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Red dressed woman stood up slowly. I looked at Huang Xiaolong's stunned face, and I was stunned, too. I just thought that red dressed woman was Huang Xiaolong's relative or his mother just like storyline in novels, I could accept these.

However, from the last action of red dressed woman, I knew that the relationship between red dressed woman and Huang Xiaolong was definitely not the type of his parents. This was actually love.

However, Huang Xiaolong spent a few days in the small fishing village. Last time , even under the control of gramp Hai, he and I were even lining up an adult wall to block red dressed woman. Why red dressed woman didn't have such reaction at that time?

When Huang Xiaolong was still pondering everything just happened, I found that red dressed woman was quickly pulling the villagers out of the sea and throwing them ash.o.r.e.

I did not know how red dressed woman made it. The villagers who had been thrown ash.o.r.e seemed unable to move. At first, I thought they were drowned because it was too late until I saw a villager who was thrown in front of me showed his hatred to red dressed woman, I realized that he was just impossible to move.

When the last villager was thrown ash.o.r.e by the red dressed woman, he was not as motionless as the other villagers, but stand up and looked at the red dressed woman in angry, "What do you mean?"

Red dressed woman said, "Nothing."

The village smiled grimly and said, "You will die, you will die."

Red dressed woman turned around and smiled at Huang Xiaolong, "Either you leave or we will fight."

The village grinned and slowly opened his mouth. His mouth became bigger and bigger, even though his face started to crack, he didn't stop. The cracks kept expanding, and the blood kept flowing out. In one laughter, the whole mouth was open. It was a big mouth that you could put a head inside it.

In countless blood, the location of the tongue had replaced by a white flatworm, and it was constantly swinging. While the white flatworm was swing, the villager's teeth were stretching slowly and becoming sharply.

On his raised hand, nails were getting longer and longer, at last he had become a horrible monster in a short time, which made others thrilling.

I did not know why, while looking at this villager, it reminded me of Wen Bao's word. Gramp Hai was a big one, we could sell it for money. How could we sell such a horrible thing?

No, there's something wrong, I thought of a problem suddenly. Wen Bao's children walked into the sea just now. Why didn't Wen Bao show up? He should be a clinging ghost, it's impossible for him not to show up.

In my heart, I was afraid that I might had been misunderstanding since the beginning, but I couldn't figure out from where it went wrong. At this time, red dressed woman had started to fight with the monster.

The speed of the red dressed woman was very fast, and numerous red shadows were pulled out from the light. The monster had no way to approach red dressed woman, but the monster was not without advantages.

Perhaps because it was the body of a villager that he used, the monster seemed to be completely painless. Every time a large piece of flesh and blood was cut away by red dressed woman, it didn't care it at all. Even so, it just sustained all the attack pa.s.sively. red dressed woman could defeat him without any problem.

As expected, a moment latter, the body of the villager with half of his head attached to the flatworm was cut into two pieces by red dressed woman. I didn't know how red dressed woman made it. The villager just fell down on the ground.

Huang Xiaolong stood up difficultly, "Thank you." Then, he wanted to walk over, but was stopped by red dressed woman.

Red dressed woman said, "Is it so interesting? Just come out."

I was stunned, did the flatworm just now was not gramp Hai? But I realized that it was reasonable immediately. Every villager was controlled. If that villager had flatworm inside his body, then other villagers should be the same, there were so many villagers, so it wouldn't be gramp Hai.

But what about me? I changed my face and my hands groped around my body. Huang Xiaolong saw my behavior. He should had guessed what I was worrying, "Relax, you don't have it in your body. Otherwise, your soul would have been eaten bit by bit."

Huang Xiaolong's words let me slightly relieved. red dressed woman was still standing on the dock, waiting for the real gramp Hai came out.

At this moment, I suddenly felt that the sound of the waves had become much louder, and the eyes of red dressed woman was staring at the sea. I looked at the sea immediately and saw a large amount of sea water had been raised on the sea, it's flowing around.

When the sea water flowed away, I only saw that what appeared in the sea turned out to be a huge turtle. Full of horns on its back, huge head, eagle-like's mouth, it turned out to be a snapping turtle.

The size of the snapping turtle was large, at least the size of a bedroom, it made me feel a chill down my spine.

Snapping Turtle climbed up to the sh.o.r.e slowly and even spoke out in human voice, "Little girl, well, well."

Red dressed woman was with a formidable enemy right in front. She never took her eyes off the turtle while it was crawling up the dock.

Huang Xiaolong was even in a more stunned face expression, but I looked at the snapping turtle in puzzled, it seemed that I had heard the sound of the snapping turtle in somewhere.

Huang Xiaolong pulled me back away slowly, red dressed woman had started the attack, the speed was still so fast that I could not see clearly, but attacks on the snapping turtle body could only gave out a little spark, even if the snapping turtle was exposed. Even the exposed skin of the snapping turtle was the same, all the attacks were just in vain.

The action of the snapping turtle was slower than that of the villager just now. Let alone red dressed woman, even me also had the confidence to attack him when the giant snapping turtle turned around, but the snapping turtle suddenly protruded its neck and it was very fast. It became a phantom completely, making a loud noise of biting when it come out.

I could sure that red dressed woman definitely could not sustain such a bite from the snapping turtle. red dressed woman certainly knew that, all the attack positions were mostly behind the snapping turtles, but in vain.

The snapping turtle found that there was no way to attack red dressed woman, he gave it up straightforward and said, "Little girl, you are scratching itches for me."

While speaking, the snapping turtles climbed toward us slowly.

Red dressed woman became anxious suddenly and increased the frequency of attack. She even risked to attacked on the eyes of the snapping turtle several times, there were signs of danger appearing everywhere.

I kept retreating under Huang Xiaolong's help. But because of physical reasons, the speed of my retreat was far less than that of the snapping turtle. I saw the snapping turtle moving closer and closer to us. red dressed woman attacked the eyes of the snapping turtle more anxiously. The snapping turtle even snapped her clothes in one of her attacks. A big piece of cloth which was as big as human head was torn off.

The anxiousness of red dressed woman did not change the strategy of the snapping turtle. When the snapping turtle drew its head no far away from us, red dressed woman rushed up regardless of anything else.

I fell down on the ground because I was frightening. At that moment, the snapping turtle turned down his head so that he could acc.u.mulate strength. His eye was as big as a human head which I found a trace of sly in it.

"Watch out." As I shouted, the snapping turtle's head was quickly outstretched, and the breeze that it made drove me to the ground. Report broken chapters

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