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“Su Jing, long time no see.” Liu Yong is very familiar with Su Jing. The smile on his face is enough to fascinate many ignorant girls.

“Yeah, long time no see.” Su Jing shook hands with Liu Yong in a familiar way, which made Shi Qing, Lu Qingya, Yang Wei and others stare at him. Everyone was cold-faced about Liu Yong and hoped that this fellow would get the clue and leave by himself. Su Jing was so enthusiastic about meeting him. What kind of trouble would it be? It's totally inconsistent with Su Jing's character.
“After a long time, I still remember that when you were on the basketball court, powerful as a tiger, fast as the wind, I almost became your little fan. Have you continued to develop your basketball skills in these years? Is your physical fitness good?” Su Jing asked enthusiastically that made Shi Qing and Yang Wei had white eyes. Su Jing did not like basketball at all. He never watched basketball games. What kind of little fan is he? What the h.e.l.l does this guy want to do?

“I still exercise regularly, and my body is OK.” Liu Yong was also uncomfortable with Su Jing's enthusiasm. According to his understanding of Su Jing, he knew that Su Jing was an easy-going person, but not a kind person.

“Good health, that's good.” Su Jing's words made everyone puzzled. Su Jing pointed to two native dogs not far away and said, “These two are actually wild dogs, because there are many leftovers in several beach stores, so they often come here to pick up food and eat. They're ugly, so they hate handsome people. You're the most handsome one here, so you have to be careful.

“Hate handsome people?” The crowd is even more puzzled.

“What are you talking about?” Liu Yong looks strange, wondering if Su Jing has become silly after all these years.

“Woof Woof” at this time, the two dogs rushed towards Liu Yong, Liu Yong was stunned at first. Then he became frightened and fell off his chair, rolled and hid in the corner, thinking that with so many people here, the two dogs might attack others. Unexpectedly, there seemed to be no one else in the eyes of the two dogs. They kept chasing after Liu Yong and opened their mouth to show their teeth.

“Get out of here.” Liu Yong was so angry that he stopped to pick up stones and threatened loudly. However, neither of the dogs were scared at all. Their speed did not slow down at all. They opened their mouth and bit Liu Yong's b.u.t.t. Liu Yong only avoided one of them and failed to escape from the other. He was bitten heavily and his b.u.t.tocks were red with blood.

“Ah.” Liu Yong issued a high-decibel scream. Lu Qingya, Shi Qing, Yang Wei, and others could see this scene and they breathed in cold air, his a.s.s was bitten heavily. They can feel the pain he is suffering just by looking at him.

Liu Yong changed his direction and rushed into the middle of his cla.s.smates. He wanted to use his cla.s.smates as a shield, which shocked them all. But to everyone's astonishment, the two dogs had no intention of attacking them at all and they kept chasing Liu Yong.

“I will kill you.” Liu Yong picked up the stool and smashed it towards the Dogs. He was so strong that the stool he smashed out was quite lethal and the dog could not respond. It was about to be smashed, but the stool that was spinning in the air, knocking one foot on the ground first, then bouncing up slightly, just brushing the dog and flying over, without hurting the dog at all. This scene, it seems, is just a coincidence and has not attracted anyone's attention. Liu Yong continued to smash stones and sticks, but each time they missed the dogs with a fraction of the difference. He was clearly aiming, but he just couldn't hit them.

“Ah,” his b.u.t.t was bitten again and Liu Yong screamed and ran away in the distance. One person and two dogs, one fleeing two chasing, quickly rushed to the side of the road and went away along the road.

“…” Shi Qing, Lu Qingya, Yang Wei and others collectively gaped as they watched Liu Yong driven away by two dogs without given any choice. Liu Yong's screams were so tragic that people even felt sympathy for him for a moment.

“Oh, sure enough, being too handsome is just troublesome.” Su Jing shook his head and sighed.

“Did you have any hand in this situation?” Lu Qingya looked suspiciously at Su Jing, the two dogs were attributed to hate handsome people, but they chased Liu Yong. Remembering Su Jing's strange words and deeds just now, it looks like Su Jing made them do this.

“Nonsense, I didn't do anything, I said the two dogs hate handsome people.” Su Jing said solemnly causing everyone to roll their eyes.

“I say, won't Liu Yong be killed?” A boy was worried even if he felt good as Liu Yong was driven away. But looking at the situation, the two dogs were still chasing him down, can Liu Yong escape?

“Don't worry, those two dogs just hate handsome people. They don't kill people. What's more, Liu Yong's physical fitness is good. It will be alright.” Su Jing said that and this made people feel more strange, thinking that it was absolutely Su Jing's ding. No wonder he asked Liu Yong about his physical fitness.

“h.e.l.lo, Liu Yong. Are you all right?” The boy still felt uneasy and called Liu Yong.

“I… I'm fine. I won't attend the party. I'll drive away first.” Liu Yong across the street was gasping violently and crying.

“Oh, you be careful.” The boy hung up the phone. After a while, the two wild dogs ran back, and everyone was relieved. Lu Qingya sneaked a thumbs up on Su Jing. She seemed to be fresh and elegant but her bones were a bit black, Su Jing looked at her and didn't respond to her, he didn't care about her.

“Su Jing, you are still so insidious and deceitful.” A handsome boy said with some emotion. A handsome boy sighed. The boy, Li Wei, is one of the few boys who are close to Shi Qing. Su Jing once mistakenly believed that he wanted to pursue Shi Qing and had a conflict with him. Although it was later explained clearly that Li Wei had a girlfriend and had no half-hearted thoughts about Shi Qing, they seemed to have different personalities and sparks of gunpowder flew between them whenever they meet.

“How am I deceitful?” Su Jing asked.

“Hey, what gift did you bring? I heard that you have become a fisherman recently. It wouldn't be a basket of stinky fish, is it?” The boy glanced at Su Jing's gift, slightly provocative.
“What gift did you bring?” Su Jing asked faintly.

“Hey, you are optimistic.” Li Wei sneered and took out a beautiful box and opened it. There was a pearl necklace in it. It was so beautiful that girls like Lu Qingya and Yang Wei couldn't help but swoon seeing it.

Su Jing glanced at the smiling girl next to Li Wei. He remembered that her name was Fan Zhiruo, a daughter of a rich family, and her father was the chairman of a jewelry company. Fan Zhiruo is friends with Shi Qing and it was because of her that she was able to meet Li Wei, so she was grateful to Shi Qing. This pearl necklace must be prepared by her.

“It's a coincidence, one of my gifts is also a pearl.” Su Jing also took out an equally exquisite box, even with the same trademark as Li Wei's box. Fan Zhiruo was shocked by this. That's the trademark of her company. Did Su Jing buy jewelry from her store? (to be continued ~^~)

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