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Translator: lilcupcakez

Signing the Signature

"Second, where I want to go to play, I'll go there to play, you cannot restrict my freedom! Furthermore, if I happen to rush into a disaster outside, you have to help me take the responsibility!"

“Okay, how about the third one?” Long YuTian asked calmly and unhurriedly.

“The third is that you have to give me an alimony and mental comfort fee to compensate for my injured heart.” Qian DuoDuo confidently voiced her three requests.

The first two Long YuTian was still able to understand. But with the third one, he became confused. “What is an alimony and mental comfort fee?”

“It’s silver ah!” Qian DuoDuo moodily rolled her eyes, Ai (sigh)… And he’s the grand San w.a.n.gYe[1]. No education is so scary!

Qian DuoDuo..

This woman simply fell into a coin hole. After she requested for money, she had sold w.a.n.gFei’s throne. Does she know, she will the mother of the country in the future!

Long YuTian thought about how quickly he would be able to get rid of her and make Zhu SiSi as his wife, so he immediately agreed: “Ben w.a.n.g agrees to all these requests. Later on, let the housekeeper first give you 1000 silver banknotes. When SiSi is escorted to the wedding ceremony, you will get another 200,000 silver banknotes worth of compensation. But Qian DuoDuo this is a warning, you better not play some kind of trick on Ben w.a.n.g. Otherwise, Ben w.a.n.g won’t easily let you go!”

Once Qian DuoDuo heard there was money, her two eyes emitted off a golden-bright and dazzling sparks. She nodded her head the way chicken pecked at rice. She then turned around and ran to the table where she picked up a piece of paper and a writing brush. With a ‘shua shua’[2] a couple times on the paper, she then she delivered it to Long YuTian: “The contract has one form but two copies. You and I both get one copy. White paper black words, sign the signature!”

Long YuTian received it over and he almost exploded. What is this undecipherable handwriting? These words disgusted him that he wouldn’t eat for three days long. He was also too lazy to look at it so he straightforwardly took the brush and waved it around. Under the bottom of Qian DuoDuo’s signature, he signed his name and also conveniently stamped it.

Qian DuoDuo picked up her copy and as though it was a treasured object and had placed it on her chest. That warm feeling, 200,000 silver banknotes worth, burned her heart…

Long YuTian had also took his own copy. The eyebrows observed her deeply. He kept on feeling that this woman compared to the Qian DuoDuo from before. The Qian DuoDuo from before always felt wronged and had a weak personality was very different from the Qian DuoDuo from the present who is completely different. Even compared to the women of Sheng Chen country, she was different.

“Wei[3], what are you blindly pondering over about?” Qian DuoDuo waved her hands. She was stunned for a second before she became alert: “You cannot back out and not give me silvers ah?”

This woman couldn’t even take a compliment before she immediately returned back to her original self!

“Ben w.a.n.g[4], one word is worth nine sacred tripods[4]!” Long YuTian proudly replied. He wanted to quickly tell this news to Zhu SiSi so he hadn’t said anything else. He brushed his sleeves and left.

Xiao Ruo stood by the door and watched as w.a.n.gYe revealed a faint smile. He seemed as though he was in a pretty good mood. She boldly asked: “Does w.a.n.gYe have time tomorrow?”

“What’s the matter?” Long YuTian asked back in a good tone.

“Report to w.a.n.gYe, Xiao Jie[6] had married for three days. Tomorrow is the first time the bride returns back to her parental home. Are you going back with Xiao Jie?”

When Long YuTian heard about the bride returning back to her parental home, his smile slightly dimmed. They had just set the boundaries and now she wanted him to accompany her back to her family? Is Qian DuoDuo this woman trying to test him?

“Ben w.a.n.g has no time!” Long YuTian had straightforwardly rejected.

Xiao Rou wanted to say something else but Long YuTian had ‘hum’ towards her. The tone had gone up and although the voice was light, it held the dignity that didn’t allow challenges. This led Xiao Rou to be so frightened that she immediately took a step back.

Qian DuoDuo leaned against the wall and watched as Long YuTian acted as though nothing happened and disappeared off in a corner. She walked to Xiao Rou’s side and wiped her tears off: “Silly little girl, there’s nothing to cry about.”
T/N: h.e.l.lo guys! I hope you all enjoy reading at Cookies ‘N Cream Translations. We just want to inform you that although the Anarchic Consort had won the polls, we still haven’t received any reply from Misty Clouds Translation. So we had proceeded to translate Pampered Fei Br.i.m.m.i.n.g with Cuteness. However, please note that we will pick up Anarchic Consort when it’s dropped. Happy reading everyone! ❤
[1] w.a.n.gYe – It means prince (son of the emperor).
[2] ‘shua shua’ – is the sound of writing.
[3] Wei – It’s like hey in English. It’s basically trying to get the attention of the other party.
[4] Ben w.a.n.g – It means this prince. Long YuTian is referring to himself in third-person. In Chinese novels, princes often refer to themselves in third-person form.
[5] One word is worth nine sacred tripods (一言九鼎) – When someone says that, it means they won’t lie. Their words are of enormous weight and that they’re telling the truth.
[6] Xiao Jie – The literal translation is ‘young miss’. If you prefer us using ‘young miss’ over ‘Xiao Jie’, please let us know.

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