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Chapter 1242

Chapter 1242: This is the power of extinction; it’s pathetic and ridiculous


Suddenly, a swift silver spear lunged at Gu Changge, causing an unsettling chill to run down his spine. The sky seemed to shatter as the terrible weapon obliterated natural laws.

At that precise moment, the Immortal King, from that direction, finally stirred into action. His entire form blurred, a manifestation of condensed faith’s power. Yet, just as the silver spear neared Gu Changge, he effortlessly snapped his fingers, causing it to burst with a resounding click.

Undoubtedly, the spear was a terrifying creation forged from various rare materials. However, it crumbled instantly upon reaching Gu Changge, unable to draw near him.


Amidst the booming echoes, the Immortal King, stationed at the edge of the universe, displayed an emotionless demeanor. He continued his a.s.sault, summoning a colossal grinding disc that materialized in his immense hand. Stars were wiped away like mere dust at his touch.

As his palm descended, the star field erupted, transforming into countless particles, and the universe bore witness to numerous intricate spider webs.

Though several star fields lay between the Immortal King and Gu Changge, the vast distance seemed inconsequential. The Immortal King’s mastery over Dao-building expertise had reached an unparalleled peak, rendering the spatial gap non-existent.

In this pivotal moment, the temporal and spatial fabric between them collapsed, revealing the phantom of a long river of time.

The remaining four Immortal Kings also joined the fray. One swung a peerless heavenly sword, its radiance cutting across the universe with a murderous aura capable of withering the world.

The sword’s brilliance resembled a universe cascading down, leaving all living beings in awe. The other three Immortal Kings employed their unique techniques—one transforming into an unstoppable and overwhelmingly powerful deluge of the universe. At the same time, another wielded a golden tower capable of toppling everything.

This day was beyond imagination for ordinary cultivators—a spectacle of the five Immortal Kings unveiling their might. Though not in their proper forms, the strength displayed was unparalleled in the past tens of millions of years.


A thunderous “Boom!” echoed as a cascade of weapons rained down, the five kings uniting in a terrible onslaught reverberating through the world. Even the immortal king’s existence quivered in fear.

Old Immortal King Gu Xuan and Immortal King Ao Di, among others, trembled intensely. Facing the combined a.s.sault of the five, they knew that being besieged would lead to certain death.

In this critical moment, any true immortal daring to step into the fray would face instant annihilation—body and spirit obliterated, leaving nothing behind.

Witnessing this spectacle in the Moon Palace, the guests were equally horrified, never antic.i.p.ating such a terrifying scene.

Yet, in the face of the united a.s.sault from the five immortal kings, Gu Changge remained remarkably composed. With a mere raising and lowering of his palm, darkness enveloped the world, revealing a colossal, terrifying hand forming before him.

The palm prints were starkly visible, rendering the sun, moon, and stars minuscule. It seemed as though the entire universe rested within his grasp, a magnificent and expansive manifestation.

Chi, Chi, Chi.

Meanwhile, at the world’s farthest reaches, pitch-black arrows shot forth one after another, shrouded in an ominous atmosphere. Swift and decaying, their speed surpa.s.sed even the immortal king’s perception, arriving before Gu Changge instantly.

Old Immortal King Gu Xuan quivered again, exclaiming, “Extinguishing Immortal Arrow!”

Recognizing these arrows from ancient records, he knew they could slay immortals. These were not ordinary true immortals but immortal kings.

Despite their exterior decay, the arrows harbored fragments of the Dao-building expert at their core, possessing terrifyingly destructive power. Immortal King Ao Di focused his gaze and identified the archer—an older man, desiccated and clad in ancient garments.

Emitting time fragments, he appeared to defy the pa.s.sage of years, walking through the ages.

At the far reaches of the universe, it was this mysterious figure who, without warning, drew his bow and released a volley of arrows.

“Who in the world is this? I’ve never seen them before,” the three immortal kings from the Northern Immortal Realm marveled. Despite the older man revealing his true ident.i.ty, no one among them could recognize him. He stood beside those eerie eyes stretching across the entire universe.

One observant immortal king even noticed a slender and graceful figure standing atop the head of the formidable creature. Vague and separated by time, it was an enigma.

Do you truly believe I cannot find you without revealing your true form?

Gu Changge stepped out of the void, exiting the Moon Palace with a flat tone. As the few immortal arrows neared, ripples appeared before him, disintegrating and blocking their trajectory.

These ripples emanated a secret power capable of obliterating everything. They caused the runes of the immortal arrows to dissipate, dimming their immortal essence. The joint a.s.sault of the five immortal kings intensified, but there seemed to be an eternal curtain between them and Gu Changge, impervious to their attacks.

However, the void surrounding him erupted into nothingness, and the laws of the Dao-building expert were obliterated, leaving a void in their wake.

Gu Changge took the initiative, and his horizontal palm strike seemed to encompa.s.s a myriad of Daoisms, plunging the world into a blurred state. Even the ancient, tattered flag swayed, on the verge of shattering.

This display of unimaginable power left Immortal King Gu Xuan, Immortal King Ao Di, and the other Immortal Kings deeply fearful and powerless.


A resounding “Boom!” echoed through the cosmos as a colossal world, once in the southern immortal domain, was punctured and exploded anew.

Gu Changge’s transformed hand stretched forth, enveloping the world as a whole, ruthlessly crushing it. Mountains crumbled, rivers collapsed, and galaxies erupted in an explosive display.

Even the figures of the immortal kings, defiantly roaring and charging towards Gu Changge’s colossal hand, were futile. They disintegrated mid-air, shattered into a rain of light that filled the sky and scattered.

The armies summoned by the ancient flag disintegrated even more swiftly. A single shock from this immense black hand nearly wiped out the universe, leaving ordinary-level creatures helpless.

“It’s terrifying… This is the power of extinction,” echoed the terror-stricken voices in the Moon Palace. Under this all-encompa.s.sing palm, it felt as if heaven and earth and the entire Southern Immortal Realm would be penetrated—a force beyond the resistance of even the Immortal Kings.

Though these five figures were mere condensed Dao bodies, not their proper forms, their strength surpa.s.sed that of ordinary immortal kings and excelled in certain aspects. Yet, in the blink of an eye, the four figures disintegrated into nothingness.

Gu Changge regarded the remaining Dao body with indifference, showing no pity. He was about to wipe it away when the indifferent Dao body unexpectedly spoke with an infinitely pathetic and unwilling tone.

“I, King Luo, thought I attained the realm of the immortal king many epochs ago. With the sky as my witness, I believed I could break through the shackles and reach a higher realm,” the voice conveyed sorrow and self-ridicule.

“I didn’t antic.i.p.ate being unable to withstand your strike. It’s truly sad and absurd. Even though I’m just a Dharma body, constrained by the world’s environment, I must make you pay the price today.”

As the Dao body spoke, infinite light erupted from its form. Choosing the path of burning jade and stone, it resolutely hurtled towards Gu Changge.

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