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Complimentary Versicles To Jessie Lewars

The Toast

Fill me with the rosy wine, Call a toast, a toast divine: Giveth me Poet's darling flame, Lovely Jessie be her name; Then thou mayest freely boast, Thou hast given a peerless toast.

The Menagerie

Talk not to me of savages, From Afric's burning sun; No savage e'er could rend my heart, As Jessie, thou hast done: But Jessie's lovely hand in mine, A mutual faith to plight, Not even to view the heavenly choir, Would be so blest a sight.

Jessie's illness

Say, sages, what's the charm on earth Can turn Death's dart aside!

It is not purity and worth, Else Jessie had not died.

On Her Recovery

But rarely seen since Nature's birth, The natives of the sky; Yet still one seraph's left on earth, For Jessie did not die.

O Lay Thy Loof In Mine, La.s.s

Chorus--O lay thy loof in mine, la.s.s, In mine, la.s.s, in mine, la.s.s; And swear on thy white hand, la.s.s, That thou wilt be my ain.

A slave to Love's unbounded sway, He aft has wrought me meikle wae; But now he is my deadly fae, Unless thou be my ain.

O lay thy loof, &c.

There's mony a la.s.s has broke my rest, That for a blink I hae lo'ed best; But thou art Queen within my breast, For ever to remain.

O lay thy loof, &c.

A Health To Ane I Loe Dear

Chorus--Here's a health to ane I loe dear, Here's a health to ane I loe dear; Thou art sweet as the smile when fond lovers meet, And soft as their parting tear--Jessy.

Altho' thou maun never be mine, Altho' even hope is denied; 'Tis sweeter for thee despairing, Than ought in the world beside--Jessy.

Here's a health, &c.

I mourn thro' the gay, gaudy day, As hopeless I muse on thy charms; But welcome the dream o' sweet slumber, For then I am lockt in thine arms--Jessy.

Here's a health, &c.

I guess by the dear angel smile, I guess by the love-rolling e'e; But why urge the tender confession, 'Gainst Fortune's fell, cruel decree?--Jessy.

Here's a health, &c.

O Wert Thou In The Cauld Blast

O wert thou in the cauld blast, On yonder lea, on yonder lea, My plaidie to the angry airt, I'd shelter thee, I'd shelter thee; Or did Misfortune's bitter storms Around thee blaw, around thee blaw, Thy bield should be my bosom, To share it a', to share it a'.

Or were I in the wildest waste, Sae black and bare, sae black and bare, The desert were a Paradise, If thou wert there, if thou wert there; Or were I Monarch o' the globe, Wi' thee to reign, wi' thee to reign, The brightest jewel in my Crown Wad be my Queen, wad be my Queen.

Inscription To Miss Jessy Lewars

On a copy of the Scots Musical Museum, in four volumes, presented to her by Burns. ^1

Thine be the volumes, Jessy fair, And with them take the Poet's prayer, That Fate may, in her fairest page, With ev'ry kindliest, best presage Of future bliss, enroll thy name: With native worth and spotless fame, And wakeful caution, still aware Of ill--but chief, Man's felon snare;

All blameless joys on earth we find, And all the treasures of the mind-- These be thy guardian and reward; So prays thy faithful friend, the Bard.

Dumfries, June 26, 1769.

[Footnote 1: Written for music played by Miss Lewars, who nursed him in his last illness.]

Fairest Maid On Devon Banks


Chorus--Fairest maid on Devon banks, Crystal Devon, winding Devon, Wilt thou lay that frown aside, And smile as thou wert wont to do?

Full well thou know'st I love thee dear, Couldst thou to malice lend an ear!

O did not Love exclaim: "Forbear, Nor use a faithful lover so."

Fairest maid, &c.

Then come, thou fairest of the fair, Those wonted smiles, O let me share; And by thy beauteous self I swear, No love but thine my heart shall know.

Fairest maid, &c.

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