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Published at 11th of July 2019 11:23:29 PM Chapter 5
A Glimpse of the New Home

When Dahlia descended to the first floor of the Commercial Guild, she found Marcella waiting for her .  He was with two men from the Shipping Guild .  All three of them wore the vivid green armband of the Shipping Guild . The armband was green because it was said that the Guild would ‘ship things as fast as the wind’ .

“Dahlia, have you finished the procedures?”

“Yeah, everything’s finished so I’ll head right over . ”

“Then, should we start moving things immediately?”

Using a large carriage, Dahlia moved to her new home immediately .  However, even if one called it a carriage, it was pulled by a gray, eight-legged horse, Sleipnir .  It seemed that the shipping guild used this horse than the other ones because it had more power .  It was about 1 . 5 times larger than normal horses, but with a warmth-filled face and deep, black eyes, Dahlia thought it looked cute .

When they traveled using the carriage, the new house came into view within a few minutes .  Tobias firmly stated his requirements for the location of the new home which had to be between the Commercial guild and his old home, the Orlando Company . He felt this would make the transportation of products and briefings easier .  However, that no longer held any meaning to Dahlia .

There was no one in the new house .  Dahlia, feeling a bit relieved, checked the furniture and items .

“The box in the hallway and the box in the workshop were the ones brought in last time . I haven’t unpacked them yet, so please leave them as they are . ”

Until last week, Tobias used to work at Dahlia’s workplace .

Tobias had brought in some relatively new instruments when he came into the house, but Dahlia brought back the old ones since they felt more familiar to her . They were already packed so they just had to be taken back as they were .

“The furniture was a closet and a dresser, right?”

“Yeah, I haven’t put anything in yet . ”

The closet and dresser were her mother’s keepsake .  That said, Dahlia had no memories of her mother, so the impression that this furniture was important to her father was stronger .  Both were left in the room which was meant to be Dahlia’s .

“Understood . If it’s already packed, we’ll carry it as it is . We’ll put the closet and dresser in double layers of cloth . ”

The man from the shipping guild started preparing the cloth under Marcella’s orders .

“Is there anything else you want to be carried?”

“The bed in the bedroom was the one I bought, but the tower has a bed too… I wonder what I should do…”

“You can either have it disa.s.sembled and then carried, or you could sell it . You could also have Tobias buy it . ”

Dahlia and Marcella headed towards the bedroom while talking .  Dahlia had bought a large double-bed for Tobias, but looking back on it, the price was quite satisfactory .

The lamp on the side table of the bed, half due to interest from work, was a new model ordered with an adjustable light function .  Dahlia entered the bedroom to check how it was made .


After taking a step in, Dahlia immediately stepped back out and closed the door without even checking the side table .  The ivory patterned bedding was all messed up and pillows had fallen to the floor .

“Dahlia, what happened?”

“Yeah, well…”

Dahlia gave a muddled reply to Marcella, standing behind her .

“Was someone in there?”

“No, there’s no one right now, but…”

“I’m sorry, could you allow me to check the room? A thief could have entered and might be hiding or something…”

“Ah, right…”

Dahlia jumped away from the door .  Dahlia didn’t think it was a thief’s work at all, but she’d heard that new houses were easy marks . Warning and confirmation were both important .

“Umm, is it fine if I don’t enter?”

“Yeah, I will check the room . The bedroom has an attached bathroom and washbasin, right?”


Marcella from the Shipping Guild knew the layout of many different houses . He figured out the layout of the room even without any explanations .

After checking for any sounds, he grabbed a metal rod and cautiously walked into the room .

“… Tobias… That big idiot… Go die once…”

Marcella’s piercing voice leaked through the gap below the door, but Dahlia decided to ignore it .

“… There weren’t any thieves . Just a couple of idiots . ”

It seemed as though Marcella had removed Tobias not just from his list of friends, but from his list of ‘human beings’ as well .

“Excuse me! Marcella alone is fine, do you have a moment?”

“Yeah, I’m coming!”

A man who had been working elsewhere came to call Marcella, who had just returned from the room .

It seemed like it was a conversation for the Shipping Guild members, so Dahlia just looked at the box in the hallway with a dull expression .

There was less luggage than expected . Dahlia had planned on moving her luggage after the new house was completed, so the out of season clothing and books were still there . Seems like that was the right thing to do .

“Ah, Dahlia, do you have a moment?”

Marcella returned to the hallway, but his face had a dark expression . His reddish-brown eyes were clouded .

“Did something happen?”

“It’s difficult to say this, but… There are a woman’s clothes in the closet . ”

“… She’s fast . ”

“I’m sorry, but please check them . They’re not yours, are they?”

“Yes, they’re definitely not mine . ”

A stole patterned with multi-colored flowers and a pale yellow puff-sleeved dress, and an amply laced pink gown .  Let alone the design, just by the size one could tell these weren’t Dahlia’s .  To begin with, Dahlia didn’t possess any such clothes .

“Also, it seems that was in the dresser . ”

Marcella pointed towards a table .

There was a cosmetic pouch, and atop a white handkerchief, a silver pendant . The circular top of the pendant was engraved with an unusual emblem .

Dahlia saw this and, knitted her eyebrows .

“This is probably a n.o.ble’s . Someone above a viscount . ”

“Not a baron’s?”

“There aren’t too many barons with a coat of arms . I’ve heard that if one received a weapon by taking down a large demon monster, they would engrave it onto that though . ”

Without touching it directly, Dahlia flipped the pendant over using the hem of the handkerchief and looked at its bottom .  The inscription had thinned and faded as the pendant was old, but it was still there .

“Tarini… Yeah, it’s your opponents’ item . ”

The name of the woman Tobias was talking about was Emilia Tarini .  The name ‘Tarini’ was quite common, so it didn’t occur to Dahlia that it could be the name of a n.o.ble family .

“Um, that emblem might be of the Tarini Viscount family . They rule over a place around four cities south of the capital . My grandmother lives there, so I happened to know . ”

At this one voice, everyone’s expressions turned sombre .  The woman Tobias brought into the house might have left the pendant to inform us that she was, at the very least, related to the Talini household .

“Should I call Tobias?”

“No . The owner of this pendant is currently a part of the Orlando Company . Everything’s already ended . I have no intention of contacting them . ”

“Alright . It’ll take some money but it would be a good idea to have a notary register what you take back home . If this involves n.o.bles, it’s best to be safe . I will write up a statement for the things we carried away earlier too . ”

“Thank you . I’ll leave it to them . ”

The expenditure would increase, but there wasn’t any other way to avoid troubles .

“Should we call the notary from the Commercial Guild? Or would the notary from the Shipping Guild be better?”

“I’m sorry, could you call a notary who’s available from the Commercial Guild? If possible, please call Dominic Kampbell . ”

“Understood . I’ll go call them, immediately . ”

One man ran outside, calling for a carriage .

“I’m sorry, causing all of you so much trouble…”

“Whether lovers split or married couples do, there are always arguments about the furniture and such . A notary is often called so this doesn’t amount to any trouble for us . ”

“That’s right . Miss Rossetti, please don’t mind such small matters . ”

Dahlia regained some composure thanks to the clearly considerate men .  Seeing through that like a hawk, Marcella said .

“Dahlia, if you want, we can put the cost of the notary on Tobias’s tab . ”

“No, I’ll pay for him . It’d be problematic if Tobias said something . ”

“Then, I’ll pay for it to celebrate ‘not having to be that idiot’s wife’ . ”

“I’ll take your feelings . Rather, why don’t you bring Irma over to have dinner together once we return to the tower? This time, I too shall drink well . ”

“Yeah, please let us join you, have some good drinks ready . ”

When Dahlia was with Tobias, she never had more than a single gla.s.s .  Tobias didn’t like the Dahlia who drank .

“It’s embarra.s.sing for a woman to blush after drinking . ” After Tobias told her off, somewhere along the line, Dahlia stopped drinking .  That said, Tobias himself had had plenty of incidents where he drank too much and became sick having Marcella carry him back home .  In the future, Dahlia would drink without reservations . It might even be nice for the three of them to drink together in the inn .

While Dahlia was chatting, the person who had left earlier returned with the notary Dominic .

“Sorry for troubling you again, even though we asked for your services just recently, Mr . Dominic . ”

“Don’t mention it, I said you could consult me whenever you want, didn’t I? Don’t worry about it . ”

Dahlia explained everything about her moving homes, with all the furniture and items which were hers as well as those she didn’t recognize, to Dominic, who was smiling gently .  Dahlia wanted to explain everything quickly and as detachedly as possible, but the expression of the people around her darkened in sympathy as she spoke .  Dominic confirmed the furniture and luggage without any change in expression and made the doc.u.ments in an instant .

“How much is it? We’ll pay right away…”

“I had some free time, so just the three silvers for the doc.u.ments will be enough . ”

“Thank you . ”

Dahlia paid Dominic and, once again, made preparations to move out . The sun’s shine outside started dimming and it was close to the evening already .

The carriage meant for shifting had a compartment for luggage in the back and some s.p.a.ce for people in the front . After loading the luggage all the men took their seats at the back .  Since it was the rush hour for both pedestrians and carriages, it took longer than when they had come to the house, but the Commercial Guild came into view just about ten minutes later .

“I need to retrieve the keys to the house through the window, so I’ll return in a bit . ”

“Should I come with you?”

“The two of you must be tired . I’ll bring the keys myself . ”

Dahlia was stopped by Dominic as she tried to get off in front of the house .

“Ah, no, I couldn’t ask Mr . Dominic to do so much…”

“If you go now, someone curious might catch you, you know . ”

Certainly, Dahlia felt that she would be thoroughly questioned by acquaintances the minute she stepped into the guild .  Dahlia felt so tired, she really wanted to avoid it if possible .

“… I’m sorry, I’ll request you with the task, then . ”

“… Yes, I’ll take the request then . ”

Dominic had a forlorn expression as he handed the key to Dahlia, then he turned straight to her .

“Lady Dahlia, it might be imprudent of me to say this, but I feel this is a good chance to say so, so I will . I pray you to live a happy life here onwards . ”

“… Thank you very much . ”

Dahlia replied with grat.i.tude and finally saw him off .

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