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(Hi Chiyo here from Silversnow translations! I hope you enjoy this! This chapter was a little longer…)

Mu Yunyao was not only comforting Su Qing, but she was also comforting herself. Four days were enough for her to prepare.

"Yao Er……" Su Qing had started crying again as she hugged her. It was only after a while till she remembered, "Yao Er, how is your wound……"

The injury at the back of her head was so painful that she was partially blinded, but Mu Yunyao did not dare show it on her face. Instead, she shook her head lightly, "Mother, I'm fine."

"There is even blood flowing from it, and you are telling me that you are alright?" Su Qing got up quickly and went to get some water to clean her wounds. As she wrapped the wound, tears continued to flow from her face. "Grandma……she……she has such an evil heart."

Mu Yunyao looked at Su Qing. She bent over to relax in Su Qing's embrace. "Mother, you do not have to bother about that old hag. That kind of woman will definitely receive punishment from the Heavens." Even if the Heavens do not do it, she will!

Her daughter always had an honest and soft personality, so the fact that these words came out of her mouth shocked Su Qing a little, causing Su Qing's heart to hurt for her: Yao Er was still a little child, if she had not been treated this way by Li Shi, this child would not be like this.

As Mu Yunyao rested contentedly in Su Qing's embrace, she thanked the Heavens with all her heart.

In her memory, her Mother was always weak. She had the aura of a scholar, her every movement had an uncommon charm to it. She had always seemed different from the rest. Because of this, people unpleasantly accused her of being a fake who was unable to do any manual labour. She had the body of a rich young miss but the life of a lowly servant.

(T/N: Above is my direct translation. Meaning she acts like she has a higher status than others but in reality that is not the case.)

Soon after, the Su family arrived. They had a vast and grand arrival, that magnificent scene caused even the county town's Qingtian Daren to bend his waist and ingratiate himself with them. That was when she knew that her Mother was the Young Miss of the Su family!

(T/N: Qingtian Daren is not a guy's name, it's talking about an upright and just official. Daren is used by people with lower status than the person in question as a form of respect.)

(T/N: Young Miss is a daughter of a large and powerful family.)

However, before this Su family had arrived, her Mother had been tortured to death to protect her! And even though Mu Yunyao was able to escape, her leg became useless. If Zhang Caizhu's misdeeds had not been not exposed, she could had also been caught and tortured too.

With Mother gone and a broken leg, Mu Yunyao could only rely on Li Shi to survive, but Li Shi disliked her. Seeing that she could not do any labour with a broken leg and a bad complexion, she would easily put out all of her anger on her.

The villagers were very displeased with Li Shi's actions. They raised funds to hire the city's doctor to treat Mu Yunyao, but Li Shi blocked him from entering the house and cursed at him till he left. Mu Yunyao was left with an untreated leg but fortunately, it became a disability that did not cause further troubles.

More than a year pa.s.sed, every day was like a whole year to Mu Yunyao. Many times, she had stared at the fire underneath the kitchen range, wishing to use it to burn Li Shi and herself alive. But she could not, this life of hers was protected at the expense of her Mother's life. No matter how much she was suffering, she had to continue on living.

After a year and a half, the Su family arrived. They were dressed in elegant colours. Handsome horses pulled their majestic carriages. The women were like fairies as their dresses floated as they walked. When they opened their mouths, warm and gentle words told Mu Yunyao that her life after this would be much better.

Mu Yunyao could not believe it. During the course of her journey, she felt very anxious and did not dare say a word. When she reached the Su family, when she saw all those rich persons, she felt very inferior and even more uneasy.

"Su family?" Mu Yunyao laughed coldly in her heart. "They are all just demons disguised under human skin!"

Once she had entered the Su family, she was an outcast. Afterwards, someone had even started the rumour of her entertaining people in the Zhang residence. She was treated even more like dirt. With a broken leg, a destroyed reputation and trusting the wrong person, in order to continue on surviving, she had to make use of something that she disdained the most: her looks. She thus stepped into a deep whirlpool.

At that time, she only knew a few words that her Father had taught her. She did not understand calligraphy, poems and definitely did not understand poetic charm and grace.

To make up for this, she was harsh on herself. If she did not know, then she could learn. Despite all the blood, sweat and tears, she marched on forward. But it was a pity that she underestimated the human heart and overestimated herself. Her end was like her Mother's, she was accused of being a spy and thus tortured to death……

(T/N: Actually there was no "sweat" in the actual translation, but I felt like it fitted into it…. )

Even till death, she thought that she would have been better off dying earlier in the Su residence, at least she would have died with a clean name……

When she thought of how she had died, Mu Yunyao's heart all of a sudden ached terribly, her face turned ghost white in a flash.

Su Qing encircled her arms around Mu Yunyao. When she saw her complexion, her tears fell even faster, "Yao Er, what is wrong, please don't scare Mother……"

When Mu Yunyao sensed her Mother's distress, she quickly cleared all negative thoughts. Her eyes became clearer as she thought: Everything was different now. Now, nothing has happened yet, she had the chance to change everything! In this life, she will protect her Mother, protect herself, and let all those who have wronged her pay the price!

"Mother, I'm fine, please get up and wash your face. Look at you, your crying face is not pretty." Mu Yunyao frowned. Mu Yunyao's snow white face had a red slap mark which was starting to bruise. To add on to this, there was also an open wound on her face caused by the porcelain shard. She looked quite shocking to say the least. The act of her frowning affected her wound, causing her to take in a sharp breath from the pain.

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