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Chapter 15 Who Has a Crush

“Why are you smiling like that? Didn’t you want to ask me something?” Yue didn’t seem patient with Languo’s self-satisfied expression.

“Hm, I wanted to ask, is Princess b.u.t.terfly your real daughter?”

The question was out of the blue and random, making Yue retort, “why are you asking?”

Languo smiled without pretension, “You seem to be in your early 20s, so if the Princess was really your daughter, you’d have married really young.”

“We marry at 13, this is an old rule in our Daqing Dynasty.” Yue explained casually.

“What?” Even though she knew people married and had kids young in ancient times, Languo was surprised at how early this was. Are thirteen-year-olds even real people yet?

Yue smiled evilly, “how old are you?”

“Eight...eighteen.” She wanted to say 16, since that was the real age of Bai Languo, the body she time-traveled to inhabit as a twenty-year-old. After two years here, however, she didn’t want to pretend to be so young anymore. Her body was 18-years-old, but her soul was twenty-two-years-old.

“An old maid.” Yue teased her.

Languo felt embarra.s.sed. “Not at all. Eighteen-year-olds are considered in their prime in our home town! You don’t even know.”

“Do you have someone you like?”

“Does a crush count?”


“Then there’s no one.”

“Who do you have a crush on?”

“Does the Prince need to know this?”

Yue actually looked awkward at Languo’s reply, but he stayed cool and continued to say, “I have to make sure the people around me are innocent.”

“Of course I’m innocent!”

“Then answer my question.”


“Who was your crush?”

“An older cla.s.smate at college.” This was hard to say for Languo, who spit out the words slowly.


“A kind of school.”

“Then what happened?”

“Nothing happened. He got a girlfriend, who was our campus beauty.”

“Campus beauty?”

“The prettiest girl at school.”

“Oh, I see...” Yue’s smile seemed very meaningful. “No wonder you lost.”

Languo was belittled. Feeling angry, she blurted, “the campus beauty was an airhead. Ever since my cla.s.smate picked her, I stopped liking him. I’ve lost my respect for him since he only cares about looks and has no cla.s.s.”

Yue didn’t completely understand what she said, but got the gist of it. He kept teasing Languo, “you mean he’d have cla.s.s if he picked you?”

Languo snorted. Wanting to save face, she admitted without shame. “Of course!”

Yue nodded as if he was lost in thought. He commented, “It was good that I chose you then, seems like I have cla.s.s.”

Languo was shocked and then became really mortified. Her cheeks became red as she lowered her head, afraid to look at Yue’s eyes. She blamed herself for her lack of immunity against beautiful men. Her old crush was practically a joke compared to the Prince.

Now she felt a little lucky. Two years ago, when she first traveled here, she was away from her parents, her own era, and just wanted to die. But today, she realized G.o.d has opened a window after closing a door. She now lives with a gorgeous man and could appreciate his looks daily, what a treat... Of course, he was disabled...

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