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Translated by Erizabesu

Prologue 1

"I've loved you for some time now! Please go out with me!"

A gust of wind dashed across the rooftop.

The most beautiful girl in cla.s.s stood before me.

I just confessed to this beautiful girl.

"I'm… sorry."


"No, but… you are a girl…"

…Yes, I am a girl now.

"I guess I'm fine with taking supplementary lessons but… when I become the headmaster, I'm going to cancel supplementary lessons."

"Stop saying these stupid things and concentrate."

Since I was a slow learner, I had to receive after-school supplementary lessons.

I had one-on-one supplementary lessons with a teacher.

To be honest, I wasn't motivated.

No, I could do it if I tried. Or maybe not.

In the first place, supplementary lessons were strange.

It was meaningless to tell this delinquent that you couldn't learn if you weren't motivated.

Although I didn't fail every subject, I got average marks at the last moment.

d.a.m.n… why were my eyes like this….


"Reality won't change, even if you sighed."

"You're a noisy, divorced teacher."

"Yes, the moron Chigusa Guharu-kun needs to take even more supplementary lessons~."


"Isn't it natural for a teacher to have a bad mouth, too?"

This tyrant of a teacher…

“Besides, I don't see a connection between getting motivated and having to attend supplementary lessons. Don’t you think there's no reason to attend?”

"I suppose. You're one of the worst in cla.s.s."

"I'm not that bad."

I was a gentle person with a stern expression, but even so…

"Well then, shall I say something about your background?"

"Chigusa Guharu. Age, 16 years old. Birthday is on 30th of January. Graduated from Habu Junior High School, XX Prefecture. In junior high school, a violent incident occurred and you were put in a detention centre.You are good at fighting and was even called the 'Gatekeeper of h.e.l.l'. You distance yourself from those around you. Your underlings couldn't take it anymore…you being a lone wolf."

"Wha…! Being alone isn't bad!"

That's right. I had no friends.

It wasn't so bad now, but it was tough back in middle school.

Truthfully, whenever I beat up someone, it would result in bloodshed, and when the other guy couldn't take it anymore, I knocked him down.

Since I did that, rumours reached this high school and no one dared to approach me.

Only the cla.s.s president treated me well. She was a kind girl.

"That was a story from middle school but it seems that entering high school made me open my eyes!"

"You can't erase your past crimes, you know?"

"I know, but back then… I went wild when my parents died."

"Well, that was a disaster."

"Well, let's leave the story there for now. I have already reformed. Hence, I dyed my hair back to black and I'm now wearing my uniform properly."

"Then, I should also change how I speak as a teacher."

"Sorry, my head is hurting so I don't understand."

"That's fine. Well, whatever you were is in the past. We are now here as teacher and student. Stay close to Merihari."
(TL note: stay close to merihari = all play and no work makes jack a dull boy)


I received a glare.


"Good grief… Hey, concentrate on the a.s.signment."

The supplementary lessons ended and I went home.

It was late at night when I got home. The lights were on and there were two shadows.

When I opened the door, I was welcomed by my younger sister, Amanatsu, who was wearing an ap.r.o.n, and our younger brother, Chifuyu.

"Hey, welcome back, Aniki."
(TL note: Amanatsu uses Aniki)

"Welcome back, Onii-chan."
(TL note: Chifuyu uses Onii-chan)


"The rice is ready so go change your clothes quickly. Also, I've put my things in your room, Aniki."

"Don't open my door without permission."

"But if I put my things in my room, there won't be any s.p.a.ce left."

"So my room is okay?"

"I could have put it in my room, but Onee-chan wouldn't let me."

"Is that so? I understand."

I'll put it back now.

Well, I was hungry from my supplementary lesson so I will eat the rice quickly.

When I went into my room, I saw stacks of cardboard boxes.

One of the boxes was labelled "clothes and underwear." Inside, I saw women's underwear.

Was this…Amanatsu's?

This was…a girl's uniform. I guess Amanatsu already has these. Whose were these…


Amanatsu wasn't the type to have two uniforms. Was it torn anywhere?

It was unlike her to be this unkempt… I hated how men and women thought.

"Aniki, come quickly…"

"Oh, right. I'm coming…"

Was it inevitable to think this way?

It was my younger sister's so I better not mess around.

"Oh, Aniki, try this nutritional supplement drink at school tomorrow. It seems that it makes you more energetic."

"Hm? I understand."


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