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Because it was 5 pages long on doc page, so it took some time to translate it. But... I rather post 1 chapter in one go for this story...so, thank you for the wait. And don't forget to donate ya...lols..

P/s: My translation is not perfect, but I'll try to be as near as I can be...

Chapter 43 - Misunderstanding?

Dinner time, foods were served on the table. Jiang mother busy picking up dish after dish into Jiang Qi and Jiang Lu’s bowl. Jiang Bu shakes his head watching them… why there’s no one willing to give the dish to him oh? Just as he was thinking about it, his wife picked a dish to his bowl. Jiang Bu quickly eat. Still his wife is the best.

Jiang Lu concentrated on continuously clipping the dishes into her mouth because the food today are too delicious. Jiang Qi also eat with relish because today Jiang mama also cooked several of his favorite spicy dishes. Therefore, Jiang Lu also can be considered as riding on Jiang Qi’s thigh to enjoy these good food. Mouthful after mouthful of food were being swallowed.  

“Brother...why I never saw our President in the company this two days.” Jiang Lu swallowed the last food in her mouth and asked.

Jiang Qi looks up: “He went on a business trip. You do not know?”

“I’m a newly appointed employee ba.”

“How are you getting along with your co-workers?”

“Okay...not bad. My relationship with the few that came into the company together is not bad. But with the old workers are not so good. They seems like unwilling to acknowledge people.”

Jiang Qi drink and said: “Get along properly ba.”

“Hmm. Brother… I heard our president is really handsome? Really want to see him.”

“He should have appeared in the Financial Magazine, right?” At this time, sitting at one side Jiang elder brother spoke.

“He never appeared on the magazine.” Jiang Qi shakes his head.

“Brother...quickly tell me.”

“He ah? Really handsome.” Jiang Qi nodded his head couple of times.

Jiang Bu frowned: “Xiao Qi ah… how can you praise other man handsome. Now these days, which man will admit that other man is much more handsome than their own self.”

“Why not… you’re too outdated.”

“Wife… why are you against your husband ah?”

Jiang mother laughed: “It serves you right!”

Jiang father also nodded in agreement.

Whole family cheerful and happy, Jiang Qi a little bit miss Ke Yan. If Ke Yan can also be with him right now... it would be really great.

After dinner, Jiang Bu wiped his mouth and said: “Pa...Ma…tomorrow I got something to do. Your medical examination I let Yun Hui to accompany you tomorrow ba.”

TLN: Pa = Papa = father, Ma = Mama = Mother …. That is how I call my father and mother in law at home as well…

“Yes ah...Pa, Ma… I also idle at home. So, I accompany you to go ba.”

“No need, no need … we both can go on our own. Tomorrow you’re suppose to go back home to take your son back, right?”

“It does not matter. I can pick him up in the afternoon.”

“Pa, Ma tomorrow need to go for medical examination ah?” Jiang Qi asked.

“Yeah.” Jiang mother nodded. “It’s okay, we can go there on our own.”

“Tomorrow I’ll accompany you to go ba.” Jiang Qi proposed.

“You still need to work tomorrow.” Jiang mother said. “Yes ah… no need to take a leave.” Jiang father also said.  

“It does not matter. Occasionally asking for leave only. Let me accompany you to go ba.”  

“Yes ah. How can we let you go there on your own. Outsider will say we are not filial to the two of you ba.”

Jiang brother’s statement successfully blocked Jiang mother’s mouth. So, the next day Jiang Qi took a leave to accompany Jiang mother and Jiang father to the hospital for medical examination. Half a day time, a lot of test was made and it was finished at two o’clock in the afternoon. Fortunately today not a lot of people or they would have to finish much later.

After Jiang Qi sent Jiang mother and Jiang father back home, he received a call from Jiang Lu: “Brother...brother. Today treat me to dinner. Last time you’ve promised me de.”

Jiang Qi said ‘okay’ to her.

Soon the time approaching the end of working hour. Company several front desk lady were looking at the computer in front of them while occasionally speaks to each other. One of the lady looks up and saw Ke Yan just got down from his car at the company entrance. Her voice could not help but raised up and said: “President has come back.”

Once they heard this sentence, originally lazy sitting in front of the computer quickly tidy up their appearance and stood up. Once Ke Yan step into the company, they in unison greats him: “President good.”

Ke Yan acknowledged to their greeting made all the front lady burst with pink bubbles excitement.

Walking into the office, Yang Shao Yu  looking at Ke Yan sadly: “ I say Mr. President, why every time you and me walking together, beautiful woman would always automatically ignored me.”

“Do not pretend to be poor, quickly do your work.”

“ You do not go to see Jiang Qi ah? Didn’t they have a say… one day apart from the beloved one feels like three years have pa.s.sed away, ba? You guys has not meet each other for several days already.” Yang Shao Yu said with sympathy.

TLN: 一日不见如隔三秋 yí rì bú jiàn , rú gé sān qiū

Ke Yan sitting at his desk and open up a file: “You’re right… so later I will go back first. You stay and work overtime, prepare all the information for tomorrow meeting.”

“Do not ah… no need ba… In fact, you see him tomorrow also the same ba.”

“You can go now.” Ke Yan ignored Yang Shao Yu’s words and dive straight  into his work.

Yang Shao Yu sighed. How to have such a big mouth. Looks like tonight he has to work overtime ba. Tears flowing in his heart but outside still maintain a calm facade.

Ke Yan while completing his two days worth of works, looking at his phone. He really wants to see Jiang Qi de.

Kacha ----- the door that has just been close suddenly open. Ke Yan looks at Yang Shao Yu who came directly without knocking. Yang Shao Yu once go in, rush towards Ke Yan’s work desk and  talked hastily: “Last night Jiang Qi and our new appointed employee engage in an affair.”  

Ke Yan looked at Yang Shao Yu with narrowed eyes. Yang Shao Yu see he looks at him reacted with “pei,pei,pei,pei” for several times. “Listen to me first...last night Jiang Qi and a beauty took a taxi together. I heard the rumour said, they were going home together.”  

“You listened from whom?”

Yang Shao Yu noticed Ke Yan’s voice turned cold, in his heart he prayed for Jiang Qi’s innocence. Otherwise, Ke Yan punishment would not be light.   

“I heard people in the company talking.”

“Call Jiang Qi up.”

“Jiang Qi was on leave today.” This time not only Ke Yan’s voice turned cold, even his face also turned cold. Up and down his body are discharging cold air. Yang Shao Yu swallowed his saliva feeling nervous. Just as he wanted to speak, Ke Yan suddenly stand and picked up his coat: “I’m off, you stay and work overtime.”

Ke Yan drive his car out from the underground parking while calling for Jiang Qi on his phone. Not even twice the sound of ringing, it was picked up by Jiang Qi: “Ke Yan? What’s up?”

“I am back.”

“Really? Where are you right now?” Jiang Qi asked in surprise.

“I’m at the company.” Listening to Jiang Qi’s voice, Ke Yan’s voice could not help but turned soft: “Where are you now?”

“Me ah? Now I am outside. After dinner I will come back.”

“Are you eating on your own?”

“No...I’m eating with Xiao Lu. I’m treating her for dinner.”

“...... Xiao Lu?” Right at this moment, Ke Yan really feels to beat on Jiang Qi’s a.s.s.

“Nnn… yes ah. Jiang Lu.” Jiang Qi suddenly thought maybe Ke Yan didn’t recognize if he said Xiao Lu, so he told him Jiang Lu’s name.

Jiang Lu? Seems familiar… After the phone was hanged up, Ke Yan still thinking where has he heard that name before but in the end he still cannot remember. After, he slowly drive the car towards home.

After finished their meal, Jiang Qi sent Jiang Lu back and it was late in the evening before he reach home. As he entered the door, he was quickly being hugged by Ke Yan. Ke Yan brings Jiang Qi to the sofa and asked: “ Jiang Lu is whom?”

Jiang Qi was surprised with the question, therefore he asked in confusion: “My sister ah. What happened?”

This time it was Ke Yan turn to be surprised. Maybe that’s why he felt like that name was familiar before.

“What happened?” Jiang Qi see Ke Yan did not reply, once again asked: “Why are you not saying anything?”

“Nothing.” Ke Yan cheerfully take off Jiang Qi’s clothes.

“Is it?”


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