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Translator: Silavin

Editor: Rosyprimrose

Proofreader: Bluerazbeary

Super Sword Giant Spinning Top, was a name Ye Chui casually thought up. It was a shoddy name that simply combined both names Debbie was considering. Of course, since Debbie was not speaking Chinese, she did not understand the other meaning this name had. With a subtle, close to none distinguishable, change in harmonics, "Super Sword" can be transformed into "Super Cheap". Unbeknownst of this, Debbie muttered the name again with a nod of appreciation. "Hmm… This name is pretty cool. Alright! From now on, this skill will be called Super Sword Giant Spinning Top."

Once she was done speaking, the loli stood up and prepared to display her ultimate skill to Ye Chui. However, she noticed Ye Chui was too close and shooed him further away. "If you stand this close, how am I going to show it to you?"

With beads of perspiration sliding down his back, Ye Chui took a few steps back to only leave the little girl unsatisfied. "Don't stop. I need you to get even further away."

Therefore, Ye Chui stood far, far away.

The scenic display of skill was something that was refreshing. Ever since midnight, the two of them had hardly rest.

Truth be told, Debbie herself was already exhausted. However, thanks to that pork feast they just had, her exhaustion was eaten away with each bite. Right now, she was almost back to normal.

Tightly holding the handle of her sword, she lifted it up and focused. Everything around her went silent for a moment as she was seeking that feeling: the critical point to activate her skill.

[There!] She opened her eyes with a wide grin plastered all over; aware that it was going to work. And, as she expected, her body quickly started to spin.

Ye Chui had often seen her practice Giant Spinning Top. The sight of her spinning was nothing different. However, there was an obvious change this time. The air currents around her sword seemed to wrap around her, quickly revolving around her. It was so strong that in just mere moments, her entire figure became blurry.

"Ah!" Suddenly, Debbie roared out and stopped her sword, pointing it towards the lakelet.

As though under her command the tornado started to march towards the lakelet, leaving its master behind. Though this tornado was not wide, it held power; so powerful that Ye Chui was confident any magic beast that made contact with it would be ground into nothing.

Of course, this power was to be expected as the tornado was created using Sword Aura!


The tornado finally made contact with the lakelet, and the once peaceful water body was thrown into chaos. The earth around it shook as streams of water was sucked into the air; strong enough to hit the jungle's canopy!

It was a sight to behold: a man-made geyser.

"Debbie… this move is powerful!" Ye Chui cannot help but exclaim. [If I were to take this attack head on, I will most likely be killed. Maybe… just maybe… I should consider retiring as the Iron Swordsman.]

After the battle, Debbie had with the Wind Wolves, her awareness and control over Sword Aura were awakened. Earlier, she thought of combining both Sword Aura and her Giant Spinning Top Technique and this was her first attempt at using those two together. Naturally, when she saw this destructive might, she was left more than pleased. Her face was somewhat cramped from her grin.

To share her joy, she turned her grinning face towards Ye Chui with a "HeeHee".

Similarly, Ye Chui replied with a "HeeHee" smile.

Then, the lake water drenched everything around them. This included the pair as both of them were soaked from head to toe.

After that small joyous accomplishment, they moved away to a dry spot and set up a fire,  effectively setting up camp for the night.

Seeing that Debbie was now in a good mood, Ye Chui a.s.sumed that she would temporarily forget about any grudges she had towards the Iron Swordsman. Therefore, he felt safe enough to take off his suit of armor; only leaving his helmet on. He had already worn his suit for more than 24 hours so he felt the need to reintroduce the wind's caress to his skin.

Right now, he was sitting next to the fire pit taking care of their clothes, which was hung above the fire pit on a pole.

"h.e.l.lo." Debbie casually greeting as her small arm was suddenly extended out to Ye Chui's side. In her hand was a fat purse, which she blatantly displayed. "Take this."

"What!?" Ye Chui cried out in pure shock. [What happened to her? Did she hit her head? How could this be possible? Am I dreaming? Why would the greedy, obsessed Debbie be willing to let off of money? ]

[This must be a dream.]

As Ye Chui's thoughts move away to his own version of comfortable reality, Debbie continued to speak. She gave an explanation, which in summary was her worry for Hammer. As usual, whenever she spoke of her fiancé, her words were filled with warmth, so much so that even Ye Chui was brought back to reality.

Ye Chui's eyes were opened wide and directed to the purse but he did not make any efforts to touch it. Instead, he tried to convince her: "what are you talking about? We are going to leave here in one piece."

"Hmph. Words of leaving together in one piece again." Debbie threw the purse on the ground and scolded: "One should not be fussy like a woman!"

Ye Chui became silent, unsure of how to respond. He quietly picked out the purse and had a look inside to find that there were roughly 80 gold coins inside. [This amount… it’s nearly everything from what we took… no gained from Busca.] Realising that the contents inside were untouched, Ye Chui gave a soft smile and commented. "I heard from Hammer that you only give him a small allowance."

"What nonsense! He is a Magician. Not a Swordsman. He cannot achieve great heights without guidance like Swordsman. To be a great Magician, one must learn magic theories and have a teacher. Both resources cost a lot of money. At first, I thought that he only had the same apt.i.tude as my father. But as of late, I realized that he had much more talent. Naturally, to foster such a talent, I need to save up. All of the money in here is to be used for his education! "

[What? The greedy mother of the family was actually simply saving up for my own tuition fees?]

Ye Chui was touched, so much that he started to blurt out, "Debbie, I actually have something to tell you."

"Shut up!" Debbie suddenly shouted with anxiety and coy. "After so much time, I finally can get some favorable impression of you. Must you act in a way that will destroy that image!"

Ye Chui: "…"

Yesterday, after Ye Chui did everything in his strength to aid Debbie, he attributes his actions to his "promise to Hammer". This made Debbie's impression of him change drastically. Her misconception of the Iron Swordsman was clear. However, his current soft words, along with a shy disposition had flicked a switch within her mind. Debbie saw his actions as a sign of preparation before confession. Therefore, she hastily stopped him from saying any further.  

"Alright. I will not say any more." Contrary to Debbie's own thoughts, Ye Chui wanted to share his double life. However, if now was not the right time, it was fine to keep it secret a little longer.

After the clothes were dry, the pair was back to their former appearance. However, they did not head off straight away. Instead, Ye Chui proposed that Debbie get some rest while letting him keep watch. After such a long day of travel, it was imperative for her to rest up. As for him, he could still sustain himself thanks to his role as a Magician, which strengthened his spiritual power.

Accepting this proposition, Debbie went and snuggles up on the base of a huge tree by the side. It took her no time to fall asleep. In the meantime, while she rests, Ye Chui was sitting a little further away practicing his ancient tomb sealing technique.

Though, contrary to the usual way of practicing, Ye Chui was not teleporting objects into his ancient tomb. Rather, he was studying the "the blessing" he had gotten from Booth. This "blessing" contained which was an Advance Offensive Spell. One which an Intermediate must less an Elementary Magician would get a chance to own it. However, Ye Chui was an exception amongst exceptions.

With such a high-level spell in his hands, not only would studying aid in his usage of the spell, it would also aid in his understanding of s.p.a.ce Magic. Obviously, if he masters his base, he would be able to further improve ancient tomb sealing technique.

Therefore, he studied with utmost focus.

However, out of the blue, he felt something from within the deeper parts of the jungle.

His eyes left no stone unturned but there was absolutely nothing around him right now. Nonetheless, this feeling did not dissipate; it remained.

Gradually, the feeling grew stronger as a figure appeared in his mind. A form which was cloudy at first but slowly took shape. It was familiar. Something he had seen before.

As it finally became recognizable, he trembled.

"Isn't that a Dragon?!"

Silavin: True t.i.tle: isn't that a Dragon? - haha such a spoiler.

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