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Chapter 839

The screams of death in the abandoned factory gradually faded ten minutes later.

Then Dio noticed the fat man slamming the door open and fleeing in terror, shouting: “Devil… monster! You are not Spider-Man… Spider-Man is nothing like a devil!”

Spiderman then sprayed his silk cobweb from the darkness and wrapped it around the fat man, quickly dragging him back into the dark abandoned factory.

“No, please! Somebody, help me!” The call for help suddenly came to an abrupt stop. These sc.u.mbags have been sentenced to death since Peter had already merged with Venom, as Venom had no conscience to refrain from killing. As expected, none of them could escape from the rampaging Spider-Man. 

Dio threw his cigarette on the ground as he saw that it was almost over, crushing it with his feet. Dio led the stunned MJ to the door and knocked politely. Although Peter was enraged, Dio didn’t mind it at all as he finally saw Peter shed his naivety a little bit. 

Still, Dio didn’t expect that Venom would completely take over Peter’s consciousness. It wasn’t something that Dio had in mind. Still, with MJ completely healed, Peter should be fine. 

Dio smirked as he listened to the movement inside the factory. Then, he turned around and left! 

The factory door opened, and Peter, who had been feeling insecure during the violent killing, immediately stopped thinking when he saw MJ lying on the ground. The black venom coat quickly re-entered Peter’s body, revealing the red spider suit within. 

“MJ! Are you alright? MJ!”

Peter was holding MJ’s body and sobbing like a child! But MJ soon opened her eyes and saw Peter’s saddened expression. “You rescued me yet again.” She said as she forced a smile. Although she had pa.s.sed out and was unaware of what was happening in the process, she was convinced that Peter had saved her yet again.

Peter’s unwavering behavior made her a little upset, but at the same time, she knew that Peter always meant well. 

“It’s not me…” Peter said as he was trying to explain, but before he could finish his sentence, MJ kissed him wildly, blocking all the words behind Peter’s mouth. 

After a while, the two lovebirds made their way out of the factory. The main problem for staying around here was that the odor in the air was unpleasant as it was the odor left behind after the explosion. 

“What about those thugs?” MJ asked.

“They… uh…” Peter’s body stiffened as he remembered what he had just done, and his thoughts scrambled as he couldn’t say anything to MJ.

Fortunately, MJ is a smart person with a high EQ, so she can probably predict the fate of those people. But she didn’t think Peter had done anything wrong. Some bad people could be corrected in prison, but others were just beyond saving.

Rather than allowing those sc.u.ms to cause harm to society, it may be more reasonable to punish them once and for all.

So, MJ abruptly changed the subject and asked, “Are we done here? I’m a little tired, would you mind taking me home?” 

Peter nodded immediately, “Hang on tight, I will quickly get you home!”

Peter then tightened his hold on MJ’s body, and soon, the two left the factory area.

“It appears that the boy still has a long way to go.” Dio’s figure reappeared after Peter left with MJ. Dio shook his head as he was a little bit disappointed that Peter would leave before thinking about cleanup. He had no choice but to clean up after his mess this time.

However, Dio knew that Peter wasn’t here by choice. He only expected the enemy to attack those around him, so he sent Aunt Mei to a safe location. But he did not expect that the enemies would go for MJ and his cla.s.smates!

Still, Dio and Tony had thought about these issues long before the actual problem arose. Nevertheless, Dio never said anything as he wanted to put Peter to the test. After all, Peter had to experience it by himself for once.

Tony had long discovered that the thugs captured MJ through a stealth drone that he sent to monitor Peter and the people around him, but he didn’t warn anybody. Tony knew that Dio was around, after all.

Tony was right, and as he predicted, Dio helped Peter out.

Still, Peter flunked the test this time! Especially his decision to stay with MJ to die, it was simply stupidity.

They saw Peter as a new leader because he could make a decision with his head, but his decision to stay with MJ contradicted what a leader should do.

Returning to the factory and looking around, Dio was unconcerned about the corpses inside the factory. Then he discovered several cameras installed all around the factory, so he took out the memory cards inside and destroyed them all.

The video feed could be used to threaten Spider-Man later, and it was something that simply couldn’t be allowed to happen. 

If these videos ever surfaced online, just consider what kind of judgement everyone would throw against Peter! A friendly neighborhood Spider-Man was actually a brutal murderer? A cruel, violent, bloodthirsty murderer? Combined with the previous video that Mysterio sent, Spider-Man’s reputation would never recover!

The disfigured man actually installed these cameras in order to record Spider-Man abandoning the hostages for his own safety. But they never expected that Peter would stay and protect the hostages and kill off all the thugs.

Everything, including his death and Spider-Man’s escape, wasn’t part of his plan. Nevertheless, his plan was still in motion when Spider-Man killed all the thugs in cold blood. The police would eventually secure the video, and at that time, Peter would be in deep trouble. 

The only thing that the enemies didn’t expect was that Spider-Man had so many prominent figures that would back him up. Therefore, no matter how solid their plan would be, it was already doomed to fail. 

Dio summoned [Magician’s Red] and turned the factory into a sea of fire! The flame burned all the evidence of Spider-Man’s involvement, so the evidence that Dio hadn’t found would also be reduced to ashes after the flame eats everything.

This way, Peter would stand protected.

“I thought that he would, at the very least, score 59 points, but it turns out he was still at 50 points! d.a.m.n, he couldn’t even score an extra 9 points!” Dio said disappointedly.

“Well, there is no way but to go with the next test now!” Dio said as he hung up the call he had just made and threw his last unburned cigarette into the fire.

What a handful kid …

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