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Chapter 6 – Food Crisis

In the training ground, a platform was set one meter above ground. 233 sat beside it while gripping a brush and scribbling earnestly on a piece of paper.

The gang slowly gathered in the place. The bandit's temperament was completely exposed at this time. All kinds of noises were heard one after another. Swears echoed throughout the room. 233 on the stage frowned.

However, the profanity matches with the people's ident.i.ty settings. The more vulgar they are, the more points they will receive. Before long, the person in charge of the gathering came to 233 and said loudly, “All the people are here, master!”

The man needed to shout over the booming noise originating from the ground below. 233 put down the pen, looked down at the large group of people below, and then raised his hand. Silence enveloped the room.

Frowning, 233 scanned the crowd. “Are you sure everyone is here?”

The people responded with a humble bow. "We are all here,master." The in-charge added hastily.

“h.e.l.lo, says hundreds of people …” 233 glanced, patted his forehead and murmured softly to himself. At the same time, he couldn't help but think that the system is too economical.

The outline specified that there were hundreds of people, but now all the people on the site can actually be counted and at most, there are only a little more than one hundred people present.

However, 233 also knows the reason why the system does so. In many cases, the data in the outline are written by the author, and the people who really show up in the plot are only few. It is not an obligation of the system to be an accurate likeness of what the author writes. After all, manpower is costly. The system would want to avoid needless costs especially for such unimportant small groups.

It is enough to arrange a hundred people for 233.

So 233 also stopped worrying about this problem, picked up the freshly painted picture from the table and shouted to the crowd below: “This man is called Wei Ba Tian. You all have a clear memory. When you find this man on patrol in the future, you should inform me as soon as possible, understood?”

To tell the truth, 233 has not received any training in fine arts and has not played any role related to painting before. Therefore, this is his first time to paint with a brush pen which was rarely used. 

The outcome is, as expected, only the outline of a round face and a few dots representing the five facial features. Another ink is used for the messy hair. What finally emerges is a large lump of ink, poorly used in strokes in vain attempts of drawing a face which resembles funny hat than a face.

This kind of painting was awful and could be perceived as a ghost, but the crowd below answered in chorus: “We will remember!”

Everyone owns a totem through which the system will automatically send tasks to. Meaning, all characters have been informed about the mission of killing Wei Batian. What they did was merely for show – a scene needed to be performed for the plot.

“Do you really remember? What are his characteristics?!" 233 demanded confirmation.

“Standing 1.85 meters tall, afro hair, bearded …” Almost all the gang members chorused, as they received the same information.

“Wrong!” 233 corrected: “He's eight feet in height, with a leopard-looking head and a hoop under his eye!”

Only after being reprimanded did the members of the gang remember that this is a world of ancient martial arts Wu Xia*, therefore there was no word such as “meter”. They only read what was inside the medal immediately and forgot that it cannot distinguish the different terminologies in realms at the moment. 

After all, the standard format presented was based on modern day information, yet this was an ancient plane. Specifically speaking, the characters needed to be knowledgeable of these things before speaking. 

Therefore, after being called out, they hastily changed their manner of speaking.

T/N : Wu Xia is a genre of fantasy literature that  earned its inspiration from ancient chinese martial arts.

233 purposely scolded the gang to establish prestige. The members are generally played by newly graduated newcomers. Some are unavoidably arrogant and difficult to manage. Although the members' characteristics are stipulated that they must listen to their leader, obedience is one thing and att.i.tude another.

“Very well, everyone must be sharp. This is no joke. Dismiss and bring me the cook!”

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