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Zhang Caizhu's crimes reached the Emperor's ears, causing the Emperor to become enraged. He ordered for the immediate death of Zhang Yongan. The victims' family members gathered outside the city walls and kowtowed in thanks for the Emperor's kindness. Magistrate Liu, who was in charge of this case, was rewarded by the Emperor. Although he did not promote, but it would not be long before he does.

Mu Yunyao and her Mother was not mentioned at all throughout. The general public was only told that a few other women nearly became Zhang Yongan's victims. However, Li Shi became infamous. The news that two men over the age of fifty fought each other to win over Li Shi was good material for gossip amongst the public.

Looks like she had to find a chance to thank Coroner Liu. The fact that she and her Mother's names were not mentioned at all was thanks to him.

"Yao Er, what are you thinking? You look so focused."

"Mother," Mu Yunyao came back to her senses and immediately put on a sweet smile. "It's nothing, I was just thinking that we will soon be able to see the scenery down at Jiangnan. I feel really happy!"

"Jiangnan……since Yao Er likes it, we will definitely go. But your Grandma she……"

"We will just bring her along." Of course she had to bring her along, after all, she is a filial granddaughter. She must not let her own reputation go to ruin. As for where she would throw Li Shi to, that has not been confirmed.

"En, that's alright."

"Mother, what type of clothes do you like? We have some money now. I will buy anything that Mother likes."

"You ah, the fact that you are here is already enough. Everything else is not important." Su Qing was already extremely satisfied with everything. She just wanted to live a peaceful life with Mu Yunyao.

Mu Yunyao whined at Su Qing, "Mother, Yao Er's shoulders are aching, I want Mother to ma.s.sage me."

"Alright, Mother will help you."

Mu Yunyao lay in Su Qing's embrace. She felt a comfortable strength on her shoulders. Mu Yunyao slowly fell asleep, the smile on her lips never disappeared.

In Xingsheng restaurant, sat Yue w.a.n.g, whose injuries had mostly healed. He asked coldly, "Has the dagger been replaced?"

"Yes, Master, an exact replica had been made, the only difference is that your mark is not on it." Although that dagger did not have Yue w.a.n.g's special sign, but that mark was carved in by him when he was bored. If that dagger ended up in an enemy's hands, they might get into some trouble.

"To the village."

"Master, Yue Xi sent a message for you to return quickly."

Yue w.a.n.g furrowed his eyebrows. That little girl caused so much trouble for him, causing him to have no choice but to stay in Yan City. He even had to think of a way to clear up the aftermath of her situation. Not getting revenge on her was not like him. "A few couple of hours should not be a problem."

"Master, the Emperor's birthday is in two months. After that, coming back here to get our revenge would lead to the same results. But now, there are much more urgent matters to attend to, we should really return immediately," His guard persuaded.

"Fine, then." Two months would not be enough for that troublesome thing to escape from him.

Mu Yunyao was unaware that she had just gotten out of danger. She was currently concentrating on her embroidery. Yang Shi was no longer st.i.tching handkerchiefs. Every day, she would cook for them and help Su Qing to cut the thread.

On a particular day, Mu Yunyao did her last stroke and wriggled her sore fingers and wrists. She sighed heavily, "Done, finally done!"

Yang Shi quickly placed a white cloth on the bed and placed her masterpiece onto it with the help of Su Qing. She marvelled at the picture, "No matter how many times I look at it, I still find it hard to believe that this was sewn out by mere thread. It's so beautiful, words are just not enough to describe it."

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