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Rebirth of a Counterattack: G.o.dly Doctor Shizi Fei Chapter 9 Sole Scion, Part 2

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Qi Lao [old i.e. Qi YongChun's mother] furen vehemently disagreed. But with her son's persistence, she could only reluctantly agree to the marriage. When the bride was married over, her dowry filled Qi fu's empty warehouse to bursting. The new bride was very beautiful and different from the rude and unrefined merchant daughters. She paid her respects every morning and followed the rules. Qi Lao furen also did not make things difficult for her. But since she didn't want a merchant daughter as her daughter-in-law, her att.i.tude was ambivalent.

Qi YongChun used Mo RuNiang's dowry to bribe officials. His career took off and rose two ranks in two years.

Qi Lao furen disliked Mo RuNiang even more. She thought her son should be with a more suitable woman. She started to deliberately make things difficult for her. For a peaceful household Mo RuNiang tolerated everything. Qi Lao furen was insatiable and made things hard for her. Even when she was pregnant, she made her serve her every day: pouring tea, fetching water, and ma.s.saging her neck and back. She ordered Mo RuNiang around like a maidservant. Mo RuNiang was mentally depressed. She had a premature birth at eight months. When her child was born, she pa.s.sed away.

Qi fu's furen died but Laoye and Lao furen were not a bit unhappy. They were secretly excited.

After half a year, Lao furen couldn't wait and set another marriage for Qi YongChun: Haizhou's senior provincial government official, Liang Xinzhi's eldest Di daughter, Née Liang, the current Qi fu's Da furen.

That year Née Liang married beneath her to Qi YongChun as a second wife. Because her grandparents successively pa.s.sed away, she had to observe filial piety. This dragged on until she was nineteen years old and had no choice but to marry Qi YongChun.

With the Liang family's support in officialdom, Qi YongChun's career progressed even more smoothly with no hindrances. He rose a rank every year. At the age of thirty-five, he was the magistrate for Xuzhou's prefecture for three years. If nothing went wrong, next year he would go to Beijing and perform tasks for the Emperor. This was what Qi YongChun had always dreamed of.

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