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Chapter 84
Omni-Magician – Chapter 84, How Can This Boy Joke About Breaking Through the Horizon?

Translator: Mirausean; Silavin

Editor: Rosyprimrose

Proofreader: Bluerazbeary

Due to certain reasons, Alfea did not wish to meet this father and son pair, Oupu and Oberth. However, since all of them were present in the corridor, the other party would have noticed her and so she couldn’t just walk away, pretending not to see them. Therefore, Alfea reigned in her conscious actions and portrayed herself as a gentle junior. When the other party walked closer to her, she greeted them, “Mr. Booth, Guild Master Oupu, and Mr. Basgen, How fortuitous for me, that we should meet here today.”

Alfea intentionally left out Oberth’s name in her greetings.

This made Oberth’s complexion turn slightly unpleasant, luckily the others didn’t notice. While Oberth’s father happily conversed with Alfea, “Alfea, why are you here? You must have made a special trip, as you knew that today is the day that Mr. Booth, is accepting Oberth as his disciple. Hehe. Since you made a special trip down, why did you not inform us? You’ve missed the opportunity to see Oberth and Mr. Booth signing of the sacred ‘Master and Disciple Contract’.” As he continued interacting with Alfea, he turned his head and introduced Alfea to Booth, “Mr. Booth, This beautiful lady is Alfea, and she is the precious daughter of Stan City’s, City Lord. She is also Oberth’s childhood friend.”

Upon hearing Oupu introduction as ‘Oberth’s childhood friend’, Alfea subconsciously displayed a look of vexation throughout her face. However, she continued to tolerate Oupu’s sarcastic words and bowed to greet Booth with a smile, “Mr. Booth, after hearing news that you’ll be staying in Stan City for some time, my father has always wanted to invite you over to the City Lord’s Manor for a meal, but he never had a chance.”

“I’ve heard of City Lord Eric’s name a long time ago. If I have a chance, I’ll definitely visit him at the City Lord’s Manor.” Booth replied in a tactful manner. Eric is the only level nine Swordsman in the whole of Stan City, while Booth is a level nine Magician trying to break through the boundary as a Magician, hence some interaction with Eric might do Booth some good.

“I’ll have my father to send you an invitation then.” Alfea smilingly said.

Booth responded with a jovial smile, indicating that he actually likes Alfea. He then thought of something suddenly and spoke up, “By the way, did you really come to the Magician Guild especially for Oberth?”

“Mr. Booth, you’ve misunderstood my intentions. I’m here to accompany my friend who’s taking his level three Magician examination.” Alfea explained as she took a glance at Oberth. [I’ve only beaten Oberth up when he was young a few times. How can I be considered his childhood friend? What a joke!] She then pointed to the examination hall, “He’s still doing the test.”

Oupu finally realized that he made a mistake, but as the Magician Guild Master, he could not reveal it. He then looked towards the examination hall in the direction of Alfea’s pointing finger and asked, “I wonder which of the candidates in the test is Alfea’s friend. If the Magician is qualified to be Alfea’s friend, then he must be an extremely talented Magician. Is this the person with good magic skills, Basgen was referring to

Alfea’s friend?”

“Miss Alfea, are you referring to Hammer?” Basgen had already noticed Ye Chui, who was somewhat familiar to him, forming the magic model in the examination hall. Oupu then interrupted, “I wasn’t referring to Hammer, but Arcaz. It seems like he has successfully pa.s.sed the test. This talented youth was the person that I found in a nearby village. After bringing him over to Stan City for just three months, he’s made vast improvements. Therefore, this level three Magician’s examination should not pose a problem to him.” He paused for a while before continuing on, “Oh, that Hammer is not bad as well.”

“However, it seems like Hammer cannot compare himself to that of Arcaz, who was mentioned by Mr. Basgen since he’s still unable to complete the forming of the magic model,” Oberth spoke up hurriedly. After realizing that the person with good magic skills Basgen was referring to was not Hammer, he heaved a sigh of relief.

“Both you and Hammer both joined the ancient tomb adventure organized by me a few days ago, so I believe you a good estimate of his magic skills,” Alfea said towards Oberth smilingly. Although she was smiling, Oberth could sense that she was being sarcastic.

“Some mishaps occurred during the ancient tomb adventure, but Oberth has been reluctant to tell me about it.” Oupu frowned and said, “Miss Alfea, did something interesting really happen during the adventure?”

“I wouldn’t consider it as interesting, but if not for Hammer, the entire adventure group would have died in the horrifying ancient tomb.” Alfea still had a smile plastered on her face as she said this, despite staring wide-eyed at Oberth.

Alfea’s stare made Oberth’s face turn red from awkwardness, as he did not at all mention a word about the ancient tomb adventure to his father. Now, he started to mention some happenings during the adventure in a wishy-washy manner, “Indeed, Hammer had helped us a great deal during the adventure… and he had very good luck.”

“Luck?” Oupu looked at his son with a disdainful gaze, as he thought in his heart that he must get to the bottom of what happened in the ancient tomb when they get back home. On the other hand, a loathing expression could be seen expressed on Booth’s face. Booth and Oupu are experienced people in their respective fields, so they would not believe in luck. It is bad enough that Oberth did not want to recognize Ye Chui’s talent, but to credit his performance in the ancient tomb to luck is ridiculous… This student was increasingly getting on Booth’s nerves.

As Basgen sensed that the atmosphere was getting increasingly special, he quickly changed his conversation topic and beckoned Arcaz to come over. He then introduced Booth and the others to him. It could be seen that Basgen liked this arrogant youth and it seems like Basgen would like Arcaz to become a disciple of Booth. Now, Booth acted as though he did not get the hint. [Do you think that it’s so easy to become my disciple? After accepting Oberth as my disciple, I’ve regretted my decision…]

Under Basgen’s introduction, Arcaz finally found out that the beautiful girl whom he fell in love at first sight; outside the Magician Guild was actually City Lord’s daughter, Alfea. This made his eyes light up instantly, as he thought that the ultimate combination between his immense magic talent and Alfea’s status as the City Lord’s daughter would give him a bright prospect. Narcissistic people tend to have a good imagination.

Both Alfea and Oberth had their attention focused on the proceedings of the test in the examination hall, especially on Ye Chui’s progress.

An hour had pa.s.sed and the bald middle-aged candidate stood up suddenly, announcing his forfeiture of the test. He had seemingly encountered such a huge hurdle when constructing the magic model, that he had no choice but to give up.

After another 30 minutes, both the female candidates successfully completed the magic model and released the magic spell, thus pa.s.sing the test.

Now, Ye Chui was the only candidate left doing the test.

Thirty minutes still remained.

At the side of the examination hall was an hourgla.s.s with sand grains falling to the bottom every second, signaling the loss of precious time.

At this time, Oberth already had a sinister smile plastered on his face. [I haven’t been able to form the magic model of for the past six months. If Hammer manages to complete it, then it’ll be the greatest miracle ever!]

Alfea also had a weird facial expression. According to her understanding of Ye Chui, the test should not pose a problem to him.

Arcaz, who was busy answering Booth’s questions, had his attention focused on Ye Chui as well. Although he did not know who Ye Chui was, he had already treated him as an imaginary love rival after seeing how Alfea was so concerned about his progress in the test. Arcaz had an inexplicable sense of satisfaction in his heart. [If this idiot can’t even pa.s.s the second test of the level three Magician examination, how can he qualify to vie with me for Alfea?]

It was the final few minutes of the test.

Almost all the sand in the hourgla.s.s had fallen to the bottom.

At the split second when the last sand grain fell towards the bottom of the hourgla.s.s, Ye Chui stood up in a lethargic manner, “I’ve completed the magic model.”

“What?” Oberth and Diya, the only ones who knew the truth of the test question, were both dumbstruck. They then had some unfounded thoughts. [How can this boy joke about breaking through the horizon?]

“Are you certain?” Diya inquired.

Ye Chui nodded his head and walked over to the spot where the previous few candidates were tested for the release of magic spells. He then pulled out his magic wand from his waist and waved it forward, “Gale’s Baptism.”

The name of the magic spell made Oberth, who was not focused on Ye Chui, to turn his head towards the examination hall.

In the next moment, it was as though the entire examination hall had fallen into darkness.

The might of an intermediate offensive spell was definitely extraordinary…

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