flesh golem. 

The golem possessed the head of a dragon but the body of a wolf. It was covered with dark-red scales, and fiendish air shrouded it like a dense, b.l.o.o.d.y mist.

It exuded frightening pressure, causing the void to shake.

The Dragon Wolf seemed a little similar to the one Li Tong had summoned before, but the new one was not only more life-like, but it had two heads as well.

The two dragon heads bared their fangs, and bright, crimson saliva dripped from its mouth, corroding the ground beneath.

Zhao Yanzhi's anxious voice was transmitted into Li Luo's ears. "Sub Leader, be careful. This is the Dark Blood Banner's secret art, the Two-Headed Sanguine Dragon Wolf!" 

Li Luo's gaze shrank as he stared at this abomination. The aura that the Two-Headed Sanguine Dragon Wolf gave off was merciless and potent. He could feel that it had even reached the late stage of the Greater Heavenly Resonance Stage. 

The Dark Blood Banner truly had some impressive trump cards.

"Li Luo, being able to coax out the Dark Blood Banner's secret art indicates your strength," Li Tong praised as his face was flushed. The resonant power coming from his body seemed to be gradually weakening, and the expressions of his banner members were similarly exhausted and sluggish.

Bringing out this killing move had taken a ma.s.sive toll upon them.

However, there was no other choice, as this was a battle they could not afford to lose. He would not have any way to explain himself to the Banner Leader otherwise, and it would also be a loss of face for his division.

Li Luo glanced squarely at Li Tong with his vicious gaze and lightly nodded. "Your Two-Headed Sanguine Dragon Wolf does seem to be decent."

"Still trying to posture at this point? Are you still concerned about your face even when you're at death's door? Prepare to bring your banner members and scram home!" Li Tong felt dissatisfied upon seeing Li Luo's calm gaze.

Li Luo only smiled and shook his head. "Do you really think you've beaten me?" 

"Hmph. How else could this end? Li Luo, you might possess uncanny talent, but it's unfortunate that you squandered your early years in a wasteland!" Li Tong retorted.

Li Luo indifferently replied, "You might have forgotten something important. Those who obtain the Nine Revolutions Draconic Breath Fiend Art are able to obtain a Nine Revolutions Art."

This was met with a cold reply. "Stop pretending. The Nine Revolutions Art might be domineering, but you only obtained it a couple of days ago. How could you possibly have grasped it? It doesn't matter what happens in the future, but today, you will fall to the Dark Blood Banner's blade!" With that, he raised his index finger and pointed towards Li Luo.


The Two-Headed Sanguine Dragon Wolf's eyes were locked upon Li Luo, and it gave off a draconic roar that seemed to be mixed with the sounds of wolves howling.


The Dragon Wolf dashed forward, piercing s.p.a.ce on its way. It carried imposing amounts of killing intent that soared into the skies. It was a gigantic beast akin to a force of nature, directly barrelling towards the fifth division. 

At this point, both the earth and s.p.a.ce trembled and shattered before it.

Meanwhile, the members of the Green Nether Banner had turned a little pale with fear evident in their eyes.

At this point in time, Li Luo's calm voice echoed out and a.s.suaged their fearful hearts. "Banner members, calm yourselves and maintain the state of Harmony. Channel all of your remaining energy to me!" 

They each took a deep breath before circulating all of the resonant power within them. Strand after strand of energy arose from the depths of their bodies and condensed into an energy lake above them.

Li Luo's eyes were shut tight and his hands were clasped together, forming a series of hand seals so quickly that he left afterimages in their wake. 

The energy that surrounded him quickly rushed towards him as its nexus.


The Two-Headed Sanguine Dragon Wolf seemed to have turned into a torrent of fiendish crimson energy that was rushing towards them like a storm. The fifth division couldn't help but feel a primal sort of fear arising from within them in the wake of this peerless attack. Even Zhao Yanzhi, Li Shi, and Mu Bi, who were Silver Fiends, had bated breaths as shock arose within their eyes.  

In a blink, the Two-Headed Sanguine Dragon Wolf was right before them.

Once it broke into their formation, they would pay a heavy price with countless individuals being injured.

Meanwhile, a look of berserk joy arose within Li Tong's eyes. Although they had been in danger, it seemed that he would attain victory in the end.

After this, the Dark Blood Banner's third division would become well known for beating this group of weaklings.

However, just as Li Tong felt a sense of antic.i.p.ation, he noticed that Li Luo had finally opened his eyes. Li Luo's mouth seemed to be moving slowly, and he could vaguely make out a sort of boundless thunder flickering within.

Afterwards, energy seemed to have condensed right behind Li Luo, which quickly took the form of a gigantic dragon silhouette. It possessed an ancient aura of mystery and regality. Even the Two-Headed Sanguine Dragon Wolf paused in its tracks when it was. .h.i.t with the pressure.

Afterwards, the dragon manifestation opened its maw.

Cold air arose from beneath Li Tong, which then rushed towards the sky.

It was at this point that he was reminded of a familiar Nine Revolutions Art.

"Nine Revolutions Art, Heavenly Dragon Lightning Breath!"

At that very moment, the dragon manifestation behind Li Luo belched out a dazzling torrent. 

The torrent of dragonbreath seemed to contain endless thunder and lightning, releasing boundless amounts of destructive power.

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Even worldly natural energy was annihilated wherever the dragonbreath pa.s.sed by, vaporized into nothingness.

The fiendish Two-Headed Sanguine Dragon Wolf stood before it.

The Dragon Wolf could barely resist the imposing might of the dragonbreath for a few breaths of time before eventually vanishing into a puff of smoke.

At the same time, the might of the Heavenly Dragon Lightning Breath had not diminished in the slightest, and Li Tong and the rest of the third division were engulfed by it.

A moment later, all that remained in its wake was just a smoldering patch of charred wilderness.

The entire Dark Blood Banner's third division was nowhere to be seen.

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