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Translator: mii

Editor: Ryunakama

# # #

「Senpai, I didn’t know about it at all.」

The moment we met at our usual place in the station, she told me this.

「This is the first time I heard that we will have an athletic meet next week.」

Ah, that? The athletic meet in our school wasn’t that flashy, so it can’t be helped. But then, wasn’t it troublesome to have an athletic meet even though we were already high school students?

For the time being, the athletic meet would be organized by the student council, so I need to make a speech later on, no matter what.

「Didn’t you see it on the school schedule?」

There was a schedule distributed at the beginning of the semester.

「I saw it! I saw it, but I didn’t think it would be written so smoothly, so I missed it.」

「Then it’s your fault, isn’t it?」

Or rather, the schedule is always written like that, right?

「Isn’t it something that looks a little bit like, err, surrounded by stars, and written with encouraging words, like “do your best!”, or something like that?」

「No way.」

If there is that kind of copy, I’m sure I will retract it immediately without any hesitation.

「So that’s the case. Well, fine. I haven’t decided yet on which event to partic.i.p.ate in, but how about your preparation so far, senpai?」

「I think they will decide the events partic.i.p.ation in today’s homeroom.」

「Why do you sound unsure, senpai? You are the top of the student council, right?」

「I told you already, but I actually don’t work at all.」

The student council members with high responsibility will be the ones taking care of it.

「Do you have any recommended events, senpai?」

「You seem like you will follow what I recommended, huh.」

「Senpai, you won’t follow your own recommendation?」

「I’m desperate in choosing what looks easy.」

「…It somehow really sounds like senpai. You’re not looking forward to it?」

「It’s hard to stay under the sun for a long time.」

Ah, but since I am the student council president this year, it means I can stay in the tent…?

「If you are asking for something interesting, then events like the borrowing race might be great for a joke material.」

In our school’s unmotivated athletic meet, there’s a borrowing race, where people put their effort in the event.

All of the students will make a “theme” for each of the partic.i.p.ants, and mix them in the lottery box that will decide the theme. Each grade has ten cla.s.ses, and from the first until the third grade, there are students from thirty cla.s.ses that wreck their brain to make up those questions. It means, it will become chaotic. But just in case, something that is ethically bad or impossible will be omitted by the student council.

…or that’s how it seems to be. I’m also in the student council, okay!

「Then, I will partic.i.p.ate in that borrowing race compet.i.tion.」

Kouhai-chan laughs mischievously.


「If I draw a strange theme, I will blame senpai for it.」

「No way…」

「Please take responsibility, okay?」

At best, I’ll pray that Kouhai-chan will draw a decent theme. Last year, only half of them were pretty decent. The other half was to the level where the theme box resembled a Pandora’s box.

There’s still half of the journey until the train arrives near the school.

If we continue our topic about the athletic meet, and she asked something like「What kind of event does senpai intend to partic.i.p.ate in?」, she won’t know which cla.s.s I am in.

The borrowing race compet.i.tion that collects themes from all of the students. Sounds interesting.

Senpai glanced out the window, and heaved a small sigh. The train stopped at the station just at that moment.

This must be that, huh.

He must be thinking that if this keeps going on, I will forget about yesterday’s matter.

「Rather, they will decide the partic.i.p.ating event in today’s homeroom, eh. They should just decide it faster」

Our high school has a long homeroom once a week on Thursday. At that time, we could ask about a lot of issues.

It’s not like I think they have to decide it a week ago, but even earlier than that.

「They’ll just forget if we don’t decide it now.」


「Ah, I mean, there are some people who don’t know what kind of event they will partic.i.p.ate in if they decided it a long time ago.」

「How stupid.」

「Indeed they are.」

So this is the high school athletic meet, huh.

Now then. Enough with the underplot. Here comes my question.

「Then, this is my『today’s question』. Senpai, where is your homeroom?」

「My room in my home is on the second floor.」

「Please don’t cheat, senpai.」

I myself was surprised at hearing how cold the voice that came out of my mouth was.

「What is senpai’s cla.s.s?」

「It’s G cla.s.s…」

「It’s great.」

「That won’t make me recover at all.」

Senpai was making a face mixed with both resignation and frustration in it.

I thought I could get out from this, yet…

Now she had the chance to disturb me even on my lunch break or after school later on. It’s fine that it wouldn’t be anything trivial, but I just don’t want people looking at me with strange eyes. I’m your average timid person.

Well, but.

Since we were talking so much while commuting to school, it would be somewhat unnatural if we didn’t know each other’s cla.s.s. Rather than not bad, it felt more like we should have known that from the start.

Then, I’ll ask from my side too.

「Then, my『today’s question.』」

Kouhai-chan stares at me fixedly.

It will be interesting if I can catch her off guard here. But then, I can’t think of any handy question at all.

「Kouhai-chan too, what is your cla.s.s?」

「It’s A Cla.s.s. The Cla.s.s A.」

「That way of speaking is so cool. It’s kind of like the Resident Evil.」

「Who is the pathogen?」

She might not have this kind of intention, but after I got in contact with this girl and got “infected”, I felt like I had become very active in terms of behaviour. I remembered there was a parasite that was infecting a caterpillar, controlling it to move on the leaves to have a sheep eating it. Kouhai-chan might be that kind of biowoman. What kind of sacrifice will I end up being?

「It’s Kouhai-chan. Kouhai virus.」

「It really sounds like it’s real, senpai.」

「Are there really any virus with that name?」

「Who knows? I don’t know.」

So you don’t know?

After school, when the homeroom was over.

I got a LINE message from Kouhai-chan.

I lie down on my desk while feeling greatly perplexed. Twisting my neck sideways, I look at my smartphone.

Maharun♪:Good afternoon

Maharun♪:I got the borrowing race compet.i.tion without any problem

Iguchi Keita :Me too… Why…

Once again, I feel greatly perplexed.

The things I knew about my senpai㉝

It seems like senpai will also partic.i.p.ate in the borrowing compet.i.tion on sports day.

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