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Chapter 397: Mysterious Merchant!

Normal pliers would not break things off and would tightly hold onto things…..The things that came from these two sheeps, they really were not normal things.  These non ordinary things would usually have extraordinary effects. Ye Tian Xie kept looking over these pliers and suddenly thought, if he could give these pliers to…..Un, sell these pliers to Xing Bao Er, how much money would she give?  Speaking of this, she should be in great need of these pliers.

Putting away the other things, Ye Tian Xie held the Seven Stars Gourd in one hand while holding the Wishing Tree Thorn in the other, slowly moving it towards it.  The Wishing Tree Thorn was known to be able to pierce through any barrier, this use was quite substantial. If it wasn't for that fact that there was something inside the Seven Stars Gourd that could fix a Mysterious G.o.d Equipment and adding in the fact that the Seven Stars Gourd was a powerful item, he was not willing to use it.

The thorn touched the gourd's mouth and a light was released.  The Wishing Tree Bark plug instantly vanished, but at the same time, that Wishing Tree Thorn also visibly lost its power.  Although the thorn was still sharp and there were no visible changes, the tip no longer had an astonishing sharp glow to it.

"Ding…..The Wishing Tree Bark sealing the Seven Stars Gourd has been destroyed and the power of the Seven Stars Gourd is being released.  It is slowly recovering."

Seven Stars Gourd: Special Item

A strange fruit formed from the mysterious Wishing Tree, containing an infinite mysterious spatial energy that can limitlessly store items and forever keep the state of those items.  Because it has been sealed for a long time, it has conserved its strength and needs to automatically recover over a long period of time. Currently, only items may be taken out and no items can be stored inside.

Ye Tian Xie: "……"

The Seven Stars Gourd had been unsealed.  According to what Yuan Ya said before, this Seven Stars Gourd had an infinite "Time Stop Zone".  Not only could it infinitely store items, the items will keep their state from when they were placed into the gourd.  When he expectantly picked up the gourd, the prompt in his ears made him grit his teeth.

What was this!

Just exactly what was this!!

Could it be that after all these twist and turns, this precious item couldn't display what made it so precious?

Although it said the Seven Stars Gourd would slowly recover its strength…..But how long would it take to recover?  How many days, how many months…..It wouldn't be several years, several decades, or several centuries, right…..

Ye Tian Xie shook the Seven Stars Lotus in a depressed manner.  Then with a thought, he could easily feel all the things stored within the gourd…..In the vast s.p.a.ce, there was only the item known as the "Seven Star Lotus" and also……Five different coloured and shaped…..crystals.

Sapphire Crystal Coin: A kind of sapphire crystal formed from water element that is incredibly precious.  It can be sold for an extremely high price if it is brought into the city.

Scarlet Crystal Coin: A kind of scarlet crystal formed from fire element……

Yellow Crystal Coin: A kind of yellow crystal formed from earth element……

Purple Crystal Coin: A kind of purple crystal formed from thunder element……

Green Crystal Coin: A kind of emerald crystal formed from wind element……

There were a total of ten Sapphire Crystal Coins, ten Scarlet Crystal Coins, ten Yellow Crystal Coins, ten Purple Crystal Coins, and ten Green Crystal Coins……

After obtaining the one hundred and fifty Sapphire Crystal Coins from the Weeping Ice Deer, this was Ye Tian Xie's second time seeing this strange glowing coins.  In the description back then, the crystal coins could be sold for money and there was a legend saying…..There was always a legend on the Lost Continent that said, eight hundred years ago, there was a mysterious wandering merchant and there were many precious items in his hands that couldn't be bought anywhere else.  To buy his items, one needed to use these different coloured crystal coins, otherwise no matter how much gold coins were offered, he would not sell any of his items. Since eight hundred years ago, this mysterious merchant had still been wandering on the Lost Continent, never disappearing.

The Red Sheep also had these crystal coins and it had all five elements of crystal coins.  To place it with the Seven Star Lotus, it showed that it was very precious. As a beast of luck, the Red Sheep could only collect a few of them, showing that they were hard to gather.

The Mysterious Merchant……

Was there really a Mysterious Merchant?

If there really was one, what kind of strange and precious things did he sell?

At this moment, a hand suddenly fell on Ye Tian Xie's shoulder.  Following this, a calm and powerful voice sounded in Ye Tian Xie's ears, "Young man….."

When the words young man was said, Ye Tian Xie had already appeared five meters away and he had turned around.  His eyes had a bone chilling cold to it as he looked at the person who suddenly appeared behind him.

His face was stern as his heart filled with surprise…..This person had actually appeared behind him without a trace and he didn't sense him at all.  He did not know how long this person had stayed behind him. Only he reached out a hand for his shoulder and spoke up, did he discover his existence in shock.

When he saw this person, Ye Tian Xie's expression was filled with shock…..This person's appearance was indeed very special.

He wore a long robe that seemed like it was white because it had been washed too many times and there were many patches on it, but it seemed very neat.  Under his feet, there was a pair of gra.s.s slippers that not even new players would be willing to wear. On his head, there was a wide bamboo hat that had a lid that came down, covering his entire face…..At first sight, he seemed like a monk from the mountains.

"You are?"  Ye Tian Xie said with a frown.

That person used his hand to raise his bamboo hat as he said in a deep and calm voice, "You don't need to know who I am.  I am here to make a trade with you. Whether you're willing or not is up to you."

"Trade?"  Ye Tian Xie was even more shocked.  Wilderness with no one around, but someone suddenly appeared……He had appeared without a sound justs like a ghost.  He would have scared a person that was a bit afraid to death. Then he said….he wanted to make a trade.

This was clearly an NPC and it should be an incredibly powerful expert, otherwise it was impossible for him to approach without Ye Tian Xie sensing him.  Could it be, this person was the legendary…..

"Do you want to sell me the «Buddha's Palm», the «Nine Yin Manual», the «Nine Yang Manual», or the «Sunflower's Collection»…..Things like those, right?"  Ye Tian Xie said this with a strange look and tone.

If that bamboo hat fell down, Ye Tian Xie would have saw that the face under the bamboo hat was twitching.

"…..You have the smell of crystal coins on you.  This merchant has always made a livelihood of collecting crystal coins……Are you interested?  Come and use your crystal coins to trade for my things. Take a look at my things, you won't be disappointed."

The person's hand swept out and a large panel of items appeared in front of him……

Ye Tian Xie was stunned……

Could it be……

This was……

The legendary…..Mysterious Merchant!?  

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