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Chapter 1165: Fusion

Ning Meng's ferocious voice and her cute appearance made her seem fiercely cute at the moment, like an angry puppy, so Li Luo was not annoyed. He responded with a bright and handsome smile. Such a charming smile would have worked wonders against any other girl, but it had absolutely no effect on Ning Meng. Instead, she felt that this guy deserved a beating for standing so close to Little Jiang'e.

Li Luo was a little frustrated by her response. It seemed like his charismatic looks could only be appreciated by older sisters.

Jiang Qing'e could not help but laugh out lightly as she watched the two of them. She gave Li Luo a playful look. It seemed there were girls who wouldn't fall for his tricks.

"Little Jiang'e, who is he?" Ning Meng was a little surprised when she sensed Jiang Qing'e's reaction to Li Luo. From her understanding of Jiang Qing'e, she was not someone who would allow strangers to get close to her.

Jiang Qing'e did not hide it. She told her frankly, "This is my fiance."


Ning Meng's small face was full of surprise. She had heard about Jiang Qing'e having a fiance all this while, but she always had her doubts. She always wondered if it was an excuse that Jiang Qing'e had made up to keep men away. Now this person had finally appeared in front of her, so she had no choice but to believe it was true.

Ning Meng looked back at Li Luo and studied him for a moment. "Your appearance is not too bad. But you're still at the Heavenly Pearl Tier?"

She could tell that Li Luo was at the nine-pearl tier. This was an admirable achievement that was impressive to most. However, Ning Meng had a middle ninth-grade resonance herself. She had naturally attained it back when she was at the Heavenly Pearl Tier.

"He's just a few stages below us. In terms of talent, he doesn't lose to anyone else," Jiang Qing'e explained.

She was clearly trying to speak up for Li Luo. Ning Meng could tell that Jiang Qing'e really valued him. As such, she became a little friendlier to Li Luo and tried to find some common topics for conversation. "Do you possess a light resonance too? I can sense some traces of it from your resonant power."

Li Luo nodded and smiled. "A secondary light resonance."

"Ah, a secondary resonance..."

Ning Meng's large eyes blinked. To her, this was as good as not having one. Such weak light resonant power was of no interest to her, so the atmosphere turned a little awkward.

Fortunately, a few Greater Evil Spirits full of corruption soon came after them. The tension was broken in an instant.

"Leave it to me!"

Ning Meng grabbed her heavy rod with both hands. Overwhelming light resonant power surged up, and a black-and-white giant beast emerged behind her. The beast was filled with divine power. Every move it made created a huge shockwave that cracked the void apart.


Ning Meng was small, but her attacks were domineering and furious. She charged straight towards one of the Greater Evil Spirits. When they clashed, it was the huge Greater Evil Spirit that was sent flying back. The concentrated corruption surrounding it grew many times weaker upon collision.

Ning Meng was ruthless in her attacks. She stomped her foot, and the ground below her cracked apart like a turtle sh.e.l.l. Then she dashed forward like a bolt of lightning and appeared in front of the Greater Evil Spirit instantaneously. To finish it off, she lifted her rod and smashed it down.

The terrifying wind pressure from her monstrous blow created a huge pit in the ground before the rod even landed!

The Greater Evil Spirit screamed out loud as it waved its twisted claws wildly in a futile attempt to protect itself.


The ground shook violently. The Greater Evil Spirit that was as strong as a Greater Heavenly Resonance Tier cultivator was smashed by Ning Meng. Half of its body was reduced to splattered goo.

However, the Greater Evil Spirit was very tenacious. Even with just half of its body left, it struggled violently, jumping up and down. It understood how frightening the small little girl in front of it truly was, so its twisted body began to escape in the opposite direction.

Seeing this, Li Luo's feet moved swiftly. He flew straight in front of the escaping Greater Evil Spirit.

"Aiya, get out of the way, quickly!" Ning Meng was astonished when she saw this. Li Luo was really daring. Even though the Greater Evil Spirit had been critically injured, it wasn't an opponent a nine-pearl like Li Luo could face head-on—he was just courting death!

"Little Jiang'e, why didn't you stop him?" she asked, since Jiang Qing'e was closer to Li Luo.

Jiang Qing'e smiled rea.s.suringly at Ning Meng. Li Luo was not a reckless person. Since he had decided to do this, he definitely had some level of confidence. This was how much she trusted him.

The escaping Greater Evil Spirit noticed that Li Luo was blocking its path. It let out a sharp scream, and an enormous wave of corruption blasted outwards. Then it charged straight towards him without any hesitation.

The injured Greater Evil Spirit was fast approaching; however, Li Luo maintained his composure. He wrapped his fingers around his sword's handle and his resonant power surged up.

Then he transformed all of his resonant power into light resonant power.

In the blink of an eye, an enormous amount of light resonant power surged out of Li Luo's body, making him shine as bright as the sun.

A flash of surprise could be seen in Jiang Qing'e's golden eyes.

Ning Meng's eyes widened as well. She asked in surprise, "Is that really a secondary light resonance?!"

"What kind of secondary resonance could generate such immense light resonant power?"

In terms of purity, Li Luo's light resonant power was nearly comparable to Jiang Qing'e's at this moment.

Due to the nature of Ning Meng's resonance, she really liked pure light resonant power, so her eyes lit up as she closely watched Li Luo.

"Oh, he's even better than Yue Zhiyu. If Little Jiang'e and Yue Zhiyu weren't around, he could be the subst.i.tute."

As the two girls watched in surprise, Li Luo swung the Dragon Elephant Blade down.

"Dragon and Elephant's Divine Might!"

Light resonant power roared through the air, transforming into a gigantic divine blade wheel. The blade wheel flew through the air and directly sliced through the injured Greater Evil Spirit's corruption-filled body.

Light resonant power poured out of the blade wheel as it flew towards the Greater Evil Spirit's neck. The two great forces eroded each other wildly. If the Greater Evil Spirit were in its peak state, it would have been able to dissipate this blow with the immense corruption it contained. However, it had been critically injured. Coupled with light resonant power being its natural enemy, the corruption was torn apart by the blade wheel. A single line appeared on the neck of the Greater Evil Spirit as the blade wheel flew through it, then it was decapitated.

The creature had finally reached its limit after the consecutive deadly strikes. Not even its tenacious vitality was capable of withstanding such attacks. Its enormous body swaggered for a few steps before it collapsed right in front of Li Luo.

"Not bad," Ning Meng said him in surprise.

Li Luo heaved a sigh of relief. He smiled and replied, "Just picking up the leftovers. If the top-ranked Ning Meng had not critically injured it, I would not have dared to face it head-on."

"Ordinary Heavenly Pearls aren't capable of cleaning up such leftovers," Ning Meng said with a grin.

As the two of them exchanged words, a sudden explosion came from the Heavenly Ghost Altar. Everyone looked over in a hurry.

The white water under the ghost-faced statue with sharp fangs began to churn, forming vortexes.

At the same time, it started emitting strange whispers.

The whispers slowly spread out from the ghost-faced statue, and soon, the whole area was submerged in its echoes.

Suddenly, three shocking energy waves surged into the sky in the distance.

There were three figures, each carrying a red coffin.

They were Blood Coffin Carriers! However, they appeared to be struggling in pain. Their eyes were alternating between looks of madness and being in a complete daze. Their skins were covered in mysterious, creepy runes thatwere interwoven with each other and carved deeply into their flesh.

At the next moment, they began to take steps forward. All of them were heading towards the Heavenly Ghost Altar.

At the same time, somewhere in the depths of the palace, Li Lingjing looked at her own arm coldly. Mysterious runes had appeared on her skin too. She could feel an immense calling within the depths of her heart, asking her to head towards the Heavenly Ghost Altar.

However, her feet did not move a single step.

She had suppressed this crazy desire in her heart with her own mind.

She knew that this was due to the True Devil Egg in her body. If she really moved towards the Heavenly Ghost Altar, the True Devil Egg would be able to fuse and a strand of the All-Beings Devil King would be able to materialize.

However, would anyone be able to keep their own will if such a divine will truly took form?

Perhaps they would all be fused into it directly.

Li Lingjing only wanted the strength from the True Devil Egg. She did not want to fuse with the All-Beings Devil King and became a part of him.

Therefore, she focused her mind and suppressed the desire in her heart. She planned to watch quietly and observe how things unfolded.

However, it was impressive for her to be able to do so. The other three Blood Coffin Carriers who had gotten True Devil Eggs could not help but get lured towards the Heavenly Ghost Altar.

They slowly made their way towards it without any obstruction in their paths.

The three of them stood in front of the pool formed by the mouth with sharp fangs, looking at the vortexes with gazes full of madness. They could sense an intense longing surging within them.

If they jumped into it, they would be able to obtain an unlimited amount of power.

As such, the three of them did not hesitate at all.

In front of the gazes of all the other students, all three jumped into the Heavenly Ghost Altar. Splash!

The splashes could be heard amidst the raging battlefield.

The battleground fell silent all of a sudden, like a barrier of sound had expanded across the whole field.


At the same time, in the void outside the Fifth Minor Earthly Branch Realm.

The All-Beings Devil King was in his kid form at the moment. A smile appeared on his face and he lifted his head up. He looked at w.a.n.g Xuanjin, and a creepy laugh echoed in the air.

"w.a.n.g Xuanjin, it seems like it'll be your loss."

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