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Chapter 676 Flirt

“Is that what you want to tell me, Miss?” Hongyu asked.

Looking at Lin Mengya, Hongyu was at a loss whether to cry or to laugh.

In fact, even if Lin Mengya didn’t mention it, she was going to propose finding a suitable mistress for the Lin Family.

After all, only women were clear about the battle in the backyard.

Although men could protect their homes and defend their country, they might be no match for women in the battle in the backyard.

After all, a slight move in one part might affect the situation as a whole. Any scanty consideration could lead to bitter consequences.

The reason why the Eldest Young Master was framed could be he had underestimated women.

“Yes, but don’t worry. I’ve found a candidate for my brother’s wife. It’s just that she can’t marry into our Lin’s Mansion in a short time, so I want to trouble you to manage our Lin’s Mansion. I’m wondering if you are willing to do me this favor,” Lin Mengya said.

The marriage alliance between the Lin Family and the Jin Family was inevitable.

At the same time, she should fulfill her promise to Shangguan Hui as soon as possible.

With the support of the Jin Family and Shangguan Hui, she believed that her brother’s status in the imperial court would probably no longer be threatened in the future.

“Of course I would like to do that. You don’t have to worry about it. I know what you mean. If I stay here, at least the Young Master and the Master won’t be in such a pa.s.sive position, right? Rest a.s.sured, Miss. I’ve been thinking about this,” Hongyu said.

Seeing Hongyu agree, Lin Mengya finally breathed a sigh of relief.

She wouldn’t allow anyone to stir up trouble again in the backyard. Moreover, Shangguan Qing and Lin Mengwu had completely fallen out with the Lin Family this time.

From now on, they were no longer the members of the Lin Family.

However, the Shangguan Family would not let it go easily, so she had to stabilize the situation until her father came back. Only then could she feel relieved.

The two of them were in the middle of a conversation when a series of noises came from somewhere and interrupted their conversation.

Seeing that her master seemed to be very concerned about it, Hongyu immediately got up and put on her clothes, and then went out with an oil lamp to check what was going on.

In the bed curtain, Lin Mengya yawned quietly and looked sleepy.

Unexpectedly, Hongyu didn’t come back after a long time. Lin Mengya was worried and had to get up to look for Hongyu.

As soon as she stepped out of her room, Lin Mengya felt a gust of wind and that her waist was tightly held by a strong arm.

“Let me go!”

She said in a low voice, but was ignored. In an instant, the door was tightly closed again.

Lin Mengya was thrown onto the soft bed rudely. As soon as she struggled to free herself from the arm, she immediately hid herself under the quilt and wrapped herself up in the quilt.

However, she stared at the devil in front of her, who seemed to be overwhelmed by rage, with an aggrieved look in her eyes.

“Do… do you know that I’ve been worried to death about you?”

Long Tianyu, who had been furious just now, couldn’t help softening his tone.

No one knew how frightened he was when he hurried back home, only to find that she had left.

If she ignored him and really disappeared from his life, he would probably go crazy at once.

“You don’t have to worry about me. I’m no longer your wife. It’s none of your business where I go.”

Lin Mengya said with a lump in her throat. She, who had never behaved like a spoiled child in front of others, felt terrible when she found she had gotten used to doing so.

After saying that, she burst into tears.

When Long Tianyu saw her tears, he felt his heart was melted.

“Stop crying. You will always be my wife. The imperial edict won’t change anything.”

As he said, he wiped off her tears clumsily with his big hands and held her, who was wrapped up in the quilt, tightly in his arms.

No matter how many imperial edicts his father issued, she was his only wife during his lifetime.

“Do you mean it?”

Lin Mengya asked, blinked her big eyes, and stared tearfully at Long Tianyu with uncertainty and weakness in her eyes.

Long Tianyu had never seen her so uncertain. Feeling his heartbroken, he tried to express his indescribable affection for her with a pa.s.sionate kiss.

His sweet kiss dispelled all her grievances and bitterness at the moment.

Lin Mengya, whose face was flushed, finally stopped crying and lay on Long Tianyu’s chest tenderly after the kiss.

“Do you blame me for taking away all the things in Prince Yu’s Mansion?”

Lin Mengya, who got lost in the kiss, muttered in a low voice.

Long Tianyu held her, his beloved, in his arms and said with a cunning smile,


Only a place, where she was around, was his home. Besides, he didn’t like Prince Yu’s Mansion, so he didn’t mind her taking away all the things in Prince Yu’s Mansion.

“Well, when you come here next time, you can only take the secret pa.s.sage and avoid being seen by anyone, okay?” Lin Mengya asked.

Long Tianyu frowned slightly, thinking although it was a little troublesome, it was quite exciting.

“Okay,” Long Tianyu agreed.

Lin Mengya finally felt relieved and lay in Long Tianyu’s arms with a lazy look, which endowed her delicate face a different kind of charm.

She said, “By the way. I hope you could treat me as an abandoned woman in front of others, okay? If your father wants you to marry another woman as Princess Yu, please comply with his request.”


Long Tianyu said with a frown.

He didn’t think he treated her with enough love and care. How could he treat her as an abandoned woman in front of others and even agree to marry someone else.

“Just promise me. I already know what you’ve been thinking, and I won’t misunderstand you again. I just hope that there will be no more obstacles to us in the future. Isn’t it what you want?”

Hearing her sweet and soft voice, Long Tianyu just felt the urge to nod desperately.

Her eyes, which were as clear as a spring, had already aroused Long Tianyu’s desire.

Seeing her pout her red and swollen lips with a pitiful look, he almost lost his head.

“What are you up to? If you don’t tell me, I’ll punish you!” Long Tianyu said.

Just as he was about to get lost in the tempting atmosphere created by Lin Mengya, he managed to restrain himself.

In an instant, he clenched Lin Mengya’s hands, turned her around, and pressed her on the bed.

In this ambiguous position, Lin Mengya showed a trace of unwillingness in her eyes and said with a charming blush, “Nothing—Ouch! Long Tianyu, I’m going to kill you!”

Long Tianyu spanked Lin Mengya with her big palms without hesitation.

In fact, it just hurt a little, but Lin Mengya felt extremely humiliated.

“Tell me or not?” Long Tianyu said.

He was actually reluctant to hurt her and was just putting on an act.

But Lin Mengya couldn’t stand it, burst into tears immediately, and said, “Long Tianyu, how dare you to hit me! You don’t love me anymore. How can you resort to family violence! I’m going to the Women’s Federation to complain about your abusing me! I’m going to hire a lawyer to sue you!”

Seeing Lin Mengya crying, Long Tianyu was panic-stricken.

Moreover, he had no idea of family violence and the Women’s Federation Lin Mengya mentioned.

Immediately, he let go of her hands, held her in his arms, and tried to appease her patiently. After a long while, Lin Mengya gradually stopped crying.

“Okay, I’ll do as you ask. Are you pleased with that?” Long Tianyu said.

Long Tianyu was at a loss what to do. He could speak frankly with a.s.surance in front of anyone but had to be obedient to the woman in his arms every time.

After achieving her goal, Lin Mengya stopped pretending to be pitiful and put her arms around Long Tianyu’s neck with a gentle and sweet smile.

“Nevertheless, remember you’re not allowed to stay out overnight for no reason. If I find that you dare to hook up with another woman during this period, humph!” Lin Mengya said.

Seeing the threatening sparkle in her eyes, Long Tianyu felt a chill down his spine at once.

He immediately said, “No, I absolutely won’t.”

No one knew how this woman would deal with him if he really did that.

Moreover, he felt that he even didn’t have enough time and energy to get along with her, not to mention to hook up with another woman he didn’t like at the same time.

The conversation between them ended in a peaceful and friendly atmosphere.

However, what had happened this night became another topic of the few people, who knew Long Tianyu’s sneaking in, in their conversations at night…

It wasn’t until late in the morning that Lin Mengya came out of her embroidery building with a blush.

What had happened last night… she had better stop thinking about it. Anyway, she had a new understanding of the upper limit of Long Tianyu’s physical strength.

Men and women were actually different in physical strength.

Qinghu and the girls had been waiting for her in the Grace b.u.t.terfly Courtyard for a long time.

Today, Lin Mengya was not dressed in brightly colored clothes as usual. Instead, she was dressed in a turquoise dress, which made her look much more demur.

The complicated hair ornaments she usually wore when she was Princess Yu had been replaced by a set of magnolia flower hair ornaments made of giant clams she brought from the Nation of Lintian.

In this era, giant clams were not a kind of precious material, but the soft color made Lin Mengya look less n.o.ble and more peaceful.

Given her current ident.i.ty, the hair ornaments suited her well.

“Miss, everything has been arranged,” Baiji came over to report.

Lin Mengya nodded slightly and led a group of people to get out of the Grace b.u.t.terfly Courtyard vigorously.

Last night, she had told Long Tianyu the whole story.

Long Tianyu soon realized what was going on and suggested that she should ask her brother what had happened before making plans.

Lin Mengya also thought that she had better find out what had happened first. Otherwise, she probably couldn’t help her brother even if she racked her brain outside.

Unexpectedly, Long Tianyu had made arrangements while she was sleeping.

Watching the guards in the mansion more than twice as much as before, Lin Mengya felt relieved.

Fortunately, she still had him.

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