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Rebirth of a Counterattack: G.o.dly Doctor Shizi Fei Chapter 10 Returning to Pengcheng, Part 2

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Walking on the road towards Pengcheng, Xue'er pulled out a still-warm corn millet pancake. She took it from the kitchen after dinner and kept it warm in her bosom. Sure enough, it came in handy now.

Qi RongYue took the millet pancake. She broke it into two and handed half to Xue'er, "You eat too."

Xue'er knew Xiaojie was sincere so she wasn't polite. She took the millet pancake and took a bite. Then she looked at Xiaojie and laughed foolishly.

Qi RongYue looked at this silly girl and lightly asked, "Don't you blame me?"

Xue'er knew Xiaojie's meaning. She hurriedly shook her head, "As long as I can be with Xiaojie, I won't complain no matter how much suffering it is."

Xue'er's eyes were sparkling and especially bright in the nightlight. She was a simple girl. If someone was good to her, she would repay it tenfold.

Fortunately, they did not encounter any evildoers on the road. On such a cold day, evildoers were not willing to come out and experience this sin. Also, it might not be possible to meet the right prey.

At dawn, they just arrived at the entrance of the city. The gates were open. Many farmers were pushing their tiny handcarts of wares continuously into the city.

The two mingled within these people into the city. Qi RongYue turned and wore her satin coat inside-out to hide the wealthy air. Although the lining was also of good quality and materials, it was still subtler than the satin and not as conspicuous.

"Xiaojie, where are we going now?" Xue'er's wide eyes looked everywhere. Although she had been living in Pengcheng, she never came out to take a look. She was shut in the inner courtyard doing rough work all day long. This time in the streets, she felt that everything was a novelty.

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