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  She thought: Unexpectedly, I would meet Di Juehao here!

  No, wait!

  Di Juehao, Dihao Company!

  Is Di Juehao the president of this company?

  Wen Nuan could not help but shedher tears.

  In fact, Di Juehao and Dihao only had one word difference, she should have thought of it.

  Just five years ago, the Di Family had been engaged in the financial industry. They had never been involved in any business in clothing. So it was no wonder that I did not a.s.sociate it with this business.

  Everything was done!

  Later, this bad man, her ex-husband, would be her immediate boss!

  Although only for one year...

  When she thought that they would work in a same company and couldn’t avoid seeing each other. She was so upset every minute!

  She was like a burr, quite uncomfortable!

  In Wen Nuan’s heart roared over 10,000 gra.s.s mud horses.

  However, her face was as calm as water. No one could see any slight difference.

  When Di Juehao saw Wen Nuan, hisfundus also pa.s.sed a trace of surprise.

  Soon, his long narrow eyelids gently pressed, and the strangeness was replaced by contempt.

  Di Juehao quickly walked to his desk and sat down on the boss's chair.

  He frowned and looked at Wen Nuancoldly. He said ridiculously:

  "That night, you were pretending to be a virgin woman? Why you cometo my company so soon. Want money, right?"

  When saying this, he picked up the checkbook on the table and filled it out quickly.

  "Say it, how much is the hush money? Is one million enough?"

  Wen Nuan looked up, staring at him coldly, like watching a clown jumping.

  Di Juehao quickly wrote the check and threw it over the table.

  "Take it and get away quickly. I have no time to spend with you today!"

  Wen Nuan caught the checkandinstantly made it into a ball, and then threw it across the table, aiming at his handsome face.

  "Di Juehao, I can't expect, you are still as terrible as five years ago!"

  "Miss Daisy, your coffee..."

  When a.s.sistant Xu just pushed the door, he met suchanawkward scene. He quickly exitedand pulled the doorclosed.

  Di Juehao was. .h.i.t directly by the paper, and his eyes suddenly burst out two small flames. He was about to get angry, but got shocked by the a.s.sistant Xu’s word: Daisy.

  Di Juehao's eyebrows like a sharp-edged sword raised a sharp arc, and hissuspicious eyes fell on Wen Nuan.

  Totallyfortwo minutes.

  "Daisy? SK’s gold medal designer, Daisy?"

  He hada very standradEnglish p.r.o.nunciation. When he was reading Daisy, his low-pitched voice was as intoxicating as chocolate.

  Wen Nuan raised her face and smiled, "Exactly!"


  Di Juehao thought: the gold medal designer sent by SK turned out to be this shameless d.a.m.nwoman!

  Why a Chinese people called herself a foreign name?

  Di Juehao’scoldface was constantly changing colors.

  For a moment, he resumed the normal indifferent look.

  He lazily leaned back on the boss's chair, crossed the slender and clean fingers and placed them at the table.

  When Wen Nuan saw him putting on theactof a president, she also straightened her back and sat properly

  "SK's gold medal designer?"

  Di Juehao looked at Wen Nuan and asked coldly.

  Half ridiculous and half polite, Wen Nuan curved her lips. "If there is any doubt, you can check my designer qualification certificate. The certificate number is..."

  Di Juehao raised his hand and stopped Wen Nuan’s words. He said quietly: "It seems that I have found a very good customer."

  It took a few seconds for Wen Nuan to come back, and her plain face suddenly burst red.

  She was wondering that the guy was against me because of the 9.9 yuan, right?

  Well, he was the one who took advantage of it!

  Wen Nuan could no longer maintain the calm on herface, and said with some shame: "Boss Di, I hope you can be scrupulous in separating public from private interests."

  Di Juehao looked deep into Wen Nuan and suddenly reached out to her.

  "I hope we can cooperate happily!"

  Wen Nuan took some serious att.i.tude. She reached out to Di Juehao gently and shook hands with him lightly.

  Unexpectedly, just as her fingers touched the warm and dry palm of Di Juehao, his thumb gently rubbedWen Nuan’s white and delicate hands.

  Slightly rough texture, with the unique temperature of a mature man, as a wave of strong current, from the back of the hand to the arm, the touch of the numbness was instantly transmitted to the limbs, directly hitting the bottom of the heart.

  Wen Nuan’s heart suddenly missed a beat.

  Then, despised herself!

  She thought: Did I never see a man in her past life!

  How could i be so useless?

  Wen Nuan forcefully pulled out her fingersfrom the palm of Di Juehao, and the tip of her earswas so red, like a piece of ruby and clear red jade.


  Di Juehao already sat back like nothing had happened.

  He pressed the inside line onthe table, "Come in!"

  After getting the instructions, a.s.sistant Xu hesitated outside the door for two seconds before pushing the door in.

  He had already replaced a cup of hot coffee for Wen Nuan. When he putthe coffee in front of her, he was doubtful that why she hada flushed face.

  Wen Nuan really wanted to dig a hole and bury herself!

  She quickly picked up the coffee cup and bowed her head to hide her embarra.s.sment.

  "Miss Daisy, be careful,itis very hot..."

  Before a.s.sistant Xu remindedher, Wen Nuan had finished itall at once.

  The next second, Wen Nuan’s little face wrinkled into a ball, gently spittingout the tip of hertongue.

  Di Juehao had been staring at the woman in the opposite. Even though there were no changes onhis face, the bottom of his eyes was experiencing a lot of emotions.

  At that moment, he had the urge to bite the pink tip!


  Di Juehao avertedhis eyes slightly and scorned:

  He was wondering: Hey, this womanlooked mature and steady, but it was just anillusion. After eating foreign hamburgers for five years, she wasn’t seen anygrowth!

  Seeing that a.s.sistant Xu was still in front of Wen Nuan, Di Juehao was immediately unhappy. He knocked on the table in front of him and ordered coldly, “Arrange an office for Miss Daisy!"

  a.s.sistant Xu quickly leaned over and responded, "Yes, president!"

  Wen Nuan sighed quietly, stood up, and smiled sweetly, " a.s.sistant Xu, I want tosee it with you!"

  Di Juehao saw Wen Nuan’s relief expression, and addedgently: "Just arrange the office opposite to mine!"

  Wen Nuan stopped smiling.

  The vast president's office occupied a huge s.p.a.ce on the entire top floor. Now Di Juehao was going to give her half of it. The office was surrounded by gla.s.s. How could she sit face to face with this bad man!

  a.s.sistant Xu also hesitated a little.

  "BossDi, the design department can prepare a special office for Miss Daisy."

  He was very curious:why let a newcomer to stay with the president?

  The face of Di Juehao was down. "This is a great important person sent by our partner. She is responsible for the preliminary inspection. How can we slack off?"

  a.s.sistant Xu nodded, "Yes!"

  Wen Nuan responded quickly: "Just put my office in the design department. It's good. It is easier for my work!"

  "I will let people prepare everything you want, and the design room is big enough! Although you are a person who comes from SK, since you have arrived at Dihao, you must have the consciousness of being a Dihao man. The same words, I don't like to say the second time!

  She thought that she was not allowed to refute?

  Didn’t you just say that you couldn’tslack off? In a blink of an eye, you scare me?

  Bad man always was a bad man.

  Wen Nuan shrugged helplessly and expressed acceptance.

  "Before your office is renovated, you will temporarily use the same office with me."

  This time, Wen Nuan couldn’t keep calm, and hereyes opened widelike big bells.

  She justwanted to growl: "Di Juehao, you take revenge on me!"

  However, PresidentDi did not look at her, butcoldly ordered a.s.sistant Xu: "Notify the meeting!"

  At the subsequent high-level meetingof the company, Di Juehao announced Wen Nuan as the director of the company's design department.

  When Wen Xin heard the news, she was very angry and almost shredded the drawings of the entire design department.

  She worked hard for five years before she reached the position of deputy director. Why should Wen Nuan climb overher head as soon as she came back?

  Wen Xin held a drawing pencil and was painting hard on paper.

  Brush, brush, brush...

  The thick A4 paper was actually drawn cracks by her again and again.


  Qiao Qiao ran in and yelled.

  "According to the latest news, President Di arranged the office of Daisy in his opposite direction!"

  Bang, Wen Xin broke the drawing pen in her hand.

  "What did you say?"

  “And, before the completion of the new office renovation, Daisy needs to use an office with our PresidentDi. So envy her!”

  Qiao Qiao reached out and held the heart of the peach in front of her, putting a fascinating look.

  Wen Xin pushed everything on the table to the ground, and asked with hate: "She is just an orphan that my Wen family doesn’twant. How could she?"

  She thought that it was Wen Nuanwho married Di Juehao five years ago. After five years, Wen Nuanwas again getting so close to Di Juehao, why?

  Wen Xin could no longer maintain her consistent image of arrogance and indifference, grabbing the things at hand and struggling to tear.


  Qiao Qiao awoke from the intoxication. When she looked at the things in Wen Xin’s hands, she was so scared.

  "G.o.d! Wen Xin, these are all the design drafts of the design department of this month. You actually have torn them?"

  Holding a piece of shredded paper in hand, Wen Xin stood on the spot embarra.s.sed.

  After a few minutes, Wen Xin and Qiao Qiao began to desperately clean up the battlefield, and then began the crazy overtime mode...

  After arranging some simple things on her desk, Wen Nuan got out of the company door with Fang Yu.

  "Hey you look tired!"

  Fang Yu handed apiece of tissueto Wen Nuan, and lookedat her sympathetically.

  "I wanted to help you clean up, but unfortunately, I don’teven have the qualifications to go up tothe floor of the president's office."

  Wen Nuan rubbed the sweat on her face, and silently cursedDi Juehao.

  She thought: The man was really weird. He forced me to workin the president's office, but did not let my a.s.sistant help me. In the end, I become a small a.s.sistant for him.

  "I suspect that he is deliberately retaliating against me!"

  "Well, it is possible!" Fang Yu thought for a moment and nodded seriously.

  "You think, at that time you got 10% stake from him!"

  "And, in front of so many reporters, you said that he was a five-second brother. He lost all his face. No man can accept this issue!"

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