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Chapter 903: I’ll Play the Bagpipe for You!


Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation


Braydon Neal nodded lightly at Zay Woodbury’s question.

Zay was expressionless as he stood in the wind.

At this moment, he was dumbfounded!

No wonder the children of the Northern Army were so talented.

Eating two wisps of purple Qi every day for no reason could turn a fool into a genius!

Who would be able to resist such a way of eating?

Cora Yanagi placed her hands behind her back and whispered, “Little Fool!”

“Why are you here?”

Luke Yates didn’t want to see Cora. He gave Cora the candy and said reluctantly, “Here, I’ll give you the candy!”

“At least you’re sensible!”

Cora had never been close to outsiders, but she actually took the little fool’s candy and opened her mouth to eat it.

The little fool freed his hands and untied the golden bagpipe at his waist.

It was really a golden bagpipe.

“Cora, shall I play the bagpipe for you?” he asked seriously.

Cora held the candy in her hand, her eyes glazed over, and she froze on the spot.

The little fool held the bagpipe, puckered his lips, and started blowing.

A bagpipe song resounded throughout the bright hall.

It was like a funeral bell!

“Little Fool, go to h.e.l.l!”

Cora’s beautiful little face was instantly scrunched up. She chased after the little fool and hit him until his head was full of b.u.mps.

Inside and outside the bright hall, Westley Hader and the others had helpless smiles on their faces.

This little fool had always been like this since he was young. His mischievous personality was still the same as before.

Two old men slowly appeared at the entrance of the bright hall.

One was Old Man Zito, the former viceroy of Ludwig.

The other was Taran Reynolds!

Taran had a head full of black hair. He stood at the entrance of the bright hall, his entire bodv filled with a murderous aura. as if he was high and mightv. without any human feelings!

A few months ago, Braydon was sealed on the peak of Mount Tanish.

Seven pinnacles from outside the borders joined forces to attack Preston, wanting to kidnap Braydon’s family.

It was Taran who killed the seven pinnacle martial artists who came to invade with his own strength.

For this, he had paid a huge price!

On that day, he had continuously executed the feather technique, which was also the Thousand Feathers Technique!

All the elites of the Northern Army knew about the side effects of the Thousand Feathers Technique.

Out of the eight techniques that Braydon cultivated, the Thousand Feathers Technique was the most bizarre and difficult to control.

The elites of the Northern Army had all cultivated the Thousand Feathers Technique. Unless they were in a life-and -death situation, no one dared to use this forbidden technique.

Old Man Zito still looked sloppy, but his old face was now twenty years younger. His black hair made him look like a forty-year-old man.

When a martial artist had regained his youth, it meant that the vitality in his body had increased greatly!

Without a strong body, one’s appearance wouldn’t have changed so much. Old Man Zito entered the bright hall and bowed. “Young Master!”

“How does it feel to be in the pinnacle realm?”

Braydon asked with a faint smile.

“Those below the pinnacle are all ants!” Old Man Zito said solemnly.

The terror of a pinnacle martial artist was something one would never be able to understand unless they were a pinnacle themselves.

In a few months, Old Man Zito had reached the pinnacle realm with his sword.

The sword was his pinnacle path.

This path was also the path of killing.

This was because swords were originally killing weapons.

Old Man Zito’s strength had definitely increased by more than ten times compared to before.

Braydon slowly got up and looked at Taran. He said softly, “Are you alright, Mr. Reynolds?”

“Don’t let the little fool learn the Thousand Feathers Technique!”

Taran stood in the bright hall with a cold expression, and his words were even colder. However, everyone could feel his love for the little fool.

The aftereffects of cultivating the Thousand Feathers Technique were permanent!

It could never be cured!

Taran was the best proof.

Westley Hader, Hendrix Bailey, and the others’ gazes gradually turned serious. They had been warned by their elder brother Braydon since they were young not to use the Thousand Feathers Technique as and when they pleased. The Thousand Feathers Technique could destroy humanity!

Martial artists were also humans.

If one was born as a human being without any emotions and desires, he would be worse than animals.

Dispelling the seven emotions and six desires and having no distracting thoughts in the heart was indeed the supreme realm pursued by some extreme martial artists.

Such extreme martial artists cultivated extremely fast.

Because he was not tainted by the mortal world and was not entangled by the myriad karma of the secular world, he was born for martial arts wholeheartedly. He had no distracting thoughts and no attachments, so his cultivation would naturally advance DY leaps ana Dounas.

However, these martial artists were generally from the sects!

The martial artists nurtured by the various sects were the most dangerous of all. The doctrines in their hearts were above the country’s authority.

According to historical records, thousands of years ago, theocracy and national power were on par.

In other words, divine authority was above national authority!

In modern times, some small countries outside the borders still had divine authority above national authority.

This was precisely the red line that Braydon viewed as taboo.

If the major martial arts sects in the world dared to cross this red line, they would be courting death.

At the same time, he hadn’t seen the Northern Army elites in the bright hall for several months.

In addition, they each held a high position. There must be many things to discuss today.

One of the most important events was the Hansworth Martial Artist Summit!

The Martial Artist Summit was held once a year!

At that time, martial artists from all over the country would head to the capital to partic.i.p.ate.

On the other side, Westley said softly, “Brother, according to tradition, the

Martial Artist Summit is held in a big scale every three years. This year’s

Martial Artist Summit will be one that is of a big scale. Martial Emperor Teacher wants you to host the Martial Artist Summit this year!”

The Martial Artist Summit was not exclusive to Hansworth.

The hundred countries outside the borders would hold a Martial Artist Summit to select the top martial artists.

It involved people of all ages.

Syrus Yanagi had partic.i.p.ated for seven years in a row, and he had earned himself the t.i.tle of the seven-time champion.

Furthermore, because Braydon had been leading his troops in the northern desert for years, the Northern Army elites under him had never partic.i.p.ated in the Martial Artist Summit.

Last year, Braydon returned from the northern territory and became the Garrison King. He was at odds with the four great ent.i.ties.

That was why Martial Emperor Yanagi wanted Braydon to host the Martial Artist Summit this year!

“The Martial Artist Summit isn’t important. What’s important is the Global Martial Artist Summit!” Braydon chuckled.

At the mention of the Global Martial Artist Summit, the expressions of Frediano Jadanza and the others present became slightly solemn.

The Global Martial Artist Summit was held once every ten years!

It was held in the Alpha Empire.

At that time, the hundred countries around the world would partic.i.p.ate. It would affect the distribution of core resources needed by some martial artists.

Hendrix Bailey worked in the Eastern International Arbitration Council and knew some secrets. He said in a low voice, “Ten years ago, the Hansworth delegation went to the Alpha Empire to partic.i.p.ate in the Global Martial Artist Summit. None of the 512 people who went to partic.i.p.ate survived.” “The foreign countries have been targeting us since a hundred years ago!” Braydon sat on the throne, feeling a little tired. He slowly closed his eyes.

Frediano and the others knew that it was time for them to leave!

Braydon had asked them to come here to distribute the purple Qi.

Braydon didn’t care about the purple Qi at all. He spent four months to condense the purple Qi and gave it all to the Northern Army elites to help them improve their strength..

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