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Chapter 544 - Chapter 544: Encounter With Agent

Chapter 544: Encounter With Agent

Translator: Henyee Translations    Editor: Henyee Translations

They bought fresh meat and decided to head home. There was nothing more they needed for the moment.

Soon, they ran into the land agent, coincidentally.

The land agent’s eyes widened when he saw the couple. He waved at them and smiled. “Young Master Shao and Mrs. Shao, what a coincidence! I was just thinking of you. I have got 70 mu of paddy field at the Zhang Village. Do you want it? If you do, please decide now. Or I will turn to someone else.” Qiao Xuan exchanged a look with Shao Yunduan. They both nodded.

“Yes, yes!”

“70 mu or even more, we want it all!”

Continuous good fields were not very easy to buy, especially in the well-developed towns and villages.

Well, if one really wanted to buy some, they would need to pay a lot for that. It was a possibility, but not a very practical solution.

Qiao Xuan believed that it was indeed very lucky for this land to be offered at this moment. What a wonderful thing!

Shao Yunduan thought for a while and smiled. “The paddy fields should be alright, no? We have done a lot of business together before.”

The land agent smiled. “Don’t worry! I won’t dare to sell any fields with problems. I need my reputation, don’t l? I will never do anything to ruin my own name!”

That was true.

They pa.s.sed on the business over generations, and needed to have a good, steady reputation over a long period of time.

If they did anything that ruined their reputation and got reported, the County Magistrate had the right to rip them off the position and replace them with someone else.

Anyone with a clever mind or in a good position would never do such a thing to ruin their well established business.

a.s.sured, Qiao Xuan added. “But I don’t have much money with me today.” The land agent smiled. “Alright… how much do you have?”

The couple exchanged a look between themselves and pulled out the cash. “This much.’

Shao Yunduan touched his nose. “l have nothing.”

He just had one liang with him, which was basically the same as nothing.

The land agent smiled. “Then you can give me 200 liang and write an IOU. You can give the remaining silver to me tomorrow, ok?”

The couple nodded.

Soon, they were taken to have a look at the field, and signed the contract after the visit.

Qiao Xuan smiled. “We have 310 mu of paddy fields, we are almost like a landlord family now! ”

Shao Yunduan nodded in agreement.

It was almost four in the afternoon when they went back home. Qiao Xuan took a short break and went to prepare for the dinner.

Qiao Xuan was in charge of cooking, with a lot of people helping along the way. So, everything was ready very quickly.

Shao Sanlang burned the fire to wash the meat, put it in a pot with marinade and stewed it. Yang Xiaoni chopped the mutton finely. Ms. Xu’s stomach was not too big, so she went to the vegetable garden to pick some vegetables.

They were going to eat grilled meat with some vegetables to avoid it from getting too oily.

Qiao Xuan thought about it, and made one bowl of fish ball soup.

There were fresh large gra.s.s carp in the pool, two of which weighed 4 kgs and 4-5 kgs respectively. The fish bones were stewed in soup. The fish heads were made with pickled sour peppers. The round snow-white fish b.a.l.l.s were boiled in a clear water pot, sprinkled with green onion and coriander. It turned out to be delicious!

They were going to eat grilled meat, drink a bowl of fish ball soup each and eat some fish b.a.l.l.s. Everything was made out of fresh ingredients.

Qi went to catch and kill fish, removed the bones and took the meat.

Qiao Xuan checked the bamboo sticks which the maids had made. She understood what she should do next.

She needed some careful people to help her with lipsticks. Not every maid was like that. She needed to pick the best one and that’s why this task had been given to them this morning..

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