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1791 A Better Successor

“Your target’s been Yun Feidian from the very beginning, not me.”

When he saw Lu Zhongqi’s calm but profound expression, Meng Chao’s mind raced, and he came to a sudden realization. “You killed him to silence him?”

“That’s right. We can’t kill you, and there’s no point in killing you. We can’t escape from the inescapable net that you’ve set up. Our futile struggle will only cause unnecessary damage to Dragon City.”

Lu Zhongqi smiled and added, “But Yun Feidian is different from you. He knows too much.”


Meng Chao narrowed his eyes. “You’re afraid that he’ll reveal the Blood Alliance’s secrets once we capture him alive?”

“He will.”

Lu Zhongqi sighed. “Yun Feidian might have been the most brilliant miracle in Dragon City in the past twenty years aside from you. If our plan had succeeded, I have no doubt that he would’ve been able to lead the Blood Alliance, which has been reborn from the ashes, to grow and prosper. He would’ve become the most powerful catalyst for the triumphant progress of Dragon City’s civilization. He would’ve also become a great leader whose name would be recorded in history.

“However, Meng Chao, the biggest difference between you and Yun Feidian is that he was born in a family of cultivators, and his parents are both important people. He lived a life of luxury with unlimited resources since he was a child. Ever since he first entered the business world and stood out, everything had been smooth sailing for him. He had never encountered any setbacks, pain, failures, or hardships.

“Over the past decades, he had gotten used to moving from one victory to another. He was used to having everything under his control. He was used to crushing all of his opponents and resolving all of his troubles with his advantageous resources. But he never got used to persevering and rising again from utter failures.

“I was worried that such a leader, who’s used to winning easy battles, would collapse in the blink of an eye after an unprecedented failure and sell all of the Blood Alliance’s secrets in desperation.

“Note that although the Blood Alliance has failed for the time being, our strength has not been completely exposed. A lot of people who support and sympathize with the Blood Alliance are still lurking in various sectors of Dragon City. In the future, when the time is right, the Blood Alliance can still change its appearance and make a comeback.

“I believe that as Dragon City explores and conquers more of the Other World, and the various conflicts become increasingly intense, the day for the Blood Alliance to reappear will not be too far away.”

Meng Chao’s pupils shrank to the size of two needle tips.

His line of sight went through the raised grave between the two of them, to Yun Feidian’s broken bones, twisted limbs, and internal organs that were filled with lava.

Even a Deity Realm expert could not retain even one billionth of his life force in such a state.

Meng Chao sighed softly.

He had to admit that Lu Zhongqi had made the best call for the Blood Alliance.

Yun Feidian had fallen into the depths of h.e.l.l with all his secrets.

Meanwhile, the countdown for Lu Zhongqi’s life had also begun.

The old senior, who was at least extremely tough, would never reveal any of the Blood Alliance’s secrets before he died.

The Blood Alliance had failed, but it had not suffered a destructive blow.

It was just like a nine-headed snake with two of its heads cut off. It needed to hide in the dark and lick its wounds for a while.

“Cough cough, cough cough cough cough!”

Lu Zhongqi spat out a large mouthful of blood, and there were many suspicious blood clots amid the dark plasma.

A moment ago, his destructive aura had disappeared without a trace. Now, he looked like a paper figurine that was burning from the inside and would turn into ash at any time.

“Hehe, my journey has already come to an end. Next, only you can walk the path of Dragon City’s civilization.”

Lu Zhongqi looked at the blood clots in front of him, and a mysterious smile appeared on his pale face. “The youngest Deity Realm warrior in Dragon City has returned in glory and turned the tide. He single-handedly defeated first- and second-generation Deity Realm warriors deep underground. Tsk, tsk, tsk, such a miracle is unprecedented!”

Meng Chao frowned slightly.

He understood what Lu Zhongqi meant.

Lu Zhongqi and Yun Feidian had pretty much suffered heavy losses, and they were going to die together.

However, to calm the people’s hearts and maintain financial order after the chaos, the relevant parties would definitely make necessary “modifications” to this battle’s tale.

Meng Chao was destined to be packaged as a superhero who saved Dragon City and a superstar who would create the future!

He just did not understand why Lu Zhongqi would give him such a “big gift” for no reason.

He had destroyed the plan that he had painstakingly worked on for decades, forcing him to personally get rid of his carefully-selected successor. Should he not hate him to the bone?

“Are you wondering why I gave you such an earth-shattering battle achievement for no reason?”

Lu Zhongqi was becoming more and more withered, but his eyes were shining as if his two eyeb.a.l.l.s had sucked the vitality of all the cells in his body.

He coughed lightly and said with a faint smile, “No, it won’t be long before you understand that this is not a gift but a curse.

“Meng Chao, you were born into a poor family, and you had many fortuitous encounters. Now, you’ve made great contributions to the world. You might be the only person in Dragon City who has the ability to balance the nine mega corporations, the Azure Alliance, and the Red Dragon Army.

“You will stand in front of the Dragon City civilization’s rudder, as it cuts through the waves, controlling its direction.

“Trust me. When you’re actually standing at the front of the giant warship that carries all the desires and hopes of millions of human beings, when you are responsible for the food, clothing, housing, happiness, anger, and sorrow, birth, aging, illness, and death of millions of human beings, you will soon have to face the difficult choices that the members of the Blood Alliance have had to face in the past decades.

“I’m looking forward to it. I’m really looking forward to what kind of choice you will make in the near future when you are faced with the unsolvable problems that have troubled me for a lifetime.

“Perhaps, hehe, Yun Feidian is not the most suitable successor for the Blood Alliance.

“You, Meng Chao… aren’t you the one who’s destined to bring the Blood Alliance to greater heights?”

Lu Zhongqi laughed hoa.r.s.ely.

His laughter was reminiscent of a crow flying in the depths of h.e.l.l, flapping its wings rapidly.

Meng Chao raised an eyebrow.

He felt that Lu Zhongqi had gone crazy.

“I know you must think that I’ve gone crazy…”

Lu Zhongqi read Meng Chao’s thoughts from his expression, but his twisted smile did not change at all. “Just like how I thought that the first leader of the Blood Alliance was completely crazy when I stood in front of him years ago.

“What I’ve told you today is exactly what the first leader of the Blood Alliance told me.

“At that time, I was just the same as you are today. I scoffed at him and ignored him.

“It’s okay, time will prove everything. Time flies.”

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