Jitsuwa Ore, Saikyōdeshita? ~ Tensei Chokugo Wa Donzoko Sutāto, Demo Ban'nō Mahō De Gyakuten Jinsei O Jōshō-chū! Chapter 1

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I'll reincarnate into a different world, though I will overlook the details.

According to G.o.ddess or something, this is a world where magic power is absolute power. I was worried because the explanation was too big, but she also gave me a cheat ability. So I can enjoy my second life to the fullest.

During my 3rd year of middle school, I was bullied so much that I became a shut-in. And after five years, I was living a vague life without hope for the future Even if suddenly you said: "Enjoy your second life"…

What I want is live a peaceful life

Separation from those heartless people.

A life where I'd spend every day watching anime and playing games even realizing the sun has already set, that is the best way to life!

So I decided. I will be a Shut-in and live in laziness! For that purpose, I'll do my best.

And then I was born

I feel like someone is throwing something in a blurred view.

Suddenly the voice became clear when I thought I could not hear it.

「Your Majesty, It's a healthy boy! 」

「Oh! Gisserot , You've done it! 」( King )

My body is held by someone.

But I can't see anything. I don't know who is who.

It was something I couldn't see, I tried to give power to my eyes.

Suddenly the view is cleared.

Dandy Oldman was there.

It is a blond, deep-cut feature. It is a man like a good-looking actor in Hollywood. He also wears luxurious clothes.

Dandy Oldman holds me in his hand.

「Let's see, Gisserot. Like you, it's a beautiful boy. The color of his hair and eyes is the same as you. You see, the crest on his left chest. It looks like there's no mistake, he's definitely our son 」( Dand- King )

Dandy oldman pa.s.s me to a very beautiful woman softly.

Her hair is black, the eyes are also black, young looking, fair skinned, her face is beautiful.

As expected from the king. The queen is young and beautiful.

「Oh my, there is no way I'd ever cheat on you, dear.」( Gisserot )

Anyway, it seems that I was reborn as a prince of any country.

I wonder what? Do you seem to have disturbed sounds in your conversation?

I can't complain if I was born as the eight sons, So I can live as a shut-in without worry. As I was thinking, the King moves to another room, holding me in his hand.

We are in a strange room?

The windows are hidden by thick curtains and the room is shaken by the light of the candlesticks placed by the people.

On the floor of the large room was a large magic circle, and in the center of it was a wooden baby cot.

「I'm waiting for you, Your Majesty. We are ready.」

Oldman in a black robe laugh.

I was entrusted to Black Robe Oldman, and I was put on a cot.

It was a crystal ball on the palm of the hand that oldman took out.

He's chanting a kind of spell

Before long, I opened my eyes, I'm scared.

And the crystal ball gave off a bright light. Uh, dazzling.

Moreover, it shakes so much that it seems to fall from the palm, and while it is indoors, a gust of wind occurs.

「Wh What's going on!?」( King)

Father, that's a pity…

Soon, the abnormal phenomenon got over.

「Hmm, hmmm.. This is…!!」( Black robe oldman)

「How is it?  The Prince maximum magic level?」(King)

Apparently now I got my magic level measured

According to the description of the G.o.ddess, everyone in this world is born to have the ability to handle magic, but the quality is determined at the moment of birth.

The maximum magic level is the maximum magic level that you can reach in your lifetime.

No matter how hard you try, it won't go beyond this.

「Anyway, He's the son of『Lightning Princess』, Gisserot , His magic level must be 40. No, considering this mysterious phenomenon, He must be  more than 50 ! 」( King)

My father is very excited.

The highest magic level ever was 77 in the history. It seems to have been worshiped as a great sage.

Generally it is pretty great if it exceeds 30. Even the common people can move up to the n.o.bles by raising the level later.


「….2」( Black robe oldman )

「Huh? What did you say just now?」 ( King)

「The Prince's maximum magic level seems to be 2….Oh, and no attributes are displayed」( Black robe oldman )

Also according to the G.o.ddess explanation, the people of this world are determined to have “attributes” as they are born.

Fire, water, earth, wind, in addition to the basic four elements, there are also light and water.

If you have one or more of these, you can use the magic of that element.

You can't use magic besides your own element.

Only barrier magic seems to be the exception, but there was no explanation for that

[02] / [02] was displayed on the crystal ball. There is nothing other than that.

「Oh, but now the current magic level is 2. If you reach the maximum magic level while born, as expected as a Prince! 」

The black robe oldman follows up with cold sweat.

However, the king is trembling and threw out an angry voice.

「 Fool! There is no way to have a magic level of 2 at birth! Two…. Two…!? Maximum? What's more, no attribute? Such piece of junk is born from the womb of Lightning Princess is from another seed! 」( King)

The black robe guy stepped back.

「 No, that's because ‘Milla's Crystal' is broken. Yes, It must be! 」( Not sure who said this. The King maybe. )

Father, He's desperately deny the result.

But I also think so. It is likely that there is some mistake in the measuring instrument.

The cheat ability that G.o.ddess or something has given to me is unknown, but even if it doesn't relate to the maximum magic level, there is no way my magic level is two, two!

「 Oh, I've tried it before, but I've tried it, but I'm fine-」

「Let's bring another crystal!」

The black robe oldman left the room.

After a while, He's back with a couple of black robe guy. One person had a crystal ball.

The same ritual begins.

The same result appears.

My father has light disappear from his eyes. Maybe me too..

「 My son who was born today, Prince Reinhard … is dead 」( King )


「 It was stillborn. 」( King )

I'm trying to get a grip of my surrounding.

My eyes was popped out. What?  Am really gonna get killed right after being reincarnated?

Cheat ability? Did you say that you can do something? …… Is not it? Yeah.

In less than an hour after reincarnation, the dream of a cheat ability and shut-in life seems to have fallen .

I can only express the loneliness and resentment with “Dah” or “Uh”,

「 Aree? But it's strange. Why it's not【2】, but 【02】is displayed?」

One of the men in the robe muttered such a thing.


On the other hand, The G.o.ddess that incarnates him was talking to a fellow G.o.ddess.

「 What's wrong? Have you given the cheat ability properly? 」

「Aa.. I forgot to give him attribute」

「Isn't that bad?」

「It's Okay, His magic level is high.」

Certainly, she has set the maximum magic level and the current magic level of Him at high level.

His magic level is not just two.

The fact that only two digits of the crystal for measuring the magic level can be displayed is the cause for failing to measure his ability.

His true magic level is ——


It seems like the G.o.ddess went way overboard.

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