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Chapter 310


“What did you say?” The Old Madam sat up straight in bed . “Everything is fine . Nothing happened . How could it ruin the reputation?”

“No one knew whether it was a coincidence or not, but yesterday, a high platform had been built in front of Huan Cai Pavillion . A dancer was flying in the air on the platform, which attracted countless people’s attention . Later, the dancer disappeared, and the men in the Capital rushed to inquire about her whereabouts . Some scholars had many things to do with her . They drew a beautiful picture of the dancer, her dancing posture and manner . . . like the Eldest Miss . ”

The Old Madam’s heart skipped a beat as a sharp glint flashed across her eyes . “How can there be so many coincidences in this world? How are the rumors spreading now?”

Wen Mama’s expression became even more unsightly . “Originally, the Eldest Madam had someone take action, wanting to spread Eldest Miss’s reputation even further, but who would have thought that this would happen? That dancer was called the Moon Fairy of the Moon Palace by the bystanders, and the reputation that Eldest Miss spread was Moon Worshipping Fairy…As a result, the rumors and spreading were a bit confused . Many people said that the dancer who danced on the high platform of the Huan Cai Pavilion that day . . . was the Eldest Miss . . . ”

“Nonsense! Yuyi is the legitimate daughter of the Su family residence . How could she appear in a place as unclean as Huan Cai Pavilion? “

“Don’t be angry, Madam . We understand that, but some ignorant commoners are only interested in watching the show . Why would they bother thinking about whether it’s reasonable or not? At the moment, we should first stabilize the rumors . No matter what, Eldest Miss’s reputation is more important . “

“Quick, call Meng Yunxiang over!”

“Yes . ”

The Eldest Madam had just led out the Mudan Pavilion, and the stage was bustling with noise and excitement . When she saw Wen Mama walk over with a solemn expression on her face, she couldn’t help but frown . “Why isn’t Wen Mama staying by mother’s side?”

“Return to the Eldest Madam . The Old Madam would like you to come over . ”

“But what’s the urgent matter with Mother?”

Wen Mama nodded slightly . “Eldest Madam will know once she gets there . ”

The Eldest Madam’s eyes became serious as she felt a bad premonition in her heart . She turned around and instructed Su Yuyi, “Mother is going to visit the Old Madam . You can continue listening to the play here . ”

Wen Mama raised her eyes . “This play has been noisy for the entire morning . Why don’t we rest here?”

The Eldest Madam’s heart skipped a beat . She didn’t bother to talk to Su Yuyi anymore and quickly walked to the Old Madam’s Ning He Garden .

As soon as the door curtain was lifted, the Old Madam slammed a teacup over and almost hit the Eldest Madam’s feet . “Look at what you’ve done!”

The Eldest Madam quickly walked in and curtsied, “Mother, what have I done that makes you unhappy? How can you be so angry for no reason at all? If your daughter-in-law isn’t considerate, please do not hesitate to punish her . Don’t lose your body just because of this . ”

The Old Madam’s heart filled with anger, but she did not hold back when she said it, “I pa.s.sed the Su family to you, and for you to personally train Yuyi, it was all for the sake of making Yuyi even more promising, but who would have known that you would almost destroy her!”

The Eldest Madam’s heart skipped a beat as she hurriedly raised her head: “Mother, where did this come? Yuyi is my biological daughter . I held her in my palm and held her in my mouth . If that’s not enough, how could I destroy her?”

“Wen Mama, tell her the rumors in the Capital . ”

“Yes, Madam . Today, many people are searching for the Moon Fairy from the Moon Palace in the Capital for nothing … “ Wen mama quickly recounted what had happened today . Halfway through her words, the Eldest Madam’s face had already turned deathly pale . By the time she had finished listening, her back was thoroughly drenched in a cold sweat .

“How could this be? Where did this Moon Fairy of the Moon Palace come? What’s up with the Huan Cai Pavilion?” A girl’s reputation was the most important thing . Even if she wanted to make a name for herself, she still had to be extremely careful . She was afraid that she might lose control of the situation . She had planned to help Su Yuyi spread her fame for a long time, just waiting to make her a blockbuster today, but who would have thought that a Moon Fairy of the Moon Palace was born halfway through, and she was born in a lowly place like Huancai Pavilion!

In this way, even if she could explain everything clearly, she still couldn’t escape being a laughingstock in the Capital . She had spent a lot of energy and time making Su Yuyi even more famous, even secretly used many people’s money . Now, she wants to collect it, returning it is not something that can be done in a moment . . .

Thinking of this, the Eldest Madam could only feel a buzzing in her head and a splitting headache . “Mother, please help me control the situation . We can’t let Yuyi’s reputation be ruined like this!”

The Old Madam took a deep breath . “Does this mean you can control this matter just because you want to? We didn’t notice it earlier, but now we realize it, the news has spread far and wide…”

“We can’t just let it go just like that … Mother . You also hold Yuyi in high regard . She is the legitimate daughter of the Su Family . If her reputation and future are ruined, it would be very disadvantageous to You’er, Yaxian, and the rest in the future . It is related to our Su family’s face, and we must find a way to save it anyway . ”

The Old Madam thought for a moment and suddenly opened her eyes, “Our Su family can’t come forward on this matter . The more the water gets washed, the dirtier the ink, the darker the ink, the more anxious we are, and the easier it is to make things worse . We might as well ignore it . ”

“But if we don’t explain, what should we do if the people outside continue misunderstanding Yuyi?”

“Aren’t those people in the Capital trying to find the Moon Fairy from the Moon Palace? Then find a Moon Fairy for them . As long as they can find someone to confirm that it’s not Yuyi, the rumors would definitely be shattered . ”

After the Eldest Madam heard this, she nodded her head and said, “That’s right, Mother has thought it through . ” As long as they could find the real Moon Fairy from the Moon Palace, those people would naturally not place their gazes on Su Yuyi . However, by doing so, most of their plans to spread their reputation would be ruined, and it would still have an impact on Yu Yi, which really made her feel resentful .

The Old Madam could see the unhappiness in the first wife’s heart . She couldn’t help but remind her, “Right now, the most important thing for you is to get Yuyi out first . As for that reputation, you can slowly think of a plan later . ”

The Eldest Madam quickly retracted her thoughts . “Yes, Mother, please be at ease . Your daughter-in-law knows what to do . ”

“That would be the best . ”

As soon as she stepped out of Ning He Garden, the Eldest Madam was anxious to arrange her instructions . Suddenly, she saw Qi Mama rushing over in a panic . The Eldest Madam, who was already in a bad mood, could not help but add a little more anger: “What’s the matter . Is it burning?”

It was so rare for the Eldest Madam to have such a vile tone and act . Usually, she was so merciful and generous that when she suddenly saw her expression, Qi Mama was so shocked that she immediately kneeled down . “Reporting to Eldest Madam, there’s a commotion at the door saying that w.a.n.g Mama and Liu Mama have died …”

“What did you say? What do we have to do with who w.a.n.g and Liu are and whether they will die or not? “

“Madam, Old w.a.n.g Mama, and Old Liu Mama were the people who had been ordered to beat up Miss Mu at Small Lu Yi Pavilion before . Afterward, they were ordered by Miss Mu to punish them, and they were chased out of the Su family residence . ”

The Eldest Madam stared at her with wide eyes . “Those two … Afterwards, even when we punished them, we only lightly hit them ten times . Several days have pa.s.sed since then, and why only now have there been any problems?”

“The ones causing trouble were the two women’s families . They were kneeling at the door and crying . They didn’t say how the two of them died . They only said that their families were poor and that they didn’t have any money to spend . They come here . . . ”

“The one who ordered us to beat up those two women was Mu Yunyao . Now that there are people killed, she should naturally come forward and explain everything . Go to the Jiyue Pavilion and tell Su Qing and Yunyao that the trouble they’ve caused will be taken care of by them . ” The Eldest Madam raised her eyebrows . The matter with Su Yuyi had already made her anxious . Now that she heard that someone had come to cause more trouble . Her anger isn’t even better . After that, she leaves directly .

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