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Translator: lilcupcakez

Crying About my Family’s Third w.a.n.gye

Long MuChen snapped out of his trance and secretly felt helpless momentarily. Then he walked in large strides and approached in front of Qian DuoDuo. He lowered his head, deeply looking at her.

The tiger’s going to show his power…w.a.n.gye is going to use his silence glance to kill her!

However, in the next second, the stuffy tiger had let out a noise. Although the words seemed to be filled with blame, it was carried along with a faint pampering: “Duo Er, what are you doing ah?”

The moment this type of warm tone had spilled out from Long MuChen’s mouth, the entire prefecture of Chen w.a.n.g’s servants and bodyguards nearly sprained their ankles. They distrustfully moved their gaze from Long MuChen’s body towards Han Tie. Housekeeper Han encircled his chest and kept a calm face on at this unexpected sight.

“Housekeeper Han, you have trapped this brother miserably. Looking at this situation, would this woman be our w.a.n.gFu’s future w.a.n.gye’s wife?” A certain bodyguard whispered lowly.

Han Tie rolled his eyes towards him and between the eyebrows, he held some dislike.

Master, how come you don’t even have that much integrity?

Do you know, because you had walked out of the door, old Han – me, will now have to become someone else’s ‘small brother’…

Saying that he doesn’t have integrity, he really didn’t have integrity. He raised his hand over to take off a piece of gra.s.s from Qian DuoDuo’s head. Following that, he stroked her black and bright hairs. He scrunched his eyebrows, grumbling a sentence: “You’re a woman, how come you have made yourself like this?”

“My family’s young miss is mourning…” Xiao Rou kneeled on one side. By surprise, Xiao Rou had answered.

“Mourning? Crying about who?” Long MuChen asked, in wonder.

“Cry…Crying about my family’s third w.a.n.gye…”

Xiao Rou’s voice was soft and weak as though a mosquito. Nevertheless, it still pa.s.sed over to Long MuChen’s ears. He was so shocked that the entire person became nervous. He immediately inquired: “What happened to the third brother?”

Xiao Rou was frightened by Long MuChen’s chilly aura that she shivered. She moved her body closer together and gave a look towards her own family’s young miss.

Qian DuoDuo received Xiao Rou’s signal for a cry for help. She jumped out and blocked in front of Long MuChen’s body. She used a small face to block his view, aggressively stating: “Long MuChen, be gentler. If you scare my family’s maid, I won’t be done with you. What can happen to Long MuChen? Drinking, eating, rolling in the bed sheets [1], and p.i.s.s, not a single thing missing. What are you worrying about?”

A strip of the black line appeared on top of Long MuChen’s head. However, his tone had become much warmer: “Then why are you letting Xiao Rou crying and mourning?”

“Psh, what I am doing right now is called planning ahead. I will first rehea.r.s.e with Xiao Rou. If Long MuChen was ugly and one day he ends up with a hanged neck then wouldn’t I have some experience then and not need to be fl.u.s.tered with what happened? Aiya… I really the great wisdom of predicting into the future ah!” Qian DuoDuo exclaimed in a justified tone, with reason, and proudly!

All the servants’ and the bodyguards’ eyeb.a.l.l.s, nearly fell out as Qian DuoDuo’s words came out!

They had all roughly known that Qian DuoDuo was the prefecture of third w.a.n.gye’s person. However, she had rushed here to Chen w.a.n.g to mourn for the third w.a.n.gye?

Plus, something about planning ahead? What type of woman is this ah?

However, their family’s w.a.n.gye’s taste, was really out of the ordinary ah…

Long MuChen saw as his own servants as well as the common people on the streets had all gossiped about Qian DuoDuo in a low voice and in his heart, he felt slightly unhappy. However, towards Qian DuoDuo’s unordinary style, he helplessly laughed. He raised his hand to take off the thick white cloth she had placed over her shoulder. The corner of his eyes slightly moved upwards and the tone of his voice was lazy and casual: “Tell me, you ran over here to me, jumping and hopping, what do you really want to do? Could it be that you don’t have any more banknotes?”

“Hey! Long MuChen, stop creating something from nothing okay. When did this lady open her mouth to ask you for banknotes ah? I have clean hands and am not corrupted, untainted by even a speck of dust. If you keep talking nonsense, be careful that report you for slandering me. Violating my reputation right… I will ask you for compensation!”


Rolling in the bed sheets [1] – Having s.e.x.

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