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Chapter 1089:  The Demise of Jin Yun – Unveiling the Enigma

In the past, Jin Yun stood unrivaled among the younger generation, overpowering every opponent that crossed his path. With his cultivation base, he easily sensed the unique aura emanating from Lan Yifei.

Up until that moment, Jin Yun hadn’t paid much attention to Lan Yifei. In his perspective, this member of the Dao Immortal Alliance seemed like an una.s.suming young n.o.ble, who carried himself with grace and ease, and was renowned for his mastery of Dao rhythms. But Jin Yun had never imagined that he would encounter Lan Yifei in such circ.u.mstances.

It was clear that Lan Yifei had been following him for quite some time, hiding his presence until now. The purpose behind this was not difficult to fathom.

“h.e.l.lo there, Brother Jin Yun.”

Lan Yifei spoke with calmness, his azure robe fluttering gently in the moonlight, exuding an air of transcendence. He seemed entirely at ease, as though he were here for a trifling matter.

He paid no heed to Jin Yun’s awe and shock, maintaining an air of indifference. Jin Yun, as a member of the Purple Heaven Valley and an ancient prodigy, naturally had a guardian by his side. However, even his quasi-emperor-level guardian remained silent at this moment, causing unease to gnaw at Jin Yun.

This made him apprehensive, as it appeared his chances of survival today were diminishing rapidly. Not to mention finding the elusive alchemy chamber, even escaping this ancient immortal’s abode alive had become a luxury.

Ignoring Jin Yun’s words, Lan Yifei calmly responded, “Please do not take offense, Brother Jin Yun. I had no choice in this matter.”

Jin Yun furrowed his brows, puzzled by Lan Yifei’s statement. It seemed to carry an undertone of resignation and inner turmoil. At this moment, however, he had no time to dwell on it.

He simply said coldly, “If you seek to take my essence, you are welcome to try.”

Lan Yifei nodded slightly, “Brother Jin Yun, you are no match for me. There’s no need for futile resistance. Hand over your essence, and you may yet leave this place with your corpse intact.”

His words sounded matter-of-fact, as though he were merely discussing a trivial matter. However, to Jin Yun, they felt like an insult, darkening his expression to an extreme.

“Enough of your idle talk. I want to see what skills you, as the inheritor of demonic arts, possess.”

Jin Yun’s eyes emitted a brilliant golden light, and from his golden irises, two resplendent swords shot out like sharp divine blades, capable of cleaving through anything. These two cross-shaped swords were like crystallized rules, br.i.m.m.i.n.g with unparalleled sharpness, causing the void to collapse.

Most young supremes would pale in the face of such an attack and struggle to defend against it. But Lan Yifei was not an ordinary individual. He remained composed, his sleeves billowing, and an aura of grandeur surrounded him. It felt as though he were connected to the grandeur of heaven and earth, suppressing all malevolent forces.

He had a Dao-Original Body, and at this moment, he exhibited unimaginable power inherent to his mysterious existence. Their fierce battle gave rise to distortions, with light and shadows interweaving and runes emerging.


This incredible power made Jin Yun’s expression change, and he had to resort to alternative means of defense. He couldn’t help but speculate that Lan Yifei possessed a formidable physique .

What troubled him even more was that Lan Yifei hadn’t resorted to any forbidden demonic arts or ultimate techniques yet. Jin Yun was aware of the horrifying nature of such forbidden demonic  arts. They were feared by all the forces and sects in the upper realms, even in the present day.

Soon, the two engaged in a fierce battle within the hidden depths of the ruins. Their figures moved with incredible speed, almost blending into the void. The surroundings became blurry, with intertwining lights and runes. The intense fluctuations threatened to overturn everything, and Jin Yun felt like he was burning from within, his golden hair resembling strands of molten gold.

A golden Dao domain formed around him, with numerous rules swirling around him, creating a golden web of order.

Lan Yifei had foreseen this and calmly stated, “Please don’t be in vain and try from drawing anyone else’s notice. I’ve sealed off this area entirely, and there’s no one who can come to your aid tonight.”

“Don’t think about letting the disturbances here spread.”

Upon hearing this, Jin Yun’s heart sank once more, but his numerous encounters with life and death had taught him not to be careless at this moment.

Even if Lan Yifei refrained from using forbidden demonic arts, he remained an exceedingly formidable adversary, far surpa.s.sing ordinary young supreme beings. His power radiated like a scorching sun, dense and grand, sending countless golden rays soaring into the sky like blades, slicing through everything and causing the very void to crumble.

Jin Yun’s entire form appeared as a colossal golden sun now, emanating an aura that filled the heavens and earth, capable of subduing all malevolent forces. This was the closely guarded secret skill of Violet Sky Valley, challenging for even the elder generations to master. Yet, Jin Yun, at his age, demonstrated remarkable proficiency, shaping the laws of Dao into a ma.s.sive sun that descended from the sky, obliterating everything in its path.

The battleground transformed into a golden sea of order, with thousands of law strands surging and converging into a colossal golden net. Lan Yifei remained composed, his garments billowing, each of his movements seeming to command the very cosmos. Dao and his skills merged seamlessly, connecting with the natural order, suppressing adversaries, and launching relentless attacks. His every motion exuded an indescribable Dao essence, and his spiritual energy appeared boundless.

A medley of immensely potent forbidden techniques and ancient celestial skills unfolded in his hands, capable of separating light from darkness and reshaping reality. Though both combatants were of the younger generation, the intensity of their battle sent shivers down the spines of even the most seasoned elder warriors.

A mult.i.tude of archaic and contemporary Dao techniques were unleashed, shattering the boundaries of the universe. If not for Lan Yifei’s prior preparations to seal off this area, the resonance of their clash would have undoubtedly reverberated far and wide.


With a thunderous crash, a golden tower, seemingly condensed from the essence of the universe, appeared above Jin Yun’s head. It radiated dazzling golden light and struck towards Lan Yifei. However, Lan Yifei’s response was equally formidable. He pointed a finger, conjuring a giant bell that resonated with a resounding chime, repelling the tower.


After hundreds of exchanges, Jin Yun couldn’t hold on any longer. He coughed up blood and was gravely wounded. His pride shattered, and he felt a sense of despair he had never experienced before.

“Is this your true strength?”

Jin Yun gazed at Lan Yifei from afar, his golden eyes almost shattering. He was on the verge of despair and seemed to be almost screaming out his bitterness.

He hadn’t expected Lan Yifei to defeat him without even using forbidden demonic arts. Both were at the same level, but Jin Yun was clearly outmatched. At that moment, he felt that his once unwavering belief in his invincibility had crumbled.

Lan Yifei remained calm, standing in the distance. “I told you, Jin Yun, you are not my match. There’s no need to persevere. Why not just hand over your origin essence? Perhaps I’ll leave your corpse intact.”

At that moment, Jin Yun appeared to have unraveled the mysteries of his existence. He spoke with a bitter smile, “I never imagined that I would exist in this world, forsaking my old friends, my past love, my former family and masters, only to face this devastating defeat. I aspired to the power of Dao, to transcend into an immortal, but I now bear the weight of their disappointed expectations.”

“If time could rewind, I would return to ancient times, to an era that was once mine… to be with my loved ones and friends, even if it meant turning into dust, I would embrace it willingly. Reclaiming the peak and discovering the path to immortality seem insurmountable now.”

He had been exceptionally proud. Prior to this, he never considered anyone from the younger generation, aside from Gu Changge, to be a worthy opponent. He had paid little attention to figures like the Six Crown King Jun Yao, the Heavenly Phoenix Maiden, and others. But who would have thought that such an una.s.suming member of the Dao Immortal Alliance possessed such overwhelming strength, all without resorting to forbidden demonic arts?

Jin Yun’s smile was filled with misery, his face drained of color, and he had lost all will to continue the fight. Although he still possessed numerous life-saving artifacts, he believed there was no need to expend them. He hadn’t just been defeated; he had been utterly vanquished, with no room for recovery or opportunity.

Hearing Jin Yun’s words, Lan Yifei fell into contemplative silence, recognizing that this signaled the shattering of Jin Yun’s Dao heart. Even his once-invincible Dao heart had crumbled. In fact, he believed that these thoughts mirrored the sentiments of many ancient prodigies who had been sealed away until this very day.[Ed Note, ancient prodigies, those prodigies who sealed in Dao essence(a materialized cosmic origin energy) from ancient era, and are awakened in this current era.].

Such as Jing Yun, he had imagined that being reborn in this golden world would secure him a place at the pinnacle, allow him to tread the immortal path, attain a realm unrivaled in all ages, and establish himself as invincible against the heavens and the earth. But little did he know that this golden world was even more cruel. In the past, Jin Yun had been the unrivaled king of his generation, admired and feared by countless individuals. But now, no matter how strong Jin Yun was, he was treated like a p.a.w.n or a stalk of wheat, ready to be harvested at will by those real chess players.

“If I have a choice, I would  sit down for tea and discuss the Dao with you, Brother Jin Yun.”

Considering his own situation, Lan Yifei couldn’t help but wear a wry smile and feel a sense of melancholy. Jin Yun was puzzled and asked, “What do you mean by that?” He had expected Lan Yifei to come for his essence at this point, but he was taken aback when he saw the helplessness and disappointment in Lan Yifei’s eyes, as if there were hidden secrets or ulterior motives behind all of this, something that was beyond his own comprehension.

Lan Yifei gazed at Jin Yun and gradually composed himself, saying, “I’m like a fish, no matter how hard I struggle, it’s challenging to escape the predestined path. Resembling the flower blooms and withers , the river flows into the sea, all of these are predestined…” He couldn’t say more due to the influence of the demon seed, unable to reveal anything about Gu Changge. At this moment, Jin Yun was already a lost cause, so he felt safe sharing a bit more.


When Jin Yun heard this, it felt like a heavy blow to his head, leaving him stunned and unable to recover for a while. A bone-chilling sensation ran down his spine, causing him to shiver and his hair to stand on end. He wasn’t foolish; he could grasp the implications of Lan Yifei’s words. Lan Yifei implied that he was being manipulated by external forces, that his actions were not of his own volition but born out of necessity from someone else.

But who was Lan Yifei? He was the chosen one of the Dao Immortal Alliance, the future leader of the Dao Immortal Alliance, standing at the apex of the Upper Realm, wielding dominion over countless territories and the fate of endless beings. With such a stature, who could exert control over him?(Ed Note, we will still use Upper Realm to replace immortal realm/world and Low Realm to replace moral real/world.)

Jin Yun dared not delve too deeply into this thought, as it sent shivers down his spine and filled him with fear. The intricacies of the Upper Realm were far deeper and more unfathomable than he had ever imagined.

“Who truly possesses the demonic arts?” He couldn’t help but ask Lan Yifei urgently.

Lan Yifei simply shook his head slightly and sighed, “He’s an individual… Just hearing his name is enough to induce despair.” He couldn’t reveal too much, nor was it necessary.

“Could it be… Could it be him…” Jin Yun’s eyes widened suddenly, and a figure flashed through his mind like lightning, causing him to tremble with extreme fear.

In that moment, it felt as though an invisible giant hand had clenched his soul, almost suffocating him. In the next moment, a black light emerged from under Lan Yifei’s sleeve, resembling the seed of a plant. It pierced through Jin Yun’s abdomen, skin, lungs, and eventually took root in his spiritual sea. He had no time to scream, and his entire being seemed to wither, drained of all strength.

“The timing was just right,” Lan Yifei muttered, his eyes closing slightly as though he couldn’t bear the horrific scene that Jing Yun’s body was still twitching. He had experimented with half of the forbidden demonic arts obtained from Su Qingge but realized the true horror of the technique only through personal experience. He wouldn’t resort to it if it weren’t necessary.

Shortly thereafter, the black light rooted in Jin Yun’s body returned beneath Lan Yifei’s sleeve, becoming still once more. He sighed softly, intending to leave the area. However, as he glanced at the sky, he frowned. “From start to finish, Jin Yun’s guardian never appeared. It seems I was overly cautious. If he(Gu Changge) has already planned this, then it appears that everything has been taken into account.”

Thinking about this left him feeling even more powerless. Even without him, Gu Changge likely had other arrangements and plans. “You should focus on your own path; the young master has already made all the necessary arrangements,” a figure dressed in black, concealed within the black mist, suddenly appeared beside Lan Yifei. His tone was devoid of emotion, calm and indifferent. This was undoubtedly an Dao-Building expert and the one who had just slain Jin Yun’s guardian.

Lan Yifei wore a wry smile upon hearing this and refrained from saying more. He followed the black-clothed figure, and they quickly disappeared.

He understood that Jin Yun would likely meet his demise tonight, with or without his intervention, and or else another young supreme likely replaced his misfortune. Even in Gu Changge’s absence, he could still manipulate and control everything.

Not long after Lan Yifei left the scene, Gu Xian’er, who had been concealed in the shadows, emerged in utter shock. She used a special divine weapon to conceal her presence and couldn’t believe what she had witnessed. She muttered to the large red bird beside her, “Da Hong, what on earth did I witness upon?”

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