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Chapter 1: Big breasted beauty coming from far away to deliver S

My name is Xie Tian Ding. I work at a medical equipment company. I'm now a Regional Sales Manager, but the boss is always arbitrary, making me unable to do my job.

The head office is in X City, there's also a branch office in Y City, which I heard that the business is better. It's being managed by the boss' wife, whom I've never met, but I often hear the boss speak about his wife's sales case studies.

But from the boss' words, I could tell that they're the same type of person.

Intense, arbitrary, micromanaging, making people uncomfortable.

“Tian Ding, get over here!” The boss phoned me from his office.

“Ok, Boss, on my way.”

The company is quite big, the CEO's office and the vice-CEO's office is separated by a sound-proof gla.s.s.

The most incredible thing is that the company uses gla.s.s curtain walls for the whole building, using coated gla.s.s. From the inside you can see the view of the outside, but from the outside you can't see what's inside, only seeing a reflection. The only consolation is that the soundproofing is good. Even though it isn't possible to physically be lazy where the boss can see you, but it is possible to chat.

But this sort of office environment will make employees feel oppressed. Now that I'm a Sales Manager, I need to lead my team. I'm always caring about the employees feelings, and try my best to help them fight for a better work environment.

“Xiao w.a.n.g, Xiao Lee, both of you write up these two copies of tender doc.u.ments, I'll come back later and we'll continue” I told my subordinate salespeople.

“Roger, Brother Tian.” The two nodded their heads in reply. I saw that they were seriously working, then headed towards the CEO's office.

I knocked on the door and entered. “Chairman Liu, what are your instructions?”

“Xiao Xie ah, what's going on with these expense reports?” Chairman Liu waved the invoices in his hand and asked.

“It's like this. Xiao w.a.n.g gifted Ke Kang Hospital two bottles of wine and a carton of cigarettes. If we can win the bid with Ke Kang Hospital, the profits will be very big. I've followed up on this, and Xiao w.a.n.g also reported to me when he bought the gifts. I feel that this investment is normal.” I spoke firmly.

“Normal? Is a total of more than 3000 dollars normal? If we can't win the bid, wouldn't all this be for nothing?
Xiao Xie ah, you've been with me for a long time now. You've just become a Sales Manager, but you also need to manage your subordinates. Recklessly spending money like this, it's hard for me too.” Chairman Liu spoke with a heavy heart.

“Chairman Liu, Ke Kang Hospital's vice-department head is a cheap person, but is actually very loyal. I feel that these public relations expenses are necessary, and we might need more later.” I explained.

“More later? What if we can't win the bid? You tell me, who's going to be responsible for the losses?” Chairman Liu questioned.

“What about this. If we can't win this bid, you can take out these expenses from my salary.” I received the order, but felt very discouraged. If you don't give them any benefits, how can you expect them to let you win the bid?

“Alright. You said it yourself. Keep an eye on it, I think highly of you.” Chairman Liu finished scolding me and once again threw me a piece of candy.

“Roger! Chairman Liu, our team will definitely win this bid!” I agreed.

“Brother Tian, what happened? Were you criticized by Chairman Liu?” Xiao w.a.n.g asked in concern.

“It's nothing. Just that Chairman Liu won't reimburse you for the expenses for Ke Kang Hospital.” I said.

“What? No way. If they won't reimburse me for the 3000 dollars, how will I live? I still have a mortgage to pay back!” Xiao w.a.n.g said with wide eyes.

“Chairman Liu won't reimburse you, I will! Xiao w.a.n.g, work hard. I'll cover for you guys, so go ahead and do it!” I clapped his shoulder.

“Thank you Brother Tian! Brother Tian, you're the best. This time we will definitely win the bid……” Xiao w.a.n.g spoke encouragingly.

“Ok. Let's continue talking about the main points to take note of……”

At home after work, I turned on my computer and started playing an online game. Being in sales, psychological pressure is always relatively large. So I always need my own s.p.a.ce, to let my spirit rest, so as not to buckle under the stress.

After logging in to the game, I opened YY, entering the guild's channel.
(T/N: YY is a major Chinese video-based social network.)

In the game I formed a guild, called “Ding Tian Guild”. (T/N: It's the two characters of his first name switched around.) The guild mainly accepts students and office workers. Everyday we'll tackle dungeons and fight guild battles.

The main administrator of the guild is my university dorm mate, we've fought together before, he's basically trustworthy.

“Monk, notify them we'll continue challenging the new dungeon at 8, all three parties will be challenging it. Tell everyone to gather at the dungeon entrance at 7:45.”

“I will continue leading Team One. Monk will lead Team Two, Chief will lead Team Three. Later make sure to keep track of the DKP, subst.i.tute members be on standby in the channel.
(T/N: Dragon Kill Points)

Following the series of notifications, our Team One continued to challenge the new dungeon. We will most likely be able to beat the new dungeon this time. If we're successful, our guild will be the first guild on the whole server to beat the new dungeon. If we get the first kill, the guild's ranking will go up.

“Keep up the DPS. Beans focus on healing Deputy T, Little Apple focus on healing me. d.a.m.n it, Little Apple what are you doing, you made me waste one of my injury reduction skills.”
(T/N: Damage Per Second)

“Uh, Guild Master, I'm putting on a facial mask……” Little Apple answered coquettishly.

“……” The whole party was speechless.

“Ha Ha, Guild Master, you shouldn't have married Little Apple. Sooner or later she will murder her husband.” The guild members teased.

“You're not allowed to make fun of Guild Master. Guild Master is very powerful. Ok, I'll stop putting on the facial mask. I'll show you healing.” Little Apple angrily said.

I was right in the middle of simultaneously commanding the party and fighting the boss, but when I heard what she said, I gave a knowing laugh.

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