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"How could that be?" The shopkeeper furrowed his eyebrows. Was this little girl here just to make a ruckus?

"Let's just talk about the red colours. You have normal red, purplish red, pinkish red, pink, bright pink, but you don't have silver red and fuchsin red. Am I correct?"

"This……silver red and fuchsin red actually look very similar to normal red and pinkish red, and people don't really use those colours, so……"

Mu Yunyao sighed in disappointment. "Normally people don't really use those colours is because they are just making do with it. I, on the other hand, have a great need for these colours, of course I can't just simply make do with other colours. Shopkeeper, this is the list of all the colours that I need, can you gather them all?"

"So much?" The shopkeeper was shocked. "Lady, you even wrote light yellow, this colour is near bright yellow, any embroidery shop would not dare sell it to you." Selling this kind of thread was against the law, he would be in deep trouble if he got caught by the officials. The officials would not care whether it was light yellow or bright yellow. After all, they look pretty much the same.

"So shopkeeper is not willing to sell light yellow thread to me?"

"Not selling," The shopkeeper's heart was already filled with regret. Had he known that this girl was here just to make a ruckus, he would not have wasted his time on her.

Mu Yunyao gave a small smile and took out a handkerchief from her sleeve. "Shopkeeper, take a look at this."

"What is so good about this handkerchief……this……," The shopkeeper glanced at the handkerchief and immediately s.n.a.t.c.hed it. He placed the handkerchief onto his palm and looked at it carefully. He even unconsciously took two steps towards the window. "This is the lost technique: the Flying Needle?"

"Shopkeeper has a good eye, this cloth, however, is very coa.r.s.e, it is not fit for st.i.tching."

The shopkeeper carefully examined it again. He gently used a finger to touch the b.u.t.terfly pattern on the handkerchief. "The Flying Needle st.i.tching technique involves working with threads and needles that are as thin as hairs. It has a special way to harmonise the colours. Birds and flowers and plants can be sewed on, mountains and water and people will all look as if they can move."

Mu Yunyao beamed, "I want to sew an art piece, I was wondering if the shopkeeper is willing to sell me the thread that I need?"

At this time, the shopkeeper was all smiles. He looked at Mu Yunyao as if he were looking at a golden doll. "Lady and the two mistresses have been standing way too long, you must all be very tired. Would you all like to come to my tea room and have a cup of tea and relax your legs? I will get people to ready the threads that this lady needs."

A tiny light flashed across Mu Yunyao's eyes. She nodded, "Alright."

The shopkeeper immediately got the servants to serve up high quality tea and snacks. He carefully asked a few questions to find out where Mu Yunyao learned this technique.

Mu Yunyao kelt smiling. Although she looked innocent and naive, she did not let out the smallest bit of useful information to the shopkeeper. Not long later, the threads had arrived. These threads also seemed to be of much better quality than the ones they saw before. "Shopkeeper, how much do all these threads cost?"

"Please excuse my presumptuousness, I wonder what this lady is making, such that you would have to gather so much thread?"

"When Father was alive, he really loved art, but he also thought that art on paper cannot hold its brilliance for long and thus felt regret. Father has pa.s.sed away, and I want to make his favourite mountains and rivers art piece for him."

"Oh, so what are the specifications?"

"It would be around six chi long and five chi in breadth."

"Lady's technique is incredibly delicate, just sewing a single bird would probably take you seven to eight days. May I ask, to complete this art piece, how long would lady take?"

"I have all the time in the world, I can take my time to make it." Mu Yunyao lowered her eyelids. She seemed to suddenly take interest in the snacks and reached out for one and nibbled on it. She looked very beautiful, her movements also seemed to be without any restraint unlike the n.o.ble ladies who have undergone etiquette training. This made Mu Yunyao seem very natural and pure.

"If you were to rush it, how long would it take lady to finish this big project?" The shopkeeper was very nervous. If she is able to finish it before that deadline, he might be able to reap incredible benefits!

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