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Chapter 9

Garp looked back and while squinting, "No... Although you look quite similar, but you are definitely not Kuzan!"

He did not answer Garp and instead replied, "The reason that this humble pirate has hidden here is that the Admiral is here, and there is n.o.body present in the town as the residents have gathered at the execution platform to enjoy the upcoming public execution of a Marine Commander.."

Public execution?!, Smoker!!!
Garp quickly turned his head towards Saitama who was sitting on the warship and shouted, "Private!! I will take care of this place. Quickly go to the execution platform in the center of the town and save Smoker, Please!!!・
"Ok, Leave it to me."
Saitama got off the warship and walked towards an alley, quickly disappearing from their view.

Aokiji did care about him and instead looked coldly towards Garp.
"Men back off quickly! This is not a fight that you can take part in!"

Garp's forehead had turned green as veins protruded through it. His Armament Haki covered his fists as he shouted furiously at Aokiji, "Come on, Impostor!" Let me see how a fake Admiral compares to the strength of Kuzan!!!

His voice had yet to fall before Garp had burst forward like a cannonball, the sound of air breaking around him could be heard as he moved forward!

Ice Block: Pheasant Beak!!
Aokiji immediately started to gather ice around his right arm, as he formed an ice bird which fluttered its wings as it moved forward with tremendous force, leaving everything in its path frozen in ice!
Every move was powerful and lethal. Such was the strength of the Marine's greatest battle force-Aokiji Kuzan!

Garp went ahead and smashed Aokiji's bird directly with his fist. Immediately after doing this, he gave a hard punch to Aokiji in the face while shouting, "Stay down for me!・
In an instant, the crystallized face of Aokiji shattered like gla.s.s!, Having the reputation of owning the worlds strongest fist, Garp had defeated Marine Admiral Aokiji with just one blow to the face!

Locke, who lay on the ground with blood on his face, had already wet his pants in fear. He had originally thought he would dominate the East Blue Sea and would have a prominent position in the world, all his confidence and will have been crushed now.

The Marines on the warship cheered for Garp's victory.
The fake Aokiji was defeated and all the ice melted away, As the body of Aokiji turned into a yellow leaf, a thin and tall old man draped in a large blood-red cloak and armed with an elongated umbrella with a bat on its handle, appeared in front of Garp.

"Garp, it's been a while..・

The skinny old man stared at Garp, his scarlet eyes full of an inexplicable light, "Since you imprisoned me in Impel Down..."
With any legend that has prestige, there is always some accompanying trouble that follows. Although it had been many years since that event, Garp still recognized the man at a glance.
Red the Aloof- Patrick Redfield!!

"So it was you.......That got caught with Roger and Shiki..・Garp cracked his knuckles with a smile as he said, "I had heard that you had also escaped with Golden Lion Shiki during the prison break, but since I met you here then let this old man send you there for a second time!・
"Oh?・ Redfield gave a gloomy smile as a handful of leaves of different colors were thrown from his back into the ground.
At that moment, the leaves joined together to form human-like figures!!

Golden Lion Shiki, Pirate King Roger, Whitebeard Newgate, Aokiji Kuzan, Kizaru Borsalino, Akainu (Red Dog) Sakazuki!!

At that moment, Heaven and Earth seemed to have changed color! 
Whether they were an enemy or a friend, it was unpleasant to see familiar faces in this way.

"This is the power to transform leaves into different objects...", 

Redfield had emerged from the strongest ranks of the Marines and Pirates of both the old and the new generations. Holding a bat-shaped umbrella in his hand, he looked coldly at Garp. "Now, tell me ... who were you going to send back to Impel Down?"
On the other side,
Saitama had found the execution platform.

It was as Locke had said, this place was filled with people.
But it was clear that they were not here of their own free will, as countless strange evil people were controlling the people gathered there and were not allowing them to leave.
In the place where a pirate had once met his end,

The young Smoker could be seen kneeling on the platform covered in blood and about to face the end of his life.
The shackles bound him to the guillotine, and an old man with a dry head stood behind Smoker, ready to cut off his head.

If Saitama had arrived in this world decades earlier, he might have known.
The villains present here were all famous pirates or marines in history.
The old man that was about to do the execution was the World Government's Commander-in-Chief- Empty.
After observing the crowd that had gathered, he took a deep breath and shouted to the audience, "Ten years ago, Roger the pirate died here, that was not the end of an era but the beginning of the era of the great pirate! And now the high and mighty Red the Aloof has acquired the power to live forever -- Lord Patrick Redfield will sacrifice the head of a naval officer on the road to kingship!"

"Look at him carefully...," "This is punishment!!!"
As soon as he finished speaking, He cut the rope hanging the knife on top of Smoker.
The sharp knife fell downwards with great momentum, it would only take a second to break the neck of Smoker and separate his head from his body!

At this critical juncture, a gust of wind suddenly blew past them.
The guillotine slid heavily under the floor of the platform, but it was stuck in place and was gone.
"Hoo, just a moment more and it would have been too late, that was close... "

A bald man with his back to the sky could be seen putting Smoker on the ground, his cloak thrown back as if he was a divine being.
Looking at the sudden appearance of Saitama, he asked cautiously, "You are...?"

"I am a hero." 
Saitama turned around with one of his hands on his chest, "A hero for fun!" 
"Hero? Ha, ha... In this day and age, there still exist people who go around calling themselves heroes..." 

Empty waved his hands and the legendary pirates in the audience immediately jumped onto the execution platform, covering all possible routes of an escape for Saitama, "We are people that have left our mark in history." Everything in the sea is controlled by us... You think you stand a chance? How can it be possible...・
His voice had yet to fall before a figure dressed in red and yellow figure flashed through.
Before the legendary pirates could react, Empty had been punched in the head right in front of them!
Blood rained down from the sky.
The damaged body turned back into a leaf and then disappeared. The place was filled with silence.

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