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*October 25, 2018


*7:00 pm

Nathan is still leisurely spending his time playing this game, it seems that he is too absorbed in this game that he really didn't notice the chaos he brought upon the whole gaming community.

*At the main headquarters of the creators of

The place was nothing but a disaster, they all seems to be a bit agitated, staff runs from one corner to another, they are much more livelier than their usual self.

"Still nothing?" said a man, who looks like in he's 40's, he exudes dignified aura, in just one glance you can recognize that he is the one who manage this team.

"Yup, still nothing."Said a fat man who wore gla.s.ses, The fat man continued."We are observing him for these past few hours and we only end up in two possible conclusions, as you know our system's firewall and security is nearly impenetrable, we even hire the best hackers in the world and let them hack our system but no one succeeds, so we exclude the fact that this player is a cheater. The 1st conclusion we made is that the exclusive information about our game is being leaked, which means there's a spy in our headquarters."The fat man said while fixing his gla.s.ses.

this speech brought tension to the whole team. He continued."Our 2nd conclusion is that this player only have some heavenly luck in his side, after observing him, he seems to be just adventuring to all of the available maps and then get some loot that only drops in 0.00001% chance, even our team can't predict the drop of loots, also we observe that for some reason he venture towards one of the hidden maps that supposed to be declared in our next update. Since he is the first player to have found it he got some handsome rewards, it's not just that, he finishes a chain quest that leads to a hidden cla.s.s."said the fat man and fixing his gla.s.ses again. He then continued."But even if it is luck, I don't believe that such luck does exist, so we ended up in our first conclusion, but, upon tracing the player, we discovered that he is just a high school student, I've already investigate that there's no one in our team who was related or connected to this kid."The fat man said.

"I see." The dignified man said then continued."So other than your team observation what's your opinion about this?" He asked the fat guy.

The fat guy fix his eye gla.s.s before speaking."Our first conclusion is denied, our second conclusion about that heaven's luck was also denied, so my a.s.sumptions is that, what is happening right now is outside of our current knowledge."the fat man said.

"hmm? That's what I also thought, for now just keep observing him, give me a complete background information about this student, names of his parents and where they work, siblings, where he is currently studying, just anything you can find about him, even the most unnecessary things can lead to something."The dignified man said.

"Yes sir!"the fat man and the whole team said.

The dignified man then walks away, but then he smiles and murmurs something.






*back to Nathan

Nathan already close the game, his mom told him to get down to eat, but of course he didn't because his appearance have already changes in a noticeable level, so, he ask his mom to bring the food outside of of his room, Nathan put a small table outside of his room sometime ago, so that he can ask his parents to put the food there, so that he will just get it when there's no one around, he says that he is serious about working out and trying to be a health person.

So his parents did not think too much about it, they guess it's good that he's turning into a new leaf, but they are still a bit suspicious about it.

After eating, Nathan then lays down in his bed.

'it's 8 pm now, i actually spent a lot of time playing that game, well I do enjoy it though, let's think about what to do tomorrow. As I am now an intermediate pract.i.tioner then I should challenge all of them, not really challenging I will just let them come to me, not all the time there's a new intermediate pract.i.tioner, there is about 1 or 2 who get to be promoted every month I think, so I will gather a bit of attention, how do I get them to fight me?.'Nathan said in his mind.

Nathan thought of ways on how to let the pract.i.tioners fight him. "That's it!"Nathan's eyes lit up then continues."if they know that I only entered the dojo today then already got promoted into intermediate pract.i.tioner then they might get upset about it, people there might be practicing in this martial arts for about a few years or so, so, if they knew that I already got promoted in a day, then they should be curious on what special about me? Let's go with that, after the knew it, then let's act like the humble one, who just get promoted through luck, or maybe they might think that I already got this far because of connections."Nathan said, his eyes contained pure excitement that he never felt before, for once in his life he felt that his life got some taste into it, he thought that with the help of this system he could be someone in the future.

"with my intelligence right now I can read and understand things faster than the ordinary people, I have some free time right now, then I will read all my subject books, I will not waste the benefits of my intelligence, time is gold."Nathan said then proceeds to read every book available until he slept with a book covering his face.





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