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With another flick of his jet-black hair, he asked casually, "So, what's going on here?" Although he was only ten years old, he was respected by everyone in the court. An attendant narrated the whole course of events to him respectfully. Everyone knew that this boy was moodier than His Majesty.

His Majesty always said things on their face, but this person would seek revenge for the tiniest details, and was extremely sarcastic.

"Your Majesty, why didn't you explain anything to Minister Eric?" the boy said sarcastically.

"Allen, don't meddle in this matter. I told him what he needs to do. If he can't do that, he is not competent enough to stay in this court."

"Why not, Father?" He asked, holding his chin and rubbing his index finger across it. He further commented, "Father, why don't you give him the details? What if he messes up all the plans? What if he…" He was going to continue further when the man on the throne interrupted him.

"I know what to do! Did you complete that task?" He asked lazily.

Allen scratched his head as he turned his head towards his father before meekly saying, "Old Man, I tried to search for him, but there are no signs of him. Could you be mistaken?"

"You dare to ask me that! Hmph! You are becoming incompetent day by day. Go reflect yourself in Xeruba."

"Xe... Xeruba? Why that place again, Father?"

"You are lacking in control over your temperament." The man on the throne shortly answered.

"The last time it took me two months to enter that place itself. Father, I don't want to go there." The young boy whined, which his father easily turned an deaf ear to.

"Either you go to Xeruba or Devil's Lair. You decide." The man's languid posture on his majestic throne was the same as he said lazily.

The young boy gave him a distressed look and said, "Okay fine. I'll go. You better not regret that."

The man on the throne smiled gently, but behind his smile was profound cunningness.

The little boy did not say anything else, he merely humphed, swished his cloak and left the hall followed by a few protectors. They followed him everywhere. They never allowed him out of their sight.

The languid posture of the man changed as soon as his son left the hall. He sat up straight and ordered, "Investigate this place, Minister Cedrick." He handed a scroll to Minister Cedrick, who opened it to find a place with a trap door with some ancient markings on it. On the back of the scroll was a map. He bowed gently and retreated without a single word.

"Master." A small elf-like creature uttered and bowed so deep that it's long nose almost touched the carpet. The lights from the chandelier reflected on its back as it bowed in front of the man sitting on the throne throwing brilliant gleams of light across the entire hall, which reflected off some surface to reach them. It casted various speckles of light across the wall, which left all the courtiers mesmerized.

They searched for the source of sudden reflection, but nothing caught their eye till they saw a tiny creature bowing in front of His Majesty, as it carried an oval mirror on its back, which was almost twice its size.

The ornamental mirror was unique. It had ornate gems carved intricately along the periphery of the mirror. Each gemstone had been carved with such precision that each octagonal stone was of the same size. Golden leaves and twigs weaved into each other. The knots were tied around each gem, and the magnificent design of the mirror was enough to make any person look at it and admire it.

The ministers were looking at the mirror, their mouth agape. How can such a small mirror give off such a beautiful reflection which danced through the entire hall, and shone on the walls. It was a mesmerizing sight to behold.

���You may rise, Eun." The man said, mirth apparent in his deep voice. He glanced at his courtiers, and his lips curled up. Then he asked, "So, what news did you bring?"

"Master, I missed you." The elf-like creature named Eun, stood up straight, and said in a high-pitched, almost bat-like voice.

"Is that the news?" The mirth dancing in his eyes was revealed through his voice.

"No, Master." He screeched, and jumped towards his master's feet, almost crashing onto the foot of the throne, as his Master moved sideways. His lips quivered as he let out a cry of protest, "Master, how could you do this to me? The news is that I found them. But there is another suspicious activity. Some magical activities were there, which I couldn't establish. Someone suspicious is there in that land. But before I could pick up on the scent, it disappeared." It wailed in its high pitched voice, blasting off the eardrums of some ministers.

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