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suddenly thought of something. The Red fire dragon and Ah Hu had fused, and Ah Hu had the Legendary mantra. The Red fire dragon had inherited Ah Hu's Legendary mantra, and had used this kind of Legendary mantra to the extreme, attracting all the dragons in the area over.

The following scene made Chen Xiang feel that it was inconceivable.

Not only did the Red fire dragon attract the life dragons of the Dragon Controlling Palace's group, even the dragons and elephants of the Dragon-Elephant School all rushed up and fused into the huge body of the Red fire dragon.

This happened in just a few moments. Several True Dragons, various dragons, and a large number of dragon elephants fused with the Red fire dragon.

After the Red fire dragon fused, it roared again and again. The two sets of Suzaku fire wing fiercely moved and released a three hundred meter tall wave of fire, sweeping away all the energy that the people in front of them sent over.

Chen Xiang immediately came to the Red fire dragon's side. The Red fire dragon's injuries had actually healed!

The strength of the Dragon Controlling Palace and those who had lost their True Dragons and Dragon Elephants decreased greatly. The Dragon Elephant and True Dragon were the foundation of their power, but now, all of it had been merged by the Red fire dragon.

Chen Xiang also did not know what kind of situation the Red fire dragon was in right now. What made him relieved was that the Red fire dragon was still connected to him, and had not gotten rid of him.

The patriarchs of the Tao-creation School and the experts from various forces were hit back by the fire waves released by the Red fire dragon even after several attacks.

"How are you? What exactly is going on? Where is the Killing evil dragon? This is not a Killing evil dragon! "The killing intent from earlier vanished as well." An elder of the Tao-creation School said.

"I don't know what happened. My dragon elephant didn't listen to me and rushed over. When I reacted, all of them would have entered the dragon's body." Ke Hezong's face was extremely ugly, his old face filled with creases was ashen, those dragon and elephant were all his power, they just disappeared like that.

The Red fire dragon suddenly roared again, this time it was extremely loud, causing everyone to instantly lose their hearing.

A flame gushed out of the Red fire dragon's enormous body like a gale. The Red fire dragon flew into the air and then dove down towards Chen Xiang, who was on the ground, transforming into a stream of flame that poured into Chen Xiang's body from the top of his head.

Such a powerful Red fire dragon just went into Chen Xiang's body like that, but Chen Xiang was completely fine.

"This is …" The Red fire dragon swallowed all of my arrogant divine soul! " When Chen Xiang saw the Red fire dragon enter the Divine Sense Sea, he fused all of his spatial divine soul, sword spirit, ancient fire divine soul and so on.

"My Primordial divine soul has become stronger …" Chen Xiang was extremely excited, he just felt the prideful power in his body was frantically increasing, and this was all because of the Red fire dragon.


Chen Xiang could not help but shout out loud. The muscles on his body were swelling and waves of golden-red flames were seeping out.

"Is it Ah Hu?" Chen Xiang did not know what was going on either.

"He's absorbing that dragon's power. Quickly destroy him." Seeing that, Ke Hezong anxiously shouted: "If he were to become stronger, we would all be dead today!"

Everyone thought that it was because of the Killing evil dragon. They had not seen the Killing evil dragon yet, but they had seen Chen Xiang become so terrifying. Even after being attacked by so many of them, he was still alive.

Everyone released another wave of proud power, multi-colored, gorgeous and berserk. This was the energy condensed by the experts of the Peak of World Defying magic realm, and with a roar, it was as though countless meteors were falling towards Chen Xiang.

"Retreat!" The golden light exploded from Chen Xiang's body, releasing the Arrogant Morale. The golden light turned into countless dragons of all sizes, forming a golden gale, Golden Dragon Transformation Thunder, Myriad Dragons Like the Wind, sweeping towards the countless energy ma.s.ses that resembled meteorites!


The moment the countless ma.s.ses of energy that had been released at the same time clashed with Chen Xiang's dragon Arrogant Morale, they were torn into pieces and turned into a fog of light, which was blown back by a strong gale.

"Peak of World Defying magic realm!" Ke Hezong shouted in shock, "He broke through!"

"Yes, I've broken through!" This was Chen Xiang's voice.

Just a moment ago, Chen Xiang was still far away, but in the blink of an eye, he had arrived in front of Ke Hezong and grabbed his neck.

The current Chen Xiang, had golden scales covering his body, was surrounded by holy light, and his Arrogant Morale was oppressing.

When Red fire dragon and Ah Hu merged together, Ah Hu himself would control a certain amount of s.p.a.ce mantra. Knowing how to use the power of s.p.a.ce, Chen Xiang was able to use the power of Red fire dragon.

"You … "You, you …" Sensing Chen Xiang's Arrogant Morale that looked down upon the heavens and earth, Ke Hezong was so frightened that he was speechless.

"You've worked so hard today. You must be tired. I'll let you rest forever!" Chen Xiang's eyes opened wide, with a flash of golden light, it released two golden-red flames that penetrated Ke Hezong's eyes.

After the two streams of dragon fire entered Ke Hezong's body, it instantly surged through his entire body. Ke Hezong had lost his dragon elephant, and his strength had weakened, so he was unable to resist the two terrifying streams of dragon fire that instantly turned into dust in the blink of an eye.

Ke Hezong was killed, everyone shivered. Ke Hezong was someone with the same strength as them, but he was actually killed in a single move!

Chen Xiang looked at the elders of the Dragon-Elephant School, and with a raise of his hand, numerous golden fire dragons suddenly fell from the sky, and in a moment, they bored through the heads of the elders of the Dragon-Elephant School and burned them into ashes!

In the Dragon-Elephant School, other than the Leader Zhu Zi Qing who hadn't made a move yet, the rest had all been killed.

"Dragon Controlling Palace, aren't you very good at Yu Long?" Chen Xiang laughed coldly, looking at them.

All of the Dragon Controlling Palace's people had their dragons taken away by Chen Xiang. Before, their dragons were still here, but they couldn't kill Chen Xiang instantly.

"You rob other people's dragons everywhere. Right now, I'll let you have a taste of the dragon's revenge." Chen Xiang waved his hands and released thousands of small dragons of all kinds.

The group of dragons were like a black cloud that enveloped the people of Dragon Controlling Palace. They used their sharp claws and fangs to tear apart the people of Dragon Controlling Palace and devoured their flesh, causing them to scream out in pain.

"Don't be afraid of him! Dragon-Elephant School and its people couldn't withstand a single blow because they lost dragons and dragons. " The elder of the Tao-creation School sneered.

Just as he finished speaking, Chen Xiang had disappeared, and in the next moment Chen Xiang reappeared. He was already in front of the elder of Tao-creation School and even punched him hard in the face with his flaming fist.

The fist landed on the elder's face, and with a loud bang, flames flew in all directions. A large piece of land under the elder's feet instantly turned into magma, and the elder's body slowly turned into white ashes.

"None of you can escape!" Chen Xiang glared at the group of people who struck out just now. With a wave of his hand, he saw that the sky was filled with fiery clouds, and the reborn Red fire dragon descended from the fiery clouds.

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