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Chapter 596: The ident.i.ty of the reincarnated person, Fatal in the hand

Although Emperor Yu felt Gu Changge’s words were a bit strange, he didn’t think too much about it. At this moment, all his attention was on Tuoba Xiaoyao, full of admiration.

Judging from the strength Tuoba Xiaoyao had displayed, it was comparable to many Royal disciples.

He was a person who cherished talents and often rewarded many young heroes of the Great Yu Immortal Dynasty with some treasures. However, Emperor Yu was still a little curious about the reason behind Tuoba Xiaoyao hiding it so far and keeping it so deep that he had never shown his great strength in the past.

If there was any difficulty, he would not believe it. As the third son of the General’s Mansion, Tuoba Xiaoyao had a prominent and n.o.ble status, so there was no need to worry about someone murdering him.

What was more, the stronger the talent displayed, the more resources and attention he could get. Why did he move the other way?

“If it weren’t for Young Master Changge’s discerning eyes, I’m afraid I would have been surprised today.” Emperor Yu shook his head and praised.

Gu Changge smiled when he heard the words as he looked away, and said, “Actually, it’s only a matter of time. I think the third son of the Tuoba Mansion should not be content with being ordinary. The potential dragon will always emerge from the abyss.”

For him, as long as the ident.i.ty of Tuoba Xiaoyao was confirmed, the next thing would be easy. The Master of the Heavenly Sword, or was it something other related to the Heavenly Sword?

“What Young Master Changge said is absolutely true! Haha, after the conclusion of the Hunting Conference, I must reward this fellow Tuoba Xiaoyao well!” Emperor Yu laughed heartily.

“Xiaoyao, this kid, has been hiding for so long, even his father didn’t know about it…” Tuoba Yuntian was both relieved and felt bitter.

But he was finally relieved, Tuoba Xiaoyao was so strong, protecting his sister should not be a problem.

Then his gaze turned cold again, and he began to send a voice transmission order to the servants behind him to investigate the origin of the man with the scar.

In front of Great Yu’s officials, he was humiliated and even almost had to watch his daughter being killed. Sooner or later, he would make the man with the scar and the people behind him pay back this shameful humiliation!

Tuoba Yuntian had concluded that the man with the scar must have been ordered by his opponents to sneak into the hunting conference. And just when many ministers were discussing and shocked by the terrifying strength displayed by Tuoba Xiaoyao.

The scene manifested in the colorful and exquisite tower had also undergone earth-shaking changes. The battle between Tuoba Xiaoyao and the man with the scar could be called the pinnacle battle of the younger generation. The sky was turning dark and the earth was cracked.

Terrifying fluctuations swept across heaven and earth, it was no longer a simple fight, but a collision of various skills. The two had already fought hundreds of moves, all kinds of divine powers and sword attacks were being performed to the extreme.

In that direction, sword light and sword energy were intertwined, reflecting and manifesting between heaven and earth like a vast sea, surging, enough to wipe out any living beings who stepped within.

This was a destructive aura, the sword light piercing the sky and sweeping the earth, directly forming an extremely chaotic area.

The young geniuses who arrived upon hearing the movement, watched from a distance in shock. They didn’t dare to take a step forward as if it had become a restricted area.


In the end, the scarred man lost to Tuoba Xiaoyao and fell into a disadvantage. He coughed blood from the corner of his mouth and flew upside down. He was almost split by Tuoba Xiaoyao’s sword.

But Tuoba Xiaoyao himself was not feeling well, his complexion turned pale, his palms were covered with blood, and his jaw was shattered.

The strength of the man with the scar was beyond his imagination. Even in his opinion, apart from Yu Feiya and others in the wilderness, almost no one would be his opponent.

How could such a character have a simple background?

“This time, let me see how you can still fight with me! Die!”

Tuoba Xiaoyao quickly stabilized his mind. His gaze turned cold, and he swung his sword again as if turning around a mountain and sea. Endless sword light erupted, covering the sky and the sun, drowning everything.

He attacked with his might.

During the confrontation with the man with the scar, he had vaguely guessed the ident.i.ty of the other party.


Other than the a.s.sa.s.sin, it was impossible for anyone else to have such a terrifying killing method, even if it was exchanging injury for an injury. So even if he defeated the man with the scar, he wouldn’t even try to get anything out of his mouth.

“Hehe, if you want to kill me, you are probably dreaming! You can’t even imagine what you will face in the future. Just wait for your death! At that time, you will regret living in this world.”

The scarred man laughed loudly when he heard the words as if he heard some ridiculous joke, he was extremely disdainful.

When fighting with Tuoba Xiaoyao, even the Peerless Heavenly Sword in his hand developed some cracks, making it difficult to withstand the collision. But the most important thing was that the killing will of that person sealed in the Heavenly Sword was about to break through and shatter the Heavenly Sword.

This was the biggest reliance of the man with the scar! And as his words fell, the black heavenly sword cracked open, sweeping across the sky together, making the stars tremble. An aura that had been silent for eternity rushed out of it.

The expressions of many young geniuses in the wilderness suddenly changed, and their spirits trembled uncontrollably.

The heaven and earth were filled with the murderous aura as the Killing Dao was emerging like the yellow spring from the Nine h.e.l.ls with the saints and immortals sunk in it and turned into corpses.

It was the aura of destruction, representing blood and killing. It made people’s hearts tear.

“What is that?”

Everyone in the outside world, including Emperor Yu and others, all changed in unison, extremely shocked.

Even though they were a long distance away, the terrifying will to kill seemed to fill the world, making them tremble uncontrollably with some uncontrollable fear.


The world shook violently as if being swept by a big wave. It was not an exaggeration to describe it as earth-shaking. This was a terrifying energy like a vast sea as black as ink, like a demonic cloud, directly causing the s.p.a.ce within a radius of ten thousand miles to collapse.

At this moment, Tuoba Xiaoyao’s face changed drastically, but he didn’t make any movement. He felt an extremely terrifying murderous aura penetrate his bones, almost freezing his soul.

This was an extremely terrifying will that was sealed in the heavenly sword in the hand of the man with the scar. Being released at this moment, it possessed the potential to destroy the world.

In a daze, he saw a vague figure looking at him from a long distance as he said softly, “Found you.”

At this moment, Tuoba Xiaoyao felt chills all over his body. His soul trembled, and he could hardly move. He suddenly thought of many scenes from his previous life.

The pair of eyes belonging to the other party was extremely indifferent, without the slightest emotion, but they seemed to be able to penetrate nothingness. A single thought could make the earth turn into rivers and bones into mountains.

It was more like an unrivaled Demon Lord descending into the world, swallowing the heaven and the earth, standing tall within the clouds, overlooking the vast land, hundreds of millions of sentient beings filled with murderous intent.

Tuoba Xiaoyao couldn’t see that person, but he knew the ident.i.ty. That must be Gu Changge, who was famous all over the Upper Realm and made all the Supreme sects and Immortal forces fear him!

At the same time, he was also the great enemy who ruined his family and wiped out life and death in his previous life! Besides Gu Changge, he couldn’t imagine anyone else would target him like this!

At this time, he couldn’t even figure out when Gu Changge noticed him and why he wanted to test him. But this was not important now, Tuoba Xiaoyao already knew that when his ident.i.ty as the Master of the Heavenly Sword was exposed, Gu Changge would kill him by all means and take the Heavenly Sword!


Facing this terrifying killing intent, Tuoba Xiaoyao shouted angrily and layers of golden light began to rise around his body as if wrapped in a golden fog.

In this golden fog, it seemed that there were thousands of divine swords intertwined, building the supreme sword field! His sky spirit turned bright, and a terrifying killing intent seemed to penetrate through it, but it was blocked by a wave of supreme sword energy.

This was the Heavenly Sword Domain! The Heavenly Sword Embryo had revived automatically, sensing the crisis of life and death as it wanted to block the attack for him.

Unimaginable terrifying fluctuations broke out here as if thousands of stars were exploding, and their brilliance soared into the sky, covering the sky and the earth. Countless birds and beasts in the wilderness were frightened and crawling to the ground, trembling, terrified to the extreme.

Even if it was a colorful and exquisite tower, it was difficult to reflect the picture at this time, and it had become blurred and chaotic. No one knew what happened there in the end.

Emperor Yu and other super powerhouses, with their celestial clairvoyance, could hardly see the scene in the wilderness. It took a long time before the brilliance there gradually disappeared and became quiet.

But the surrounding area was devastated with ravines and cracks everywhere, and the mountains had been razed to the ground.

“What the h.e.l.l was that just now?”

Many ministers still looked terrified and did not recover from the terrifying fluctuation. They also didn’t know what method Tuoba Xiaoyao used. It was obvious that the man with the scar had an unusual background, otherwise, it would be impossible to sacrifice such a terrifying will.

This even made them suspect that the killing of the Emperor in ancient times had reappeared between heaven and earth.

“Tuoba Xiaoyao actually has this kind of method, it’s not simple…” Emperor Yu’s eyes became a little deep, and the power just now left him a little palpitating.

Tuoba Xiaoyao had been hiding it all these years, was it to cover up that terrifying power?

But in front of Tuoba Xiaoyao’s father, he didn’t want to say much, he just paid attention to it in his heart.

“It’s a pity.” Gu Changge shook his head lightly, but also looked away.

“What are you regretting?” Jiang Chuchu heard him whispering to himself and asked with a glance at him.

Gu Changge smiled and said, “Of course, I’m sorry that the scarred man escaped.”

Jiang Chuchu stared at him as she nodded, and said, “It’s a pity indeed, but I don’t think he can escape very far. There are people from the Great Yu Dynasty around this great wilderness.”

“This person is quite bold, but I think since he dared to do something, he must have a sure way to escape.” Gu Changge smiled and said.

Hearing the conversation between the two, Emperor Yu also came to his senses and hurriedly ordered people to keep an eye on the surroundings to prevent the man with the scar and others from escaping. What happened tonight made him more or less uneasy and worried.

Although Yu Feiya, Yu Lie, and the others had something to protect their lives if they encountered the crisis that Tuoba Xiaoyao faced just now, how would they resolve it?

Because of the fluctuating situation, the manifested image of the colorful and exquisite tower was also blurred, and he didn’t know how Yu Lie and the others were doing now.

A commotion occurred after experiencing the incident. Many ministers also felt a sense of crisis, thinking that something big might happen at this hunting conference.

Immediately, a series of divine lights broke through the sky and rushed to the surroundings. The knights in golden armor also stepped up their patrols.

“The Heavenly Sword seems to be on him, so how did he know that I would attack him?” Gu Changge looked at the depths of the wilderness that had become dark and silent, feeling a little thoughtful.

From the situation, he could already confirm that Tuoba Xiaoyao was the so-called master of the Heavenly Sword. But he was a little surprised that Tuoba Xiaoyao was always on guard against him.

Could it be that Tuoba Xiaoyao knew that he had already obtained the other few Heavenly Artifacts, so he was so cautious and kept a low profile?

But after thinking about it that way, it was not quite right. Tuoba Xiaoyao had been hiding like this since he was a child, but not since this period of time, he started pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger.

“How did he know that I would eventually lay hands on him?” Gu Changge frowned but thought of two possibilities.

Could Tuoba Xiaoyao predict the future? Or was he a transmigrated person like Yue Mingkong? Only then would it be clear what would happen in the future.

If it was really possible to predict the future, then Tuoba Xiaoyao shouldn’t be so cautious, taking every step carefully to reduce his sense of existence. Foretelling the future meant strategizing and calculating everything, so how could he live so aggrieved?

Therefore, in Gu Changge’s view, it was more likely that Tuoba Xiaoyao was a reborn person. In the world he experienced, he may have died at his own hands in the end, which was the reason he was so cautious. So he tried not to bring himself to notice him.

“But no matter which possibility it is, it can’t change the fact that he is the master of the Heavenly Sword. Heaven Sword is a hot thing to hold in your hands. How can you not learn to let it go? Even if you live another life, it is so stupid.” Gu Changge smiled indifferently and didn’t take Tuoba Xiaoyao’s rebirth ident.i.ty to heart.

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