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Chapter 478-1: A drop of unimaginable forbidden blood, The invitation of war (1)

Soon, ancient warships soared in the sky, entwined with endless rays of light as they crossed the boundless sea of ​​Boundary Monuments. The big waves were surging, and they continued to beat as if they were going to shatter these worlds.

The incomparably vast army of the Upper Realm, stretching endlessly, covering everything. The number exceeds trillions, rushing towards the location of the Eight Desolations and Ten Regions. But outside the Heavenly Boundary Abyss, thick fog shrouded the sky, filled with a lot of rushing and killing.

Many ancient warships hovered here, casting shadows that shrouded everything in darkness and the number was innumerable. As the army of the Upper Realm approached, the soldiers stepped to the front of the Heavenly Boundary Abyss.


The horn resounded from the Eight Desolations and Ten Regions. The sound shook the sky and the earth, containing unparalleled power which made the barriers of the world tremble.



A large army rushed out of the thick fog, among which the battle fortresses stood like majestic mountains, dripping with chaos. On the fortress of war, runes flickered, and strong fluctuations appeared.

The dazzling brilliance was incomparably gorgeous, beams of light were shooting out, and the stars outside the domain trembled as if about to fall and shatter. The army of the Upper Realm and the army of the Eight Desolations and Ten Regions entered a battle.

The galaxy went chaotic, and even more so, countless fragmented universes. Due to the great war, thunder and lightning were born again in exhaustion and dilapidation breeding flames of war.

Many worlds around were rumbling and trembling because of this terrifying momentum. The forces of the Upper Realm had dispatched large armies, trying to take advantage of the destruction of the Nine Great Mountains to deal a severe blow to the morale of the Eight Desolations and Ten Regions.

However, to the disappointment of many forces of the Upper Realm, the Eight Desolations and Ten Regions did not lose their fighting spirit because of this. On the contrary, many powerhouses were affected by this, placing life and death aside they constantly fought, causing a lot of trouble for many cultivators of the Upper Realm.

Outside the Heavenly Boundary Abyss, inside the ancient battleship of the Ancient Immortal Gu Family. The soldiers solemnly waited and did not attack with the rest of the forces, waiting for the follow-up troops from the Upper Realm to arrive.

In the palace, Gu Changge’s figure was hazy, sitting cross-legged, filled with chaos. He seemed to be surrounded by three thousand ancient worlds and infinite G.o.ds were looming, shining silver and immortal light.

It could be seen that a drop of True Blood had emerged from under his heart as if reflecting the heavens and myriad realms as it crossed the long river of time, collapsing the order of heaven and earth. It had turned into a vast sea of ​aura, which was absorbed by him strand by strand.

“A drop of unimaginable forbidden blood…”

Seeing all this, Heavenly Maiden Tianlu was shocked, and she couldn’t help but feel a sense of panic from the soul. So much that she didn’t dare to approach at all. She could feel the horror from Gu Changge at this moment.

That aura was deep and cold, it seemed to be able to swallow and destroy everything, bringing endless darkness to the heavens. And this drop of unimaginable forbidden blood seemed to belong to the same origin as Gu Changge.

Yes, that aura was from the same origin. Otherwise, with Gu Changge’s current strength, it would be impossible to get close to this drop of forbidden blood. Not to mention the current Gu Changge, even a legendary Immortal was far from enough to look at in front of him.

“What is his ident.i.ty…”

This made Heavenly Maiden Tianlu’s expression even more complicated, and she didn’t dare to guess deeply. She never expected that she would witness all this with her own eyes when she was helping Gu Changge to protect himself.

Originally, Gu Changge asked her to protect him, which meant that she had gained some trust from Gu Changge, which should make her happy. But looking at this scene made Heavenly Maiden Tianlu a little regretful, and she felt that it was better not to know some things.

Knowing more was not necessarily better. And just when Heavenly Maiden Tianlu was in a complicated state of mind, Gu Changge’s eyes opened in the palace as many terrifying visions around him disappeared.

“How long have I been cultivating?”

He didn’t care about Heavenly Maiden Tianlu’s complicated expression as he got up and asked casually.

“Seven days,” Heavenly Maiden Tianlu replied. She walked over very naturally, picked up the outer robe that was placed on the bed aside, and helped Gu Changge to put it on.

“It took seven days for me to stabilize…”

Gu Changge frowned, but he was relieved when he thought that he had broken through to the fifth level of the Quasi-Emperor Realm in one fell swoop.

“How is the battle between the Upper Realm and the Eight Desolations and Ten Regions?”

He was still very interested in the battle over the Heavenly Boundary Abyss. Although the Ancient Immortal Gu Family had not yet partic.i.p.ated, many forces could not hold back and led their troops to attack them.

“There are victories and losses, but mostly the Eight Desolations and Ten Regions have suffered disastrous defeats.”

Heavenly Maiden Tianlu said with a complicated expression. As the patron saint of Heavenly Lu City, she was actually on the side of the Upper Realm and even reported the current battle situation for Gu Changge.

If this matter was known to the Eight Desolations and Ten Regions, it would definitely cause a terrible sensation. But up to now, Gu Changge had not sent someone to pa.s.s on her matter and was holding it as a card in his hand.

Heavenly Maiden Tianlu actually knew his intentions, but there was nothing she could do about it. Now that the army of the Upper Realm had arrived, the Eight Desolations and Ten Regions were showing signs of retreating steadily.

She had even antic.i.p.ated the ensuing tragedy.

“I gave Lin Wu half a year, do you think he can do it in half a year?” Gu Changge suddenly smiled, not surprised to hear the situation of this battle.

This realm of emptiness, the abyss before the Eight Desolations, and Ten Regions could not be defended. Even if Heavenly Maiden Tianlu was not needed, many forces could deduce and open up a stable channel.

This was also the reason why many armies from the Eight Desolations and Ten Regions had descended here, intending to counterattack the Upper Realm.

They were making a desperate plan.

“Lin Wu’s determination is firm, and his heart is unshakable. His sweetheart is in the hands of Mr. Gu. No matter how he chooses, his existence will definitely be taken into consideration…” Heavenly Maiden Tianlu shook her head and said.

“Oh?” Gu Changge smiled, noncommittal.

At this time, outside the palace, a powerhouse from the Gu family suddenly appeared, and reported respectfully, “Young Master, the Dharma body of the powerhouses from all races and traditions have descended. They have invited you to discuss the great event of crusade against the Eight Desolations and Ten Regions.”

These powerhouses were all from Immortal Great Sects, Ancestors of the Sects, old antiques, and living fossil figures. They had lived for a long time, and their cultivation bases were all in the realm of Enlightened beings.

But now they could only spare one dharma body. When they invited Gu Changge to discuss it together, they no longer treated him as a junior but placed him at the same level.

“Are they planning to cross over?” Gu Changge nodded. He looked a little interested, and said, “Go on, I understand.”

Then, he looked at Heavenly Maiden Tianlu, smiled and said, “Will Heavenly Maiden go with me?”

“Young Master Gu can go there alone, I am an outsider after all, so it is difficult for me to partic.i.p.ate in the affairs of the Upper Realm.”

Heavenly Maiden Tianlu shook her head and said. Although she really wanted to hear that the Upper Realm was planning to attack now. She also understood that it was not appropriate for her to be a prisoner.

“Aren’t you my concubine? When did you become an outsider again?” Gu Changge stared at her with interest.

Heavenly Maiden Tianlu was taken aback when she heard the words, then her eyes sparkled, she suddenly smiled and said, “Master Gu wants to deceive me? There are no outsiders here, and I am not your concubine.”

“Unless you want my body…” Yet before she finished speaking, Gu Changge tore open the s.p.a.ce in front of her eyes and disappeared.

A mere Heavenly Maiden Tianlu was not worthy of his life and death.

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