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Translator: Peggyan and Ruriko
Lin Xiaomi sneakily pinched her thigh and found that it wasn't a dream.

The man before her was real. Xue Haolin really came back.

Glad, excited, and at a loss, she was about to walk forward.

The next second, she saw that Xue Haolin carefully helped Lin Xin'er up with his eyebrows wrinkled and stared at Lin Xin'er up and down for fear that Lin Xin'er got hurt.

Lin Xin'er faintly snuggled against him and said to him with a smile, “I'm fine. I only grazed my hands.”

Lin Xin'er lifted her hands, revealing the dreadful cuts on her palms.

As his face immediately turned darkened, Xue Haolin held the hands of Lin Xin'er and visibly showed his worries.

He looked up again and fixated his eyes on Lin Xiaomi.

Lin Xiaomi instantly felt her heart flipped, and there was a sense of suffocation in her heart. As she wanted to say something, she heard Jiang Hui scream.

Lin Xin'er was hurt so badly because Lin Xiaomi pushed her. If Lin Yaoguo and Lady Lee learned this, Jiang Hui wouldn't get away with it.

“Xin'er, are you okay?” asked Jiang Hui in terror.

Lin Xin'er in Xue's arms said with a soft smile, “Auntie, I'm fine. I got cold feet, so this got nothing to do with Xiaomi. Don't blame her.”

For outsiders, what Lin Xin'er said was nothing, but in the Lin family, it was the key testimony.

Lin Xin'er was so kind that she just covered it up for Lin Xiaomi.

As expected, Jiang Hui got her face instantly darkened and coldly looked at Lin Xiaomi before stepping forward to slap her.

Lin Xiaomi blankly stared at the man who hugged Lin Xin'er as if Lin Xin'er was his treasure. Why did he give her a cold shoulder?

He looked at her so coldly that she felt extremely panicked.

Before she resumed her consciousness, Jiang Hui slapped her on her face, turning her face to one side.

“You b.a.s.t.a.r.d!” rebuked Jiang Hui.

Lin Xin'er acted like she was stunned at the slap and hurriedly wanted to stop Jiang Hui but was blocked by Xue Haolin.

“Auntie, how could you slap Xiaomi? This really had nothing to do with her. I got cold feet, so I fell. It was not her fault. Please don't wrong her.”

Jiang Hui said with a sneer, “Xin'er, you don't need to cover it up for her. I knew clearly she bullied you many times as you grew up. It's me to blame for not raising her well and making you suffer.”

Lin Xin'er still explained, but Jiang Hui didn't listen to her.

Lin Xinaomi felt the great pain on her face, but she didn't care about it, for such a matter used to take place in the Lin family.

She had been used to that each time something bad happened to Lin Xin'er, she would be to blame for it.

She just blankly stared at Xue Haolin and hoped to see something different on his face.

However, she didn't find it.

Did he forget her?

She felt very sour, and the suffocation almost drove her crazy.

“Let's get inside to clean them before applying medicine,” said Xue Haolin finally, but he said to Lin Xin'er, “You don't need to care about the affairs of others.”


Did he mean her?

She watched Xue Haolin hug Lin Xin'er horizontally and walk toward the villa. From start to finish, he didn't look at her except for the prior dreadful glance.

As soon as he turned around, she suddenly realized what happened and hurriedly stood in front of them.

“Wait a moment!” She got her heart ached very much. “Xue Haolin, you're back, but why...” said she with difficulty.

But why did he treat Lin Xin'er nicely and neglect her? Why? Why?

Before she could finish speaking, Xue Haolin frowned and looked at her as if she was rubbish.

“Stay out of my way!”

This was the first sentence he said to her after he came back, but its content was “stay out of my way”.

She told herself not to cry!

No matter what happened, she wouldn't shed a tear in the Lin family.

Here, she wouldn't allow herself to turn weak, but she felt quite sad.

Like being fixed onto the ground, she hopelessly watched him walk inside with Lin Xin'er in his arms.

Jiang Hui still felt scared and looked at Lin Xiaomi with her eyes full of disgust, “You don't come here in the future! Leave here quickly.”

Jing Hui walked two steps forward, then retreated, and warned while pointing at her, “The man is Xin'er's boyfriend. If Lady Lee is okay with him, they'll get married. He comes here to meet her parents. So, I warn you not to come up with evil ideas. He's your brother-in-law! If I know you dare to s.n.a.t.c.h Xin'er's boyfriend, I won't let you go!”

“Boyfriend.” she blankly repeated this word, but Jiang Hui already walked away with a sneer, leaving her standing in situ like a fool.

After she stood there for a long time, Butler Lee walked over and asked to leave. She then walked outside mechanically.

Not until now did she know why Lin Xin'er forced her to come here. It turned out that there was a big drama waiting for her.

In the villa, a maid fetched the medical kit and was about to apply medicine on the cuts.

“I'll do it,” said Xue Haolin politely. Tall and handsome, he squatted down before Lin Xin'er and said, “It hurts, but just hang in there.”

Lin Xin'er felt conceited when seeing that such a good-looking and mature man squatted in front of her.

When the medicine was placed, each time Lin Xin'er shivered, Xue Haolin's face turned more darkened.

He then got his face livid at the thought of Lin Xiaomi.

The maid standing aside said, “Mr. Xue, you're so kind to our lady.”

Jiang Hui nervously sat aside and kept scolding Lin Xiaomi. “It's all Xiaomi's fault, and I've given her a lesson and asked her not to come here in the future. Xin'er, you can rest a.s.sured.”

Lin Xin'er looked her in surprise. “Auntie, why did you drive Xiaomi away? I was telling the truth. She had nothing to do with me falling. She never bullied me. Auntie, will you go and ask her to come back? She's back after such a long time, so how could she leave without having dinner at home?”

The maid frowned and said, “Lady, Miss Lin has bullied you many times since childhood. Each time she came back, you would be in bad shape for several days. Why do you still say good words for her?”

“You're disqualified to speak here. Leave,” shouted Lin Xin'er.

Having applied medicine on her cuts with great care, Xue Haolin looked up at her and casually asked, “Has that woman often bullied you?”

Lin Xin'er shook her head while seizing his hand, looking pretty and adorable. “No, she hasn't.”

However, Xue Haolin's face became darkened.

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