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Chapter 678 Detain the Idiot

Lin Mengya covered her head subconsciously with her hand, stared at Qinghu in front of her, and said, “What are you doing?”

In an instant, the evil fury, that was about to lead her into a blind alley, was instantly extinguished by the hard knock on her forehead.

“Look, you’ve cooled down now. Let’s go to that alley to find Gou San,” Qinghu said with a chuckle and strode in front of Lin Mengya.

However, when he turned around, an uneasy look flashed across his eyes.

Lin Mengya was smart, but a smart person was just one step away from a lunatic.

In the Candle Dragon Cult, there were plenty of people, who were driven by their obsession and eventually became demons.

He did not want Lin Mengya to be driven by her fury and become a lunatic.

He hoped that Lin Mengya could realize her situation as soon as possible. Otherwise, she would probably get into big trouble in the future.

Meanwhile, Lin Mengya, who did not realize that she had almost gotten into a blind alley, was just thinking about going to the Ziwei Alley to find the person named Gou San.

The news of her visit to the government office must have been reported to the Shangguan Family and the Emperor, so it would be difficult for her to go there in secret.

“Girl, why don’t I go on your behalf? You are in the limelight now. Besides, the Shangguan Family is still keeping an eye on you and trying to find fault with you. If your visit there is discovered, won’t it spoil your brother’s plan?”

Qinghu volunteered to go there on the behalf of Lin Mengya.

However, Lin Mengya glanced at him, shook her head slightly, and said, “I’m afraid I have to go there in person.”

Since her brother had pinned all his hopes on Gou San, she had to prove her ident.i.ty even if she went there in person.

However, she had to think of a way to shake off the stalkers and avoid attracting attention.

“You don’t have to rush. Since you visited your brother today, they will certainly take extra care to watch over us in the next few days. The situation in the Capital City won’t be temporarily stabilized until your father comes back a few days later. It won’t be too late for you to go after that,” Qinghu suggested.

After thinking over it for a while, Lin Mengya had to admit that she could only adopt Qinghu’s suggestion.

She could mobilize the force of the Sanjue Hall before.

But now, not to mention the Shangguan Family, even the Emperor probably had sent numerous people to ambush Lin’s Mansion.

In this case, she could only take action when things calmed down a little.

“Okay, let’s go back.”

With a sigh, Lin Mengya could only instruct the others to return to Lin’s Mansion.

In the sedan chair, Lin Mengya frowned and looked out of the window at the crowded street, involuntarily feeling a little depressed.

In fact, what she had told her brother in the prison was not completely a lie.

At least, the reason why the Emperor deprived her of her position as Princess Yu was probably that he wanted to use his son’s marriage to win the support of a certain powerful official.

Moreover, the Emperor was well aware of Long Tianyu’s deep affection for her.

Therefore, although she was deprived of her position as Princess Yu, Long Tianyu would not dump her.

In this case, the Lin Family would still be under the Emperor’s control.

If it weren’t for this, the Emperor would have blamed her for her moving back home, which could almost be considered a provocative move.

Now that the Emperor didn’t blame Long Tianyu for his escape from the Imperial Palace without permission nor her for her willful act, it meant that all of these were part of the Emperor’s plan.

The Emperor was so scheming that even their deep affection for each other was within his plan.

It would be difficult for her and Long Tianyu to resist!

They arrived at Marquis Zhennan’s Mansion in the blink of an eye while she was deep in thought.

Lin Mengya got out of the sedan chair. But before she gained a footing, she heard some noises from the gate.

She looked up toward the noises, only to see Lin Mengwu, who was dressed in a garnet-colored dress and shouting at the gate with several servants.

Judging from her words, it should be that she wanted to enter the mansion, but the gatekeeper refused to let her in.

“She comes at the right time.” As Lin Mengya thought, she sneered in her heart.

She had been worried that Lin Mengwu and her mother would hide in Shangguan’s Mansion and refuse to come out.

Now that Lin Mengwu took the initiative to come here, she shouldn’t blame Ling Mengya for what she was going to do.

“First Miss, you’re back!” The sharp-eyed gatekeeper immediately suppressed his impatience with Lin Mengwu and took a few steps forward to greet Lin Mengya eagerly.

He had gotten impatient with Lin Mengwu’s hara.s.sment.

What was more, everyone in the Lin Family knew that the First Miss had come back to take the reins, and after what had happened, there probably would be no place for Madam Qing and Lin Mengwu in the Lin Family.

“I’m back. Let them in. They are guests anyway. I don’t want to give the impression that our Lin Family is rude.”

Lin Mengya glanced at him and then spoke softly, showing no emotion in her slow speech rate.

However, when Lin Mengwu heard these words, her sullen face became even more sullen.

In theory, she was also a proper Miss of Lin’s Mansion. However, after the gatekeeper refused to let her in, she was mocked by the b*tch Lin Mengya.

Lin Mengwu, who was arrogant, immediately stepped forward, stood in front of Lin Mengya, and said, “Isn’t this my sister Princess Yu? Oh, I forgot you’re just a vice Princess now. It’s funny. As a legitimate Miss, you end up being relegated to a vice Princess and driven back home. Fortunately, our Lin Family is wealthy enough to feed you, such a stormy petrel.”

There was a vicious look in Lin Mengwu’s beautiful eyes.

In the past few days in Shangguan’s Mansion, she had truly enjoyed a life she deserved as a legitimate Miss.

Although her mother was not favored by her father, all the children of concubines in the Shangguan Family had to be respectful to her mother and her, and even couldn’t share a table with them during the meal.

When she saw the daughters of concubines try to please her eagerly, the grievances she had suffered in the Lin Family gradually aroused her jealousy and hatred of Lin Mengya.

After hearing that Lin Mengya had been deprived of her position as Princess Yu and driven back home, Lin Mengwu could no longer hold back her jealousy and hatred and hurriedly came back to Lin’s Mansion to reclaim everything supposed to belong to her.

Now, with the backing of the Shangguan Family and her aunt, the Empress, she should be superior to Lin Mengya, who could only be trampled underfoot by her!

“Of course. Guards, bring the Second Miss into the mansion. Regarding those who aren’t members of our Lin Family, drive them out,” Lin Mengya looked at the idiot in front of her and said with a faint smile, thinking Lin Mengwu shouldn’t have come to ask for trouble.

Today, Lin Mengwu just wanted to upset Lin Mengya, so she just brought a few servants with her.

At Lin Mengya’s command, the guards hiding around Lin’s Mansion rushed over. The servants, who couldn’t even be considered foxes a.s.suming the tiger’s majesty, immediately screamed and huddled up.

Lin Mengwu, who had been complacent just now, was instantly pushed into the mansion rudely by the guards.

Those, who followed Lin Mengwu here, were shivering as they stared at the First Miss of the Lin Family, who was smiling sweetly.

“Go back and tell your master that from today on, she’s no longer the Madam of our mansion. Anyway, my father will definitely divorce her after he comes back. As for Mengwu, she is the daughter of our Lin Family, so our family will discipline her and not allow others to intervene in this.”

Although Lin Mengya did not fling out malicious words, she said the above words coldly.

Although Shangguan Qing was vicious, she loved her daughter dearly.

Since Shangguan Qing dared to frame her brother, she might as well pay her back in her own coin.

She was going to separate Shangguan Qing from her daughter.

“Let me go! Let me go! Lin Mengya, my grandparents will kill you!”

Inside the gate, Lin Mengwu’s heart-wrenching voice was particularly pleasant.

Lin Mengya thought with a sneer, “The Shangguan Family? Humph, sooner or later, I’ll turn into a fierce tiger to bite off all the flesh and blood of the Shangguan Family and push them into eternal h.e.l.l!”

“Close the door,” Lin Mengya said, not interrupted by Lin Mengwu’s words.

The servants of the Shangguan Family outside were all dumbfounded after seeing Lin Mengya’s decisive act.

After a long while, they turned around and went back, as none of them knew what the First Miss of the Lin Family would do.

“Your Highness, how should we deal with that person?” the guards asked.

They were all brought here by Prince Yu and instructed by him to address Lin Mengya as “Your Highness”.

Glancing at the woman, who was glaring at her, Lin Mengya said with a terrifying smile, “Just lock her up in the woodshed. Also, remember to just serve her plain food. I think my sister became muddle-headed after having too much delectable food recently. Letting her feel cold and hungry could help her return to clear-minded.”

After she said that, Lin Mengwu, who had been struggling, was dragged away. Until now, she probably didn’t know what was waiting for her.

Watching Lin Mengwu dragged away, Lin Mengya turned around and returned to the Grace b.u.t.terfly Courtyard with her maids.

Today, she detained Lin Mengwu. Although the Shangguan Family did not dare to openly ask Lin Mengya to release her, they would definitely do something in secret.

After thinking for a while, Lin Mengya thought that she should adopt some precautionary measures.

So she summoned Qinghu, and the two of them whispered for a while.

No one knew the result of their discussion, but hearing the low laughter coming out of the room, the girls outside got gooseb.u.mps all over.

They looked at each other and couldn’t help murmuring in their hearts, “Who is Miss trying to plot against?”

They involuntarily mourned for those who were about to get into trouble.

They shouldn’t have messed with Lin Mengya, so they just deserved it, right?

The girls shrugged their shoulders and continued doing their work without taking it seriously at all.

See, a cunning master wouldn’t have innocent servants.

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