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"Yao Er, Yao Er, don't be scared. Mother is here, Mother will always be by your side." Su Qing had been worried about Mu Yunyao's injuries and had thus came in into the room to check on her, where she saw Mu Yunyao's body curled into ball, her face wet with tears.

Mu Yunyao opened her eyes. Upon seeing Su Qing, she gave her a smile, "Mother, what's wrong?"

"Does Yao Er's injuries hurt? Is that why Yao Er is crying?" Su Qing asked anxiously.

Mu Yunyao touched her own face to find that it was indeed wet. "They don't hurt, it's just that I dreamt of Father."

She changed the topic. She did not want to tell her of her bizzare history. She will not burden her with her blackened memories.

In her past life, she had supposed that her Father had died due to an accident. She never thought too deeply into it, but now that she thought about it again, his cause of death was really unusual. Her Father had supposedly drowned during winter, but during winter, the water would have had frozen into ice, what business would he have had at the river? Not long after, she and her Mother were sold to the Zhang residence. Her Mother died, her leg got broken, her reputation got ruined, and then came the Su family……

Although the time between when she got her leg broken and the arrival of the Su family was a difference of more than a year, she felt that there was something fishy about it.

She had become familiar with the man-eating courtyard house and learned to rethink about every single matter. Was it possible that someone behind the scenes was controlling everything? Was there someone who wanted to kill her and her Mother?

But even though her Mother was a daughter of the Su family, she was barely an obstacle to the capital's Su family, who could possibly go so far?

Su Qing could not help tearing up when Mu Yunyao mentioned her late husband. "Your Father could swim, but the water is unpredictable, it must have been his fate."

The two of them comforted each other and eventually fell asleep together.

It was the middle of the night. The sound of rustling entered Mu Yunyao's ears. She had always been a light sleeper, thus she immediately woke up.

Su Qing, who had been so full of worry for a long time, found it difficult to sleep. Upon hearing the rustling sound, she nearly jumped up in fright.

Mu Yunyao held her hand and whispered, "Shh, don't be afraid Mother." She got off the bed and picked up a metal stick which was near the head of the bed.

Ever since her Father's death, her Mother was alert of their surroundings day and night. She was a frail widow living with her thirteen year old daughter at the edge of the village. If someone secretly came in, they would have no chance. Thus, she hid a knife underneath the pillow and placed a metal stick at the head of the bed just in case they were needed during emergencies. Just like now.

Su Qing's heart felt as if it was about to jump out of her chest, but when she saw the staunch Mu Yunyao, she forced herself to stay calm and got off the bed to hold her back. "Let Mother do it……" Yao Er was only a thirteen year old child who was injured and had no strength. She took the stick from Mu Yunyao and tiptoed towards the door. She saw a dark silhouette flipping the furniture over in the outer room.

Mu Yunyao stayed close behind Su Qing. Seeing her trembling figure yet forcing herself to stay strong in front of her, Mu Yunyao's eyes teared up a little. She took a peak at the dark figure and froze.

Although she could not see the person's face, the body shape was all too familiar to Mu Yunyao. After all, she had hated this person for so many years. She thought for a moment, then picked up the chamber pot from the ground. While Su Qing was not paying attention, she opened the door wide and leapt at the figure, the chamber pot in her hand held high up. She used it to hit the silhouette's head with all her might.

Su Qing was stunned. When she came back to her senses, she rushed out of the room to hit the silhouette with the metal stick, causing the silhouette to fall onto the ground.

The black silhouette let out a short scream, "Ah!"

Although the scream only lasted for a moment, Su Qing could still identify it as belonging to her Mother-in-law, Li Shi.

The fear that had acc.u.mulated in her for so many years caused her grip on the stick to slacken, but at the next moment, Mu Yunyao used her hands to tighten Su Qing's grip and held up the stick to bring it smashing down!

Many things may seem very difficult to do, but once you take one step, you will find that it was not so difficult after all. After Su Qing hit her, she felt the suffocating feeling in her chest lighten up and proceeded to continuously hit the black figure with the stick without holding back.

When she saw that the black figure's breath start to weaken, Su Qing felt a little scared and threw the stick to the side with a 'ping'. Her body started trembling.

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