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Chapter 2199: Chapter 2198-ancient scripture

Translator: 549690339

“Someone’s coming!”

Suddenly, dandan looked into the distance.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Beams of light flew over, and eight figures appeared in the sky.

Each of the eight members of the evil G.o.d tribe had a powerful aura. When their three eyes opened, they were as cold as blades.

Their eyes lit up when they saw the two skeletons.

they must have obtained a treasure. Kill them!

One of the evil G.o.d race members roared and charged toward dandan and Lu Ming.

Of the eight evil G.o.d race members, one of them had an extremely terrifying aura that far surpa.s.sed the void Emperor realm and had reached the true Emperor realm.

In addition, there were also six-star and seven-star void emperors.

The two weakest people were four-star void emperors.

“You dare to have designs on this Lord, you’re courting death!”

Countless runes appeared on his body, forming a pair of wings condensed from runes. Lu Ming could sense that this pair of wings contained at least three types of laws.


Dandan’s figure disappeared in a flash, her speed was amazing.

“Lu Ming, I’ll leave the two four-star illusionary emperors to you. I’ll take care of the rest!”

Dandan’s voice rang in Lu Ming’s ears. He had already charged toward the other party. With a wave of his hand, six huge turtles flew out.

These nine-six tortoises were, of course, not living creatures. They were formed from the interweaving of energy and the power of laws.

One of them was the largest and it charged towards the true Emperor realm evil G.o.d tribe member.

The other five tortoises flew towards the remaining five people, leaving the two weakest ones out.

The two weakest of them were four-star illusionary emperors. They charged towards Lu Ming.

Lu Ming did not take out his large bow. He did not need a large bow to deal with two four-star illusionary emperors.

The sword of death was formed, and Lu Ming charged toward the two evil G.o.d tribe members.


Two purple beams of light shot out from the third eyes of the two evil G.o.d tribe members and shot toward Lu Ming. Lu Ming slashed out two times in a row, destroying the beams of light.

The two evil G.o.d tribe members ‘expressions changed slightly. They took out their weapons and charged toward Lu Ming.


Lu Ming and the two of them collided. The two evil G.o.d tribe members trembled and were forced to retreat.

Lu Ming advanced at top speed. The sword light did not stop. In the sword of death, different laws trembled continuously, forming a terrifying cutting force.

The two members of the evil G.o.d race tried their best to block a few more moves, but they were completely at a disadvantage. After a few moves, one of the evil G.o.d race members was slashed by Lu Ming’s sword light and was almost split in half. A deep wound appeared, and the power of death and destruction madly burrowed into his body, causing him to spit out large mouthfuls of blood. His aura began to weaken.

These two members of the evil G.o.d tribe were purple-scaled members of the evil G.o.d tribe. They were considered powerful. If they were black-scaled four-star illusionary Emperor evil G.o.d tribe members, they would have been killed by Lu Ming with just two sword strikes.

One of them was injured and his combat strength was greatly reduced. The remaining one could not stop Lu Ming.

“Come and help us!”

One of the evil G.o.d race members roared.

But what he got in response was a scream.

The other six members of the evil G.o.d race were in an even worse state. At this moment, there were already three members of the evil G.o.d tribe who had been killed by dandan. They were all five-star and six-star.


Then, a seven-star illusionary Emperor’s body was pierced by dandan’s palm. With a burst of energy, the other party’s body was torn to pieces.

All of a sudden, there were only two people left from the six people who were fighting with dandan. One was a seven-star illusionary Emperor, and the other was a true Emperor. Given Lu Ming’s realm, he could not tell what stars he was at, but his strength was very shocking.

At this moment, the two of them were shivering.

“You dare to attack me? kill!”

Dandan roared loudly. Both of her hands glowed and a huge turtle was formed. This huge turtle was as large as a mountain and was very familiar with dandan’s original body.

The giant turtle’s size was astonishing, and it filled the entire sky. Then, it pressed down like a mountain, completely enveloping the entire region.

The two members of the evil G.o.d race had nowhere to run or hide. They could only take the attacks head-on.

The two of them unleashed their full power, and two terrifying attacks blasted toward the giant turtle.

This was especially true for the one-star true Emperor. He was a true Emperor and his power was extremely shocking. He was much stronger than a seven-star illusionary Emperor and the one-star true Emperor of the Yan family.

However, the two of them couldn’t resist the pressure of the giant turtle at all. It was like a Mantis trying to stop a car.


First of all, the body of the seven-star illusionary Emperor exploded. Under the terrifying energy, it turned into ashes.


The true Emperor roared as well. His entire body burst forth with a brilliant purple light, but it was useless. His body trembled and the ground beneath his feet continued to crack.


In the end, the evil G.o.d tribe’s true Emperor’s arm exploded, and his flesh and blood splattered everywhere. Following that, his body started to break apart inch by inch.

A powerful true Emperor was also killed by dandan.

When the two four-star illusionary Emperor experts of the evil G.o.d tribe saw this scene, they were scared out of their wits.

How could he defeat Lu Ming with this distraction? Lu Ming seized the opportunity and slashed one of the evil G.o.d tribesmen to death. The remaining evil G.o.d tribesman was already severely injured and was even more vulnerable. Lu Ming caught up to him in a few steps and killed him with a single slash.

“Lu Ming, you’re not using the law correctly. It’s very rough. You don’t cultivate any ancient scriptures, do you?”

Dandan walked over and asked.

no, 1 created this magical power myself. It can barely display the power of many nomological laws, but it’s not strong. I need to constantly deepen my understanding!

Lu Ming said.

“No wonder. It’s a pity. Although you’ve mastered many laws, you can’t fully display the power of the laws. I know a few ancient scriptures, but they’re very different from the laws you’ve comprehended. They’re not of much use to you.”

Dandan said.

Ancient Sutras could only be comprehended after one cultivated to the martial sovereign realm as it involved many laws.

Whether a martial sovereign had an ancient scripture or not, it would have a great impact on the improvement of his cultivation and combat strength.

An ancient scripture would record the comprehension and application of at least two laws.

A warrior could use an ancient scripture to deduce and comprehend other laws.

For example, an ancient scripture recorded the comprehension and application of three types of nomological laws. If a warrior had only comprehended one of the three types of nomological laws, he could study the ancient scripture and deduce the other nomological laws, or comprehend the other two.

When one cultivated this ancient scripture to large success, the three laws would also be cultivated to large success.

It was like an ancient scripture that contained the laws of fire, ice, and lightning.

Any Martial Emperor who cultivated the fire law could refer to this ancient scripture and derive the ice law or even the lightning law.

Moreover, an ancient scripture would also have a magical technique corresponding to the law.

For example, if Lu Ming could obtain an ancient scripture that recorded chaos, death, array Dao, alchemy Dao, smithing Dao, extremity, and devouring these seven types of laws, he would be able to cultivate the divine power Technique in it and his strength would increase tremendously.

These sacred art techniques were all comprehended by their predecessors. They could perfectly fuse the power of various laws and fully burst out.

The more laws an ancient scripture contained, the higher its grade.

For example, an ancient scripture that contained nine types of nomological laws would be invaluable. This was because a warrior could follow this ancient scripture and continue to comprehend and cultivate, directly reaching the great emperor realm without taking any detours.

Learning from ancient scriptures was much better than trying to figure it out by himself.

For example, Qiu Yue did not have any ancient scriptures. Hence, it was extremely difficult for her to comprehend a second law after she broke through to the martial Supreme realm. She had only managed to do so after spending several years..

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