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Is She Praising Him?

(Translated by: RenRen, Edited by: Bon-Chan, Proofread by: Yuki)

(Donation thanks to: Meropith, S.Taing, C.Govinden, M.Chhoun, N. Wongvitoothai)

"But Long YuTian… I think you're really cold-blooded, vicious, and ruthless, not losing to Heaven's Punishment! The woman had been warming your bed for two years, but you ordered her to be sold so easily… Aiya… However, you, as a man, are cool enough!"

"……" Is she praising him? Why does it sound so weird? Long YuTian disapprovingly said, "This kind of woman is nothing but Benw.a.n.g's plaything. Benw.a.n.g will have as many as Benw.a.n.g wants. Why should Benw.a.n.g feel reluctant to send her away?"

When Long YuTian spoke, disdain appeared in his eyes. It was the most uninhibited overbearingness, rampant and arrogant. In him, Qian DuoDuo seemed to see the shadow of the man who had once moved her heart. But in the end, that man slept with her own sister.

Although there was a bit of sorrow in her heart, Qian DuoDuo soon regained her composure. She said somewhat sourly, "What you said is right. In your eyes, women are nothing but clothes you could change as you please, but your taste is really low… If it isn't some YanRan from the brothel, it would be Han XiangXue, this big b.o.o.bs no brain kind of woman… What part of them is good?"

"Brother, listen to JieJie's advice. In the future when you look for a woman, you'd better find one with inner beauty… Do you understand what inner beauty is? It's like JieJie here…" Qian DuoDuo had no embarra.s.sment whatsoever and pointed at herself with extreme confidence.

However, why couldn't Long YuTian's two eyes see it? This woman, except being unreasonably vulgar, which part of her had the slightest bit of 'inner beauty'?

But this wasn't important. The important point was, "Qian DuoDuo, I didn't mishear you, right? You're going to let me find another woman in the future? Are you that generous?"

"What could I do other than being generous? If I threw a tantrum, would you stop looking for women? I still have a bit of self-knowledge… Besides, whether you're looking for women or not, does it have anything to do with me? You should be asking that Zhu SiSi whether she cares or not." Qian DuoDuo was speaking very flatly, emotionless.

"You know Zhu SiSi?" Long YuTian asked.

Qian DuoDuo nodded and said, "Yep… In this entire Sheng Chen country, who doesn't? You guys were childhood friends and grew to love each other. If it wasn't for TaiHou's decree, you'd have already make Zhu SiSi your w.a.n.gFei… And I am nothing but someone who is buying soy sauce[1]."

Long YuTian was somewhat relieved to see this kind of att.i.tude. It seemed that this woman understood 'A wise man submits to circ.u.mstances.' However, her free, unconcerned att.i.tude somewhat made him feel a bit hurt.

After all, this was about a man's dignity!

"Qian DuoDuo, do you mean you won't obstruct Benw.a.n.g from making Zhu SiSi a w.a.n.gFei?" Long YuTian asked with a hint of bafflement. Seeing Qian DuoDuo sincerely nod, he was silent for a moment before he suddenly showed a very dazzling smile, "Good! As long as you don't pester Benw.a.n.g with unreasonable demands, Benw.a.n.g can consider accepting you as a CeFei in the future, letting you enjoy a high position and great wealth!"

Hearing these words, Qian DuoDuo almost blew up with anger. She promptly held out her palm as a sign for him to stop, saying, "Don't… Please don't… I don't want to be your CeFei thing, sharing you with so many women everyday… I'm afraid I'd contract a disease…"

"Then what do you want?" For an instant, Long YuTian was curious…

Seeing Long YuTian's nostalgic handsome face, Qian DuoDuo was a bit dazzled, and her expression became a lot more desolate. She chewed on her lips, saying pensively, "I want… to be a pair for a lifetime, bodies and minds are one, devoted to each other…"


[1] Buy soy sauce (打酱油/ dǎ jiàng yóu): unconcerned/ unrelated person/ bystander/ 'it’s none of my business' (“I'm just here to buy some soy sauce”)


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