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Chapter 842: Would you like to have the honor of drinking juice?

Translator: 549690339

Shi qinglan saw her brother leading her manager away.

She raised her eyebrows slightly and her lips curled into a smile of interest, as if she was watching a show.

“There’s a situation.” Shi muring couldn’t help but gossip.

Shi qinglan leaned closer to her and lowered her voice, he’s probably still at the crematorium trying to court his wife. My brother’s love life is really difficult.

that’s not as difficult as your second brother. He hasn’t found a wife yet. At least your big brother has a goal now. Shi muning complained in a low voice, and the aunt and nephew had a pleasant conversation.

However, Shi qinglan had come as qingyue after all.

It wasn’t convenient for her to stand with the Shi family for too long, so she blended in with the other guests to entertain them.

G.o.ddess qingyue is even more beautiful in real life than on television!

that’s right. If I didn’t know better, 1 would have thought that she’s the daughter of some rich family in Imperial. Her temperament is really a little unique.

you don’t say. G.o.ddess qingyue’s figure and temperament are somewhat similar to that of the rich Missy of the Shi financial magnate …

“Speaking of which, 1 didn’t seem to see miss Shi today.”

didn’t they expose her pregnancy a while ago? miss Shi is so precious, and master Bo and the Shi family dote on her so much. How could they bear to tire her out at such an event?”

Shi qinglan responded with a standard smile.

She thought to herself, if the daughter of the Shi financial magnate were here, you guys probably wouldn’t be able to see qingyue!

“Miss qingyue.” At this moment, a voice suddenly sounded.

The people who had been chatting with Shi qinglan immediately greeted the man. young master Zhu, it’s an honor to meet you.

this must be the young master of the Zhu family, who’s recently emerged. Please continue chatting with miss qingyue, we won’t disturb you any further.

Those young Masters scattered as they spoke.

Only Zhu chengxuan and Shi qinglan were left in the area. The man looked at her with a warm smile and said,” such temperament, and the mysterious mask. You must be miss qingyue, right? ”

“You are …” Shi qinglan sized up the man.

From the conversation just now, she could roughly guess the ident.i.ty of this person, but it was indeed the first time young master Zhu had seen him.

Zhu chengxuan smiled politely and said,” I’m Zhu chengxuan. If you don’t mind, you can call me chengxuan.

“Young master Zhu.” Shi qinglan nodded in agreement.

She did not have the habit of getting close to others, especially the person in front of her. Her intuition told her that he was a hypocrite.

Zhu chengxuan had not expected qingyue to be so polite to her.

It was just as su zijing had said. She looked more reserved on the surface, but it was understandable for women to be more reserved …

Bo Li Cheng had also arrived at the banquet hall.

He strode in steadily, and everyone around him greeted him with great respect, but the man was not interested and even ignored him. After he came in, his eyes kept wandering.

He searched for Shi qinglan’s figure without leaving a trace …

Suddenly, she saw a man who seemed to be hitting on his wife. She was instantly jealous and strode over with her long legs.

Zhu chengxuan did not realize that danger was approaching him.

He looked at Shi qinglan with a warm smile and said,” miss qingyue, I’ve always been your fan. I’ve been following you ever since you won the Golden song award for the first time., didn’t expect to be able to meet you today., wonder if 1 have the honor to invite you after the banquet…

“Young master Zhu.” A deep voice suddenly sounded.

Before Zhu chengxuan could finish his invitation, he was suddenly interrupted by this voice, and he couldn’t help but feel a little annoyed.

He looked up in the direction of the voice and unexpectedly met with a pair of eyes as deep as the night and a little cold!

“B-master Bo!” Zhu chengxuan was shocked.

Everyone in the wealthy circle knew about the master of the top wealthy cla.s.s, the Bo financial magnate. Even if the Zhu family had just been established, they had definitely heard of this master Bo’s name.

He did not know that he had such an honor …

Master Bo had actually taken the initiative to come over and greet him!

Seeing this, Shi qinglan’s lips curled up slightly, it seems that young master Zhu has something more important to talk about.

“No…” Zhu chengxuan couldn’t help but panic.

He didn’t want to let go of G.o.ddess qingyue, but he didn’t dare to let go of master Bo either. He couldn’t make a decision.

Zhu chengxuan looked at Shi qinglan lovingly, but as soon as his eyes fell on her, he suddenly felt that the air around him was a little cold.

“It seems that young master Zhu thinks that I’m not as important as a woman.”

Bo Yucheng’s voice was slightly deep, and his words made Zhu chengxuan shudder. No… No, I didn’t mean that!”

He immediately retracted his gaze and smiled at the man.

Zhu chengxuan smiled in a flattering manner, master Bo, 1 didn’t know you were looking for me … Is there something important?”

Shi qinglan chuckled gloatingly at the side.

Bo ye Cheng glanced at her indifferently and the girl instantly retracted her smile, straightening her back sternly.

The man gestured for her to leave first, and Shi qinglan immediately turned to go somewhere else. Bo Yucheng’s gaze returned to him. it’s nothing, 1 was just saying h.e.l.lo.

“All… Ah?” Zhu chengxuan was confused.

He really wasn’t worthy of master Bo’s special greeting. It even caused his G.o.ddess to disappear. He really didn’t know when he would be able to talk to her again!

However, it didn’t matter even if they didn’t talk…

Su zijing had already made the arrangements for him. He would definitely be able to sleep with this woman after the welcoming ceremony!

thank you all for attending my sister’s welcome banquet.

At this moment, Shi honghu’s voice was heard. He was dressed in a suit and leather shoes as he walked to the center of the banquet hall to speak.

After announcing the official start of the welcome banquet, Shi muning invited qingyue to his side, thank you all for coming. Miss qingyue has always been my G.o.ddess. Since 1 have the opportunity to invite her here today, I’ll invite her to hold the welcome ceremony for me!

As she spoke, Shi mu ning pa.s.sed the champagne to her.

The waiter then pushed up countless gla.s.ses, which were stacked up in a spectacular way. Shi qinglan opened the champagne gla.s.s and slowly poured the wine down the top gla.s.s …

“Congratulations! Welcome, Your Majesty!”

The guests ‘well-wishes and support immediately rang out. For the sake of the auspicious item, many people came to get a gla.s.s of champagne.

Zhu chengxuan was no exception. However, he had not heard about qingyue’s tone, so he simply asked for a gla.s.s of watermelon juice from the waiter and secretly mixed the powder into the juice …

“Miss qingyue.” Zhu chengxuan took the initiative to look for her again.

Shi qinglan was about to find an excuse to leave when she was suddenly stopped by Zhu chengxuan. She smiled and said,” young master Zhu.

“I was just thinking of asking for your autograph. I didn’t expect master Bo to have business to discuss with me. 1 heard that you don’t drink. I wonder if I can have the honor of treating you to a cup of watermelon juice?”

Zhu chengxuan pa.s.sed her a drink..

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