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Arwin heard that someone was coming towards the cell, and she was waiting to see Smith, but it was Fenton with a steaming soup that had bread top of it and water gla.s.s.

"Hey, mister, can you take these out if my hands that I can open the door?" Fenton asked while carefully placing the food at the gap of the bars that Arwin could grab them.

Arwin took the food and water and placed on them to table but waited for Fenton to open the door.

"Don't mind me at all; just eat, and I will share the current news now," Fenton said while opening the door and coming inside the jail.

"So the story goes like this you were spending the evening and Jenn joined you, and then you were suddenly attacked by Vincent.

So as we did our job and confirmed it was true and we even searched the attacker's house and confirmed his ident.i.ty as a phantom killer so you won't get any charges against you if you don't change this story now.

I suppose you won't change it, right?" Fenton asked while Arwin was eating the fish soup that was in front of her.

"Yes, I won't change it at all, and I swear that everything I have said is true," Arwin said while drinking water.

"Good, so now you are free to leave, and as there was a reward of giving any information that will lead to the capture of this murder, the reward is now yours.

There is also a compensation for what happened in this cell as you got attacked by the nightmare creature, so it's sixty gold coins for you." Fenton said while giving out the heavy purse to Arwin.

Arwin almost choked to piece of a potato when she heard the sum of the coins she suddenly received from Fenton.

"Sixty gold coins, that's a lot." She said out flabbergasted by the amount.

"Yes, fifty for capturing the phantom murder and ten as a compensation for what happened," Fenton said while smiling towards Arwin.

"Are you sure you wouldn't want to join the city guards?

It's a stable job with a guaranteed income and not much of a danger." Fenton tried to recruit Arwin to join the guards as even when she looked feeble; she was strong enough to resist a nightmare creature and to kill it.

"No, thank you. I have other plans." Arwin said while finishing the free meal and taking the purse from the table and putting it inside of his jacket.

"That's too bad, but my offer will stand to you if you ever change your mind.

And stay out of the trouble if you don't want to end up here again." Fenton said while watching Arwin's fleeting back.

When Arwin came out of the building, she saw that it was already a morning as the sun was climbing up.

She started to hurry at the doctor's office as quickly as she could; she didn't want to make them worry more than enough.

"I'm back here, is everything alright?" Arwin announced out while stepping inside the office.

"Your friend brought the clothes you asked her to deliver and received the payment, and otherwise, Mark is still resting as he was most of the night up doing his part of the work.

But I'm quite a surprised that you got the guild workers robe's that easily, and I think it was even Tom's as I heard a rumor when I went to the market do you want to hear it?" The doctor asked out while brewing more tea.

"Oh, if you want to share this rumor, I can listen, of course," Arwin said as she was really interested about this rumor.

"So the Northguards guild master was making his way to his favorite pub that's surprisingly the one where you went last evening.

When he stepped inside, he saw Tom at his birth clothes trying to run down from the upstairs.

Surprisingly he completely naked did run straight to the guild master and falling over to him.

So the guild master who recognized him as the elder of his guild suddenly flew to rage and dragged Tom without giving any respect to him to the guild while still being naked and gave a lecture to everyone there before throwing Tom out of the guild naked of course. He had to run naked back to his home." The doctor said while being happy with the tea, he just brewed.

Arwin suddenly started to laugh as she never imagined that to happen at Tom while finally calming down, she said.

"So, we got the clothes I asked out the girl to bring me?" 

"Yes, as I said, we got them, and they are at that chair there." The doctor pointed at a chair, and there was a completely blue robe with Northguards emblem imprinted in the middle of it.

"That's wonderful, then as now we have an extra way to make our plan to work," Arwin said before picking up the robe before saying.

"But firstly, we really have to wash this robe as it's in horrible condition." While looking at the robes current condition and it was really horrible as she didn't even want to know what was on the robe.

"I drew the water and got everything ready, so the washing room is that way." The doctor said while sipping his tea and pointing towards a room.

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