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Chapter 467: Who shows who (Part 1)

When the manager saw the card in his hand, his two little eyes narrowed into long slits.  To be able to have this kind of card, that person's ident.i.ty was not simple, no wonder he could be surrounded by beauties of this level, even four of them at once.  But thinking of that person's backing, the manager threw everything into the back of his head and moved towards Ye Tian Xie's group.

He had heard everything when he was waiting in the back, he also knew everything that Ye Tian Xie was buying.  Only when settling the bill was mentioned did he walk out.

"Sir, is this your card?"  The manager walked over and placed the card in front of Ye Tian Xie.

When he and the counter girl were talking, Ye Tian Xie had already noticed him.  He casually took the card and looked at him as he said, "Is it done? Then we're going."

"Oh, please wait a minute."  The manager revealed a smile and said in an apologetic manner, "I'm very sorry, our store's card machine has broken and we can't swipe cards today, we can only take cash.  We ask these honoured guests to make a cash payment."

"Hey!  Is there a mistake!  You want us to pay cash for these things that cost over thirty million?  Who would bring that much cash out!" Su Fei Fei directly shouted out. Thirty million in cash, it was unknown how many bags it would take to carry that out.  How could one even take that much out in cash?

"We're very sorry beautiful young miss, but because of our staff's mistake, our store only accepts cash today and can't swipe cards.  If it's not convenient for you to use cash, you can come again tomorrow. I believe there won't be a problem tomorrow." The manager had an apologetic look as he spoke.  To be able to have a White Gold Emperor's Card, it was enough to see that these people were not normal. A small person wouldn't be silly enough to directly offend them, so he could only use a more gentle method to stop them from leaving according to his orders.

"How could there be this kind of reason!  A luxury good store like a jeweller actually doesn't let people swipe cards?  What about that girl just now? Where did she go? Why didn't she say this before!"  Su Fei Fei stared at the manager with a dissatisfied look. This fatty saw that they only took cash today and didn't accept cards, so why did that counter girl just accept the card…..Then she disappeared and this fatty appeared, how could it be this suspicious.

"How about we come back tomorrow."  Chen Xin said in a small voice from behind, even though she wasn't willing to take off the "Angel's Blue" on her neck, not wanting to take it over ever.

Ye Tian Xie knit his brows and shook his head.  He had picked four different pieces for the four girls, but they all most suited to them.  On their bodies, it described their personalities with soft language……If it was take back now and they came back to take it tomorrow, it would have a completely different meaning.  The ideal condition would be broken and the feelings it brought the girls would be much lower…..Even Ye Tian Xie felt a bit awkward.

It was very simple truth…..That fatty manager used this little bit and he was certain that Ye Tian Xie wouldn't choose to leave.  When he had given these things to them, his words had different commitments in them. If he took them back now, the beautiful commitment would also be taken away…..Rich people didn't care about money, but things like self respect and emotions were relatively important to them.

Therefore, when it was time to pay in cash, it would be enough to stop many people's hopes.

"This…..Beautiful miss, the worker just now wasn't careful enough and didn't explain everything clearly, so she has already sent to the back by me.  I wonder if these customers will be paying in cash or if you will come back tomorrow……To apologize, I can give these honoured guests a two percent discount….."

Before the fat manager even finished, Su Fei Fei's brows had already knit as she slapped a gla.s.s case, "How does your Ran Ke Ya store do business?  You haven't even prepared spares for when the card machine breaks? Even if you don't have spares, can't you just swap it out? How could there be a store that has customers bring cash to buy jewelry…..Bring out your manager for me!"

"Beautiful young miss, this one is the manager."  

Su Fei Fei angrily stomped her foot and said, "Forget it.  Tian Xie, this store clearly doesn't want to remain in the luxury goods service, we'll just give these things back to them.  I'll take you to the Su Shi Gardens, it has all the things this place has and most of them are more beautiful."

When Su Fei Fei said this, Chen Xin, Chen Xue, and Xiao Xi made the same action…..Chen Xin reached her hand out to press the Angel's Blue on her neck, Chen Xue reached out to protect her brooch, and Xiao Xi's hands held the purple pearl in front of her chest, using a lot of strength.

This was the first present Ye Tian Xie had given them and it wasn't just a simple present, it also contained Ye Tian Xie's praise and promise to them.  If this first time was given up, even if they bought thousands of other things, the meaning would still be completely different.

"Beautiful young miss, according to the rules of our store, for jewelry that surpa.s.s one million, in order to protect their most beautiful state, they are completely sealed before they are bought.  They cannot touch air and cannot be worn. If they are returned after being worn, a 10% fee must be paid." The fatty calmly said from behind.

Su Fei Fei was about to fly into a rage, but Ye Tian Xie came forward to stop Su Fei Fei.  His eyes narrowed to a third of their normal size as he calmly said, "Your card machine has broken and you need to use cash, right?"

Without knowing what it was, even though the man in front of him had a smile and spoke in a calm voice, his heart couldn't help beating faster.  His chest felt like it had a piece of iron pressing on it, making it a bit harder for him to breath, "That's right, sir. In order to apologize, we promise to give you a two percent discount and….."

"There's no need to apologize, after all, what you want isn't our cash, but to scam us out of more money.  There is no need for a discount, this young master has money. This young master has so much money it can scare you to death, do you believe this?"  Ye Tian Xie's lips formed a seam and he revealed a faint dangerous smile. This smile made the fatty's heart beat even faster and he couldn't stop himself from nodding, "I do, I do….."

"Since you want cash, I'll just give you cash.  But you need to wait a bit, after all, thirty nine million…..He, he, isn't a small number.  There's no problem, right?"

"No, of course not."  The fatty quickly nodded.  His original goal was just to stall for time.

Ye Tian Xie took a final glance at him before bringing Chen Xue and Xiao Xi to the resting area.  Carrying the girls onto the sofa one by one, he held their little shoulders and said, "After walking for so long, you must be tired.  First rest up a it…..Relax, the things that big brother gives you, how could they be taken away by others."

"Playing with big brother isn't tiring at all…..Big brother, I really like this brooch, I'll wear it forever."  Chen Xue leaned against him and spoke in a happy voice.

"Tian Xie, do we really need to give them cash?  Don't you feel that this store is very strange? Properly speaking, we're making such a large transaction, but they feel like their driving guests away.  I keep feeling like there are many things wrong with this place." Su Fei Fei walked over and spoke in a small voice.

Ye Tian Xie took out the limited iphone that was limited to ninety nine phones that Su Fei Fei gave him and stood up, "Doesn't he just want money, hei…..Fei Fei, does your family have any banks that belong to you?"

"…..Tian Xie, you can't have never heard of Su Shi Banking before, right?"  Su Fei Fei revealed a defeated expression. Banking was the most risky business, but it was also the one with the most profit, so how could the Su Group not be a part of it.

"Big sister Fei Fei's family has the Su Shi Bank.  Whether it is coverage, scale, or prestige, they aren't any worse than the national banks."  Chen Xin explained from the side. Even she who rarely interacted with the outside world knew about the Su Shi Bank, it could be seen how much prestige it had.

"Very good.  Fei Fei, help me borrow a bit of money from your dad…..Un, as much as possible."  Ye Tian Xie leaned over and said in Su Fei Fei's ear.

"As much as possible?"  Su Fei Fei almost thought she heard wrong…..Su Luo had nothing but money…..Even he didn't know how much he had.  In the past, the most authoritative financial paper had written: If the per capita annual income was multiplied by the population in China, it would be around half of Su Luo's net worth…..What was called rich enough to rival a country, the only person who could take this t.i.tle in Asia in Su Luo.

So when Ye Tian Xie said "as much as possible", it was simply terrifying.

Ye Tian Xie leaned in close to Su Fei Fei and softly said a few words in her ear before walking away holding his cell phone with a faint smile, leaving behind Su Fei Fei in a slight daze.  After a few seconds, she picked up her phone and called Su Luo, speaking in an aggrieved voice, "Wu, wu…..Dad, there's someone bullying your precious daughter, I want to use money to squash him to death….."

……The other side was silent for a bit before the sound of sweat being wiped off could be heard.

Ye Tian Xie walked outside with his cell phone and called Zuo Po Jun.  As soon as the call connected, Zuo Po Jun's voice that was three degrees higher came through, "Second brother!  You're out…..Ah, that's wrong…..Is should be you're back to normal…..Eh, that's also wrong. Just….."

"We'll take about that matter later.  Po Jun, lend me a bit of money, the sooner the better."  Ye Tian Xie directly said.

"Finding me…..to borrow money?"  Zuo Po Jun was stunned for a bit.

After the call ended, Zuo Po Jun was confused.  He picked up his cell phone again, "Hey……Immediately connect me to China Bank, the People's Bank, the Construction Bank, the Commercial Bank, and the Agricultural Bank…..Connect me to all of them.  I'll give them five minutes to collect at least forty million for me!!"

After ten minutes……

The degree of the liveliness of this business street was top placed in the capital city.  Although this street was very wide, it usually prohibited large scale vehicles to move through, but today, there were large scale money trucks moving through.  One, two, three, four…..Four trucks all stopped in front of Ran Ke Ya's jewelry store. When the cars stopped, two fully armoured people with dark expressions jumped out of each truck.  They were holding guns in both hands beside the truck as they coldly looked forward. The people all scattered and looked from afar, discussing this.

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