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Chapter 1467 The Devil Is Ten-Foot Tall


Meng Chao stared at him. “You just said that you didn’t know.”

“I-I haven’t seen their true faces, but I can roughly guess their ident.i.ties.”

Shen Yulin explained, “I have a list of my suspects. The accuracy may not be 100%, but there must be someone from the Blood Alliance. There must be!”


Meng Chao asked, “How?”

“Ever since I was coerced by the Blood Alliance and branded with the Cross Eye Mark on my neck, I’ve always been angry and worried. These two emotions clashed back and forth. The feeling of being treated like a puppet and a fish, being manipulated by others, is really uncomfortable.”

Shen Yulin said, “I’m thinking that even if I do join the Blood Alliance, I can’t be the lowest level chess piece. If I end up in that position, I might be consumed at any moment.

“I have to grasp some chips that will allow me to climb higher and higher.

“At the very least, I have to know the ident.i.ty of the guy who dragged me into this mess in the beginning and contacted me directly. If necessary, I have to have the ability to perish together with the other party. Only then can I make the other party hold back and not dare to act rashly.

“Although the other party acted carefully and did not leak a single drop of water, I still identified the person I suspected.

“After all, the fact that he was able to place the letters and gifts on my desk and on my bedside table without anyone noticing means that he must be someone from the universal group. He might even be a member of the Shen family, someone close to me. “Perhaps, this guy even came into my office in broad daylight and discussed official business with me in a serious manner. However, he was secretly giving me orders as the leader of the Blood Union.

“Of course, there are no more than a hundred people from the Shen family by my side. There are eighty of them. This list is still too long. I have to constantly narrow down the scope of my suspicions.

“Although I don’t have any real evidence, I had a sudden inspiration. Based on my own personal experience, I deduced that if the other party was like me and was coerced into joining the organization by the Blood Union, then the other party must have also accepted the modulation of the Blood Union and received a lot of opportunities and benefits.

“Therefore, I secretly collected the information of all the members of the Shen family around me and investigated their experiences. I wanted to see how many of them had improved by leaps and bounds. They were also very pleased with themselves in the workplace and had inexplicably received a lot of opportunities. They had been promoted and received raises, and they had stepped into important positions.

“After a round of investigation, I really found a few members of the Shen family. They were like me and did not have strong backers. In the past, they were not valued much within the family, and their cultivation talent could only be said to be above average. For a long period of time, their realms had stagnated.

“However, at a certain point in time, they seemed to have been injected with a heart-strengthening drug. They suddenly broke out and advanced rapidly. They were unstoppable, and they became the pillars of the group and the family.

“I saw my own shadow in these guys.

“Some of them had very solid reasons for their advancement. For example, they were favored by the G.o.dly state experts. Or, they killed high-level monsters in front of everyone and received generous rewards. Or, they were lucky enough to discover an astonishing amount of crystal lodes and obtain an astronomical amount of cultivation resources. I first excluded these guys who could clearly explain their source of strength.

“Then, I sorted the people on the list who came from unknown sources according to the distance between them and me. Naturally, it was not difficult to find the most likely suspects.

“Later, I expanded the scope of my investigation. I shifted my focus from the Shen family to the Lu family, from the universal group to the Atlas Group.

“Peers are enemies. The Universal Group and the Atlas Group have been competing intensely for twenty to thirty years. Many times, if we want to do our project well, we need the support of our own people and the cooperation of our compet.i.tors.

“I have noticed that the few members of the Shen family that I suspect are on their way to higher positions. Their direct compet.i.tors, very few members of the Lu family, are suspected to have gone easy on them. “Similarly, I have noticed that the few members of the Shen family will occasionally go their own way and make low-level mistakes that others can not understand. In the end, they let one of the members of the Lu family take advantage of them.

“It is impossible to explain such things with the usual techniques of business compet.i.tion.

“However, if the members of the Shen family and the Lu family are all members of the blood union, it would make sense if they conspired with each other to steal the members of their respective groups and families!

“This is why I told you that ‘even the big shots of the Lu family have joined our organization’in the beginning. I didn’t lie to You

“I believe you.”

Meng Chao raised his voice. “Tell me their names.”

Shen Yuling hesitated for a moment.

He had no other choice.

He was still conflicted about whether he could use this list to negotiate with Meng Chao.

“There’s no time.”

Meng Chao said sternly, “The people from the blood union might find this place any minute. Tell me quickly!”

“Alright, I –“

Shen Yuling finally made up his mind.

But just as he was about to speak, his head suddenly twitched nervously. Then, it twitched again.

Accompanied by the strange twitching, his neural network seemed to be completely paralyzed. He could no longer control his facial muscles, causing his facial features to collapse. It was as if he had completely changed his face.

Meng Chao, on the other hand, looked over Shen Yulin’s shoulder in the direction of Red Creek Creek Creek, which was deep in the dark night behind him.

Meng Chao keenly sensed that an enormous and dangerous spiritual energy was brewing, fermenting, reacting, and erupting inside the crystal mine in the middle of Red Creek Creek Creek Creek!

This is –“

Meng Chao’s pupils suddenly constricted into two needle tips.

He dragged Shen Yulin to the ground.

The ground was shaking and the air was burning. Bubbles of varying sizes were popping up in the mud as if it were boiling. Thousands of snakes, insects, rats, and ants crawled out from the depths of the mud, they were fleeing desperately in the direction of the Red Creek Creek Creek Creek, forming a black tide that was panicking A deafening explosion was heard. It was as if a train cannon had been blown up into the sky by a crystal cannonball that had gone out of control. Meng Chao and Shen Yulin, who were lying on the ground more than ten kilometers away, both shook a little. They felt that a great storm was surging from the depths of the Earth.

Meng Chao turned his head and saw a burning cloud of fire rising slowly from the red creek ditch like a ferocious demon, killing the layers of dark clouds until blood flowed like a river.

Meng Chao felt that something wet was flowing out of his ears and eyes.

He wiped his red hands with his fingers.

In his realm, no matter how powerful a conventional explosion was, it was unlikely that it could tear his eardrums apart with sound waves from more than twenty kilometers away.

Unless, it was the spiritual energy that was compressed to the extreme and suddenly released, the sharp whistle that could tear everything apart.

In a non-military facility like the crystal mine, there was only one possibility for such a strong explosion. “It’s the Crystal Warehouse. You actually destroyed the warehouse that stored the raw crystal ore!” Meng Chao was so furious that he grabbed Shen Yulin’s collar. “Is this what you meant by ‘never harming the interests of Dragon City’?”

“This, this is impossible!”

Shen Yulin was also completely shocked by this shocking scene. He said with his mouth agape, “This is different from what we agreed. We agreed to set a fire in the crystal warehouse and burn the warehouse instead of blowing up the entire warehouse. This…”

His voice gradually became unclear.

His expression also became more and more out of control.

Under the stimulation of some mysterious force, the two eyeb.a.l.l.s expanded at a speed visible to the naked eye. In an instant, they burst out of the eye sockets and rotated 90 degrees to the left and right respectively.

It was as if there was a lump of minced meat stuck in his throat, and he kept making gurgling, gurgling, gurgling sounds. Meng Chao cut open the s.p.a.ce between his chest and abdomen with knife-like precision. It could be considered a perfect wound, and it was simply and brutally torn apart by this mysterious force, his organs were exposed, wriggling, trembling, and twitching.

It was as if Shen Yulin’s heart, liver, spleen, lungs, and kidneys had been injected with an evil will, trying to escape from his master’s body. His heart, in particular, had expanded to the size of a football in just a few seconds. His heart and blood vessels were like the tentacles of an octopus, waving wildly in his body.

This was an acute qi deviation.

It was the precursor to spontaneous combustion, no, self-destruction.

Shen Yulin obviously could not commit suicide.

However, Meng Chao had already removed the control chip in his body.

He followed the direction of Shen Yulin’s head, twitching and spinning. Meng Chao’s gaze continued to extend towards the clouds.

He activated his extraordinary vision to the limit until his eyes were stinging and his retina was about to be filled with densely packed blood spots.

Finally, he managed to distinguish a spooky black dot between the dark clouds and the night sky.

It was a drone.

In order to avoid being detected by units on the ground, the drone flew very high.

It should not have been able to detect Meng Chao and Shen Yulin who were hiding in the mud.

However, the drone did not even need to accurately lock onto their coordinates.

It could release an extremely special infrasonic wave from the clouds to a large area on the ground.

This infrasonic wave was very similar to the background noise of nature, so it was easy to ignore it.

When it entered Shen Yulin’s ears, it activated the fatal command that had long been implanted between his cerebral cortex and the central nerve.

A G.o.dly state expert could be called a walking nuclear weapon.

Although Shen Yulin had not broken through to the G.o.dly state, he was still a peak heaven state expert. At least, he had reached the level of a heavy earth-drilling bomb.

The power of a heavy earth-drilling bomb could easily destroy a target the size of a football field.

The chain reaction had already begun.

Shen Yulin’s cells trembled to the extreme and exploded one after another.

Every cell explosion would shoot out a surge of spiritual energy from between the mitochondria and the cell nucleus.

When thousands of streams of spiritual energy gathered together, the quant.i.tative change would trigger the qualitative change, and the microscopic change would reach the macroscopic level. A big explosion that shocked all the extraordinary individuals at the cost of their lives would happen.

Even if the ‘War G.o.d’Lei Zongchao came personally, it would be impossible for him to stop Shen Yulin’s self-explosion.

It was even possible that he would be affected and contaminated by Shen Yulin and fall into the danger of mental derangement!

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